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The New American value system

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Are these truely a new set of governing values that our American brothers have adopted? Or has it always been that way. Listening to an old legal representative of Lyndon Baines Johnston - who was interviewed a few years ago - while in his late 80s...I was taken back by one of his statements. The old lawyer said that after the killing of JFK - he was at a drinking party with the Johnston and some of his croonies. The aging legalist clearly said that he heard the VP say of Kennedy "That bastard won't be around anymore to bother us" - then there was a hardy scotch driven chuckle that permiated the room.

Hate to use the term "inside job" but I will. One thing that the rich and powerful enjoy the most is intrigue. Cloak and dagger stuff seems to stimulate this class. As for the assasination of their own...it is possible and probable that the JFK killing is still a mystery because it was an inside job.

Now the BIN LADEN factor - supposedly America is a Christian nation with those old values of forgiveness ...which supposedly seperated the west from barbarity.. If America was the holder of the superiour values they would have show the Islamic facists their better side - Bin Laden should have been taken alive and shown the mercy of a jail cell. After 9 11 the Americans should have shorted out the Islamic system by saying - we forgive you - that would have stopped the terrists in their tracks and billions of dollars and countless lives would have been saved --

But instead - barbarity was paid back with more barbarity - and now we have entered an never ending cycle of revenge..and one up manship driven by blind pride and arrogance.

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