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US has no strategy to against China.

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I am from mainland China. When I review the strategy of Biden or Trump, I found both of them don't understand what happened currently. And they don't have any clear strategy to win.

1. They still treat China "same" as Russia. The fact is Russia and Iran are nothing. Without China they are nothing. You have only one enemy that is China.

2. Biden is dreaming coop & compete with China which is just a dream. Chinese won't cooperate with US if compete continues. So you have only one choice.

3. US is still afraid to pay price to against China. Just like they stop losing in Afghanistan. But you can ignore Afghanistan but not China. China is such a huge dictator country and they can pay any price to fight against US. So if you still want to be "smart" to avoid pay enough price, you will finally lose the compete with China. And you will lose your freedom for sure.

4. Now China is the first enemy of US. But I didn't find anybody in Biden's government who knows China deeply. I can say most US people is still racism even they didn't realize. That is why they still put Russia aside of China. (Because they respect white people from Russia, they didn't realize that China is times bigger than Russia now.)

5. Trump was wrong because he put all US's allies as enemy. He still believe US can win China alone which might not be true anymore. US has to union every friend and work together. Biden did good in this point however he cannot lead the whole leaguer to the next step. Look, Chinese can talk in US media but US cannot say in any Chinese media. Chinese can kill US invested cooperate in one night but Tiktok is still alive in US. It's not a fair play at all and US is losing.

Finally, I'd like to summary some import point to my US friends. 

1. China will never stop attacking US in everywhere. You retreat, they move forward. US has nowhere to retreat! US must understand to win the war, he needs to pay price. Freedom is not free. US need strong heart on China.

2. China is not that strong. Once US decides to fight to the end, US must win. China has it's own deep weakness. US needs to understand where's the point. Why Chinese wants to attack? Why will they never stop? Why they won't be coop anymore? Why things changed so quickly? They need somebody knows Chinese very well to tell them. Well, US has such kind of people. What you need to do is just be humble and learn.

3. US needs to act now. US needs a clear strategy to fight. Also needs to put the strategy to all allies. Act now. 

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