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Should a male victim be able to legally declare his foetus a human lif


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Really. Then you won't have any problem linking to the stats that demonstrate forced and forcible sex with a man that results in pregnancy.

Stats for pregnancies I don't have. But as for individual cases, I do remember of at least two cases in the media. One teacher who got pregnant by her student in a case of statutory rape. She kept and delivered the baby in the end,

I know of one other case where the man tried in civil court to prevent his attacker from having an abortion, but I believed that failed too and she did get an abortion if I understand.

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I also think that repeat male rapists should be castrated.

If someone is a criminal that goes around raping people, they should lose their 'right to control their own bodies' or whatever.

In Germany, a male rapist can choose chemical castration as an alternative to imprisonment. The rules are strict. Two physicians must confirm that he understands what chemical castration is, what it does, and that he has freely consented to it.

Though some SJWs have argued that that is manipulative since if the convict refuses castration, he faces many years in prison, the German government has countered that at least it gives him the option since in other states he would have no choice but to serve all those years in prison. So if anything, the German model is kinder than other models.

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Now I know that I know that in some states, a woman cannot obtain an abortion without the father's explicit consent.

If we think that is too harsh, then at least make it a requirement that the woman did not sexually coerce a man into sex or unprotected sex at least within the last ninety days. That would be easy. The abortionist would just need to contact the police to confirm that no one has filed any rape report against her in the last ninety days. Done.

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