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Does Bush Have Credibility?


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Bush and Co. questioned the credibility of the U.N. when they couldn't find the WMD and would not allow additional time to look, which by the way, was paid for with the Iraqi Oil for Food Program. Now he cannot find them and wants more time??? Who is lacking the credibility now?

Many American lives and money lost and everyone seems to forget about innocent Iraqi lives lost and then are upset when a news organization like Al Jazeera reminds everyone...

The list continues:

-Iminent Threat

-Saddam link to 9-11

-Purchase of Yellow Cake and Al. tubes from Niger

-Serious Health Care miscalculations

-Record deficit after inheriting largest surpluss

-Halliburton/ Cheney

-Sr. Adm. official leaking CIA info

-Tax cuts for top 1%

-Possibly AWOL


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