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Oleg Bach

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Nature is the greatest of all liars. Dogs lie. Human beings are intelligent and do not need to lie, but they do. Truth which is commonly called reality by those that actually think is becoming a more a more fleeting thing. The Wikileak fellow - Assange imagines himself as a soothesayer (truth sayer). I doubt very much if saving the world by bringing it into a stronger reality is his agenda.

He does not strike me as a save the world type. He does remind me of a person that is small of stature pysically and spiritually..The type of nerd you knew in high school that could not get the girls and joined the drama club, not because he love the art of acting but simply for the attention..the superfical glory.

We will by the inadvertant actions of these truth blurters - probably come out with a better quality of life. Reality really is a powerful thing and if adhered to creates a more heavenly state on the planet earth. Biblically speaking we have all heard of how the mythical Satan character controls the world through deception..which like a cheap flashy blow fish is very natural ...a fish that makes itself ten times the size to ward of preditors. BUT in reality, this fish is nothing but natures artifice...Most leaders these days wage war on their own through artifical means..that are probably natural to the human condition.

We are all natural and we all lie. We decieve others to supposedly survive. We also decieve our selves in order to supposedly survive. My two dogs lie to me. When I leave the house the little bastards get up on my clean bed and in a very human fashion lay in royal repose.. They know that this is a breach of protocal and law, but they know lieing will server their comfort well.

The moment they hear the door open - the jump off the bed and take their lawful positions on the floor. Our political and religious leaders and especially lawyers are exactly like dogs..Dogs are smart but they do not have devine intelligence..They do not know of the endless universe or God. They do not even know they are mortal-...some say they like our political leaders have unconditional love..The truth is those that monger for power..are dogs and have but unconditional hunger for not just survival but luxury..If I had silk pillows..I am sure the dogs would like my bed even more...Point being............

Human beings that resort to deception do themselves a great dis-servive..They really do not need to lie..the world would be a better place if we adhered to truth and reality as instructed by Jesus Christ..Instead we deny our devine super natural nature and settle for second best...common nature! This commonality and resistance to real human evolution brings about all the problems in the world - form global warming - to hunger to war for profit...Instead of saying "give peace a change" - How about saying..give truth REALITY a change to thrive...BUT most will not because most are cowards and wither under the sweet presure of truth..so they continue as inferiour beings and lie like some insect made to look like a stick.

We as partially devine beings must lift our selves up from the natural and rise to the glory filled realm and extention of the natural..........the SUPER NATURAL!

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