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Iowa Democratic Caucuses


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Finally the big day has arrived, with a very tight race according to the polls. There is a huge amount of energy and a lot of anger coming from the Democrats. Energized because whether he wins the nomination or not, Howard Dean has brought this party back to life. And anger directed towards George Bush for what he is doing to America.This will be a facinating evening. Good luck to everyone and your respecrtive candidates.

'Iowa caucuses down to wire'

by Alan Freeman


'"It's a wide-open race and it's fluid," said Gordon Fischer, chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party. "Any one of the four major candidates could win."' :D

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And they all have one thing in common. They run on a platform of simply 'hate Bush' and have not given any details of what and how they plan to effect a new government if they win a presidential election.


Charleston.Net: News: World/Nation Democratic hopefuls blast Bush ...

sacbee.com -- Politics -- Democratic hopefuls rip Bush

CNN.com - Democratic hopefuls blast Bush - Feb. 23, 2003

Democratic hopefuls blast Bush over Iraq

Democratic presidential hopefuls Joe Lieberman ... conference via satellite and both

Democrats criticized President Bush's economic policies and tax ...

Democrats rip Bush policies in debate; Iraq After the

War; Democratic hopefuls attack Bush on war policy; Demssharply ...

If I was a Democrat, I would certainly be concerned about details. The way to win an election is to show how you plan to make a country better, not how much hatred you have for another individual. :D

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I still believe that if Bush and Karl Rove don't come back to the Republican reservation REAL SOON re: fiscal conservatism and domestic law and order[border control], a Democrat candidate, anyone other than Dean that is, could win as President because Republican voters have become so alienated from Bush, the Democrat big spender and big government booster, and Bush, the compassionate liberal, that they will vote a powerless Democrat President into office balanced by a majority Republican Congress and Senate. Then they create what's known as political gridlock so both the WH and Congress are always checkmating each other. Congress holds money strings, so a Democrat Prez would be tied up in knots for 4 years and it would send a powerful message to Republicans to get their butts off the golf courses and look after their electorate or else they could be next.

Bush's approval rating is hovering a bit over 50% after his de facto amnesty proposal and plans to go Mars. All that's needed to break the electorate's back is if he goes "out there" and "steals" more Democrat issues in his State of the Union address tomorrow night.

If he gushes more compassion and lets go more ridiculous sums of money like he did last year re:$15 Billion to Africa to fight AIDS[say what?], his core voters will dump him in a heartbeat. And it won't matter who the Democrat candidate is...except Howard Dean, whom Republicans loathe.

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All the more reason for the Dems to choose Dean.

Kennedy gave quite a barbburner of a sppech the other day, after Paul O'Neil's book "Price of Loyalty" came out.

That was quite an expose on the Bush presidency.

I wonder if who the Democratics pick, will have a bearing on Nader's decision to run. Probably not. B)

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Maybe I was not clear. Republicans would never vote for a gridlock between the WH-Congress with Dean as Democrat Presidential candidate. They may be angry with Bush's domestic entitlement programs, but they are not crazy mad. Dean's a loose cannon. Please. Even the Democrats think he's nuts and that's why they drafted Clark into the race. Of course Dean probably looks like a centrist to someone who votes NDP.

The Democrat candidates are shabby candidates, IMO. If Bush would just get his domestic spending under control-he hasn't used his line item veto pen I don't think in 3 years- and if he got serious about illegals living on the dole in the US, he could easily knock the socks off any of the 8 dwarfs.Bush is the better wartime President and he has better people in his cabinet.

The Democrats have the same old same old message-tax the rich and let's sing Kumbaye with Kofi Annan and the kleptomaniacs at the UN. BORING. And they'd have the same old faces in the cabinet from academia who have never lived in the real world and probably could never find it in their hearts to say a bad word about terrorism.

With regards to Ted Kennedy, barn burning speech or was he just drunk again?

Ted Kennedy's Iraq Lunacy, Rich Lowry, Townhall, Jan.19/04

Sen. Ted Kennedy last week launched a blistering attack on the Bush administration's Iraq policy. He charged that the Iraq War was driven by domestic political considerations, as White House operative Karl Rove and other administration officials dragged the country to war to improve the president's political standing. In this view, the war wasn't -- whatever its ultimate wisdom -- the finale of a 10-year-long battle with Saddam Hussein, supported by 70 percent of the American public and authorized by wide bipartisan majorities in Congress, but a political fraud pure and simple.

With regards to O'Neill and his revelations, err...that dog doesn't hunt. O'Neill announced that he's going to vote for President Bush because he's the best man for the job. That kind of put the kabosh on the media frenzy.

With regards to the Democrat candidates, here's an analysis by Rush. I know not everyone likes Rush but I think this piece is quite clever and it has great links at the end of the article to other commentaries.

Dean courting the liar wing of theDemocrat Party as opposed to the angry Bush-haters

There are two factions in the Democrat Party: the Angry Haters and the Liars. Howard Dean rose to the top of the party by courting the first group, while Clinton sock puppet Wesley Clark pandered to the second group. Last week Clark scored a big point with the liars, by denying his statements on tape before the House and in print in a London Times op-ed supporting President Bush before, during and after the war in Iraq for all the reasons Bush has stated.

With regards to Nader, I don't think he'll run but who knows? it makes no difference to the final November outcome. Right now it's Bush's election to lose, IMO.

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With regards to Nader, I don't think he'll run but who knows?

Of course he's going to run. He has an ego to fill. Knows he hasn't a hope but to so he it will allow the Left vote to be split yet even more.

As for the glee the Dems have I fail to understand why. Somebody certainly has to win the Race for the party yet it seems quite uncertain who. Scince there seems to be no clear frontrunner for the party, how can the American people expect an inconsequential candidate to present serious opposition to a respected President? Myself, I would be infuriated by the loss of opportunity of my candidate to expouse his visions for the future. They are shooting themselves in the foot here.

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It's no accident Bush is using the day after the Iowa caucuses for his "State of the Union" address.

Bush is in trouble with domestic concerns - 2,300,000 jobs lost since he became President.

I would think the Democrats are feeling fine, doing so well in the polls, and yet leaderless at the moment.

It seems that American society is very polarized, split down the middle, just like they were in 2000.

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