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  1. Poll: Do you agree with GOP chairman's move to hold FBI director Wray in contempt over Biden documents? Why do you take this position? This is hot, like a freshly baked loaf of bread. ⬆️ 📰 Full Article: https://apnews.com/article/fbi-subpoena-biden-family-republicans-whistleblower-allegations-8dded7d781d8daf3f86343b72423b968
  2. Poll: What is your stance on the legitimization and regulation of sex work in Canada? Options: Yes, prostitution should be legalized and regulated like any other industry. No, prostitution should remain illegal as it is morally wrong and harmful to society. I am undecided or do not have an opinion on the legalization of prostitution.
  3. Welcome to the poll where we delve into the realm of Joe Rogan's politics! In an era where political discourse is often divided, finding balanced voices can be a challenge. Some turn to left-leaning sources like <- Secular Talk with Kyle K or the <- <- TYT brigade @Americana Antifa while others seek right-leaning perspectives from figures like the retired and outspoken Michael Savage ->-> (whom I was a former customer of in my younger irrational years) or the somewhat reasonable Ben Shapiro. -> Maybe you have some reasonable choices to add to the list. However, many have found their way to Joe Rogan's YouTube videos, just like me in the past years, as ideology has evolved in terms of American Politics and occasionally these days, listening in the background. Lately, I have observed his cautious approach, skillfully blending discussions on sports while consciously steering clear of controversial topics. Although he occasionally touches on the cultural war, I believe he is a very astute individual who recognizes the depths of the current political climate and the potential consequences of missteps. Maybe I might be wrong, I watch 1-2 videos a week. Poll: Supportive: I support Joe Rogan's political views and find them insightful and well-reasoned. Neutral: I don't have a strong opinion or haven't closely followed Joe Rogan's political stances. Critical: I disagree with Joe Rogan's politics and have concerns about some of his viewpoints or statements.
  4. I will vote yes. In my opinion, it is evident that a growing ⬆️ divide exists between the political elites and the everyday citizens they are meant to represent. This disconnect can have significant consequences for effective governance and the trust citizens place in their government institutions. Specifically, I believe that this disconnect may have influenced individuals within organizations like CSIS to take more politically motivated stands, sometimes even crossing the red line to make society aware in general. Poll based on the article from 📰 The Globe and the Mail: When the (literal) Laurentian elite forget who they are and who’s listening to them https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-when-the-literal-laurentian-elite-forget-who-they-are-and-whos/
  5. Poll: Do you believe that college admissions can truly be colorblind, regardless of whether you support or oppose affirmative action? Opponents, supporters of affirmative action on whether college admissions can be truly colorblind: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/affirmative-action-supreme-court-deciding-cases-on-college-university-admissions/ I will go with other answer: In my opinion, affirmative action is crucial in certain areas like social work to ensure diverse representation that reflects the communities being served. It bridges the disconnect caused by having a workforce from a different racial or ethnic background in predominantly black or Hispanic communities, enhancing support and understanding. In my opinion, affirmative action should NOT be a priority in areas in technical areas. Merit should be the primary factor in college admissions and employment decisions, as technical expertise and skills are crucial in this field. Emphasizing equal opportunities based on qualifications and achievements ensures a competitive and competent workforce. It is a sensitive topic, because I get all the arguments about the best to rule, and the smartest to rule, and I have that mentality about school, and competition for the top spot, however, is it practical for all scenarios? Is it practical to send people from a different racial or ethnic background to a predominantly different community after they finish school?! That does not help the system. I voted for other in a way agreeing with affirmative action in some aspects while in others I don't.
  6. A recent article from the libertarians at reason.com highlights the public's negative outlook on the next presidential election, with majorities considering both Joe Biden and Donald Trump as potential setbacks or disasters for the country. Poll: Are voters to blame for the current state of politics in the United States? Yes, voters have contributed to the current state of politics. No, voters are not to blame for the state of politics. It's a complex issue with multiple factors at play.
  7. When faced with a difficult decision, do you tend to rely more on: 1. Rational thinking? or 2. Emotions? or 3. or do you have another answer? Has there been a time when you chose only by emotions and later regretted it? or maybe it turned out to be a great choice?
  8. ⬆️ Trending via The New York Times: FBI makes arrests over alleged secret CCP 'police stations' in New York. Secret Police Stations were revealed in Canada too: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/chinese-police-station-folo-1.6691240 Poll: In your opinion -> How serious is China's breach in US and Canada? Options: Very serious Somewhat serious Not serious Other
  9. This is what the government, Uncle Sam has time for instead of focusing on real solutions in public transit, more announcements and announcements with a smile, which is sugar for the voters to send a message: "We are doing something". How about ideas like including education initiatives in schools during the year and leveraging technology, such as virtual reality, to raise awareness about the real risks associated with firearms Sit a few of these kids down in a VR Scenario and they will think about it is my take. It is crucial that practical measures are taken to address this complex issue is my rant for today. The federal government is proclaiming a National Day Against Gun Violence, to be held annually on the first Friday of June. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino, and representatives of the Toronto Raptors basketball team are set to discuss the plans today at an event in Toronto. The government says the goal of the national day is to raise awareness and foster a national discussion about the causes and effects of gun violence. It comes as the Senate reviews a government bill that would cement restrictions on handguns, increase penalties for firearm trafficking, try to curb homemade ghost guns and ban assault-style firearms. Poll: Do you support the idea of a National Day in Canada to raise awareness about gun violence?
  10. I find venturing into the realm of a topic that is related to something that has captivated human attention since very early times: 'Sex.' Poll based on: Triathlete proudly shares ‘beautiful’ racing photo where she bled through swimsuit while on her period. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/emma-pallant-browne-triathlete-period-photo-b2349391.html What are your thoughts on athletes openly discussing and sharing their experiences related to menstruation in sports? Options: It helps break the stigma and encourages open conversations. It's a personal matter and should be kept private. I'm not sure/Don't Care Other
  11. Neuralink cleared by US FDA to study implant allowing an interface between human brains and computers. United States regulators have given approval for Elon Musk's start-up Neuralink to test its brain implants on people. Poll: Brain + Computer Interfaces - The Next Frontier or Too Much, Too Soon? Options: 1. The Next Frontier 2. Too Much, Too Soon Trending via: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2023/05/25/elon-musk-neuralink-fda-approval/
  12. The MAGA man from New York just finished another episode speaking to a Hungarian TV Channel. “We are fighting against barbarians who want to demolish our liberty and our traditions and everything we hold dear,” Trump said. Poll: Do you agree with Donald Trump that "Conservatives are engaged in a historic battle with the Marxists, globalists, and communists all over the world?" 😯 Options: 1. Yes 2. No 3. Other answer
  13. Toronto - A community is sounding concerned after a number of attacks by off-leash dogs on school property outside of school hours, at least one of them resulting in serious injuries. A group of students were at the school playing when an off-leash dog approached them and bit one of the students in the face. Full Article: https://www.cp24.com/news/community-urged-to-use-extreme-caution-after-boy-mauled-by-off-leash-dog-in-schoolyard-1.6401411 My understanding there is a bylaw in place, the Poll question is: Should the practice of allowing dogs to be off-leash near school premises be classified as a criminal offense?
  14. From the libertarians reason.com titled "The Post-Liberal Authoritarians Want You To Forget That Private Companies Have Rights." The article critiques the notion that there is no meaningful distinction between the public and private sectors in the United States. It emphasizes the importance of constitutional protections and raises concerns about using government power to suppress private entities based on ideological differences. Poll: Are the public and private sectors clearly distinct or closely intertwined in the US? 1. Clear Distinction 2. Closely intertwined
  15. ⬆️ DeSantis signs a bill that bans Chinese citizens from buying land in Florida. Some critics say the measure discriminates. Poll: Do you agree? Should other States follow? or do you take the side of the critics? Why? https://www.axios.com/local/tampa-bay/2023/05/08/florida-ron-desantis-china-property
  16. Meghan Markle is an American. Which team are you in this specific battle? a) Team Harry + Meghan Markle b) Team Royals c) None d) Other view, add a comment Might go c) even though initially went to b).
  17. I was organizing my 📹 YouTube collection and came across a historic inspiring speech from John F. Kennedy. Some might disagree, this is why I will start a poll with various options. Over time, I've saved famous videos from different channels, this is one of my favorites, JFK was someone that I grew up as a beacon of light, one of the few politicians that manages to this day, when I listen to some of these, to manipulate me "emotionally", 😄 which is rare: Poll: What does JFK's famous quote 'Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You' mean to you? JFK's quote inspires individual responsibility and action for the country. JFK's quote places too much responsibility on citizens. JFK's impactful speech credits his talented speechwriter. 😄
  18. Was reading a debate between @Moonbox and @CdnFox and wanted to start a Poll about it. What is your view about abstaining from a vote? Options: Good decision - I think abstaining is a valid choice and can be an effective decision in some cases, as a form of protest or other reasons. Bad decision - I think abstaining is a missed opportunity to make a meaningful contribution and voice one's opinion.
  19. Poll: Should Ontario license plate covers to foil red light cameras be banned? I got this idea from an article that was trending in the Toronto Star: Thousands of Ontario drivers illegally use license plate covers to foil red light cameras - so why are stores allowed to sell them? https://www.thestar.com/business/2023/03/15/licence-to-obscure-plate-covers-are-illegal-to-use-in-ontario-so-why-are-stores-allowed-to-sell-them.html One thing that came to mind is that they can be useful in protecting license plates from wear and tear. So how can you ban something if the intent can not necessarily be criminal?
  20. Yesterday Trudeau participated in a convention. When one has their people there with you, some just get over-excited, it seems. Do you agree with Trudeau's statement about Poilievre being angry and unserious? I will answer No, Trudeau should first look in his house in my view, if he were not angry during the trucker convoy, then that movement would not have had the exposure that it did, an unnecessary emergency act to clear up a street of party goers, scandals with charity, CSIS leaking documents to show that the government is not paying attention. Like, seriously, why does he not allow someone else? Why? Politicians being in power where the sugar is, they need it, is my opinion.
  21. Dalai Lama apologises after kissing boy and asking him to ‘suck his tongue.’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/apr/10/dalai-lama-apologises-kissing-boy-suck-his-tongue-video Should the Dalai Lama be arrested?
  22. Do you believe rap music has a positive impact on society? Yes or No? and why?
  23. Discrimination is a nonlinear issue that raises questions about the principles that guide society. In this poll, consider 2 of these principles: 1. the right to discriminate and 2. the freedom from discrimination. Which of these principles do you believe is more important, and why? *Outside-the-box thinking thread. 😎
  24. In describing the naivety of the politicians, the German intelligence services said "Russia is the storm, China is climate change." They also slammed the Government’s “Naivety” on Chinese Espionage. Report from last year: https://www.dw.com/en/china-spying-on-germany-say-intelligence-chiefs/a-63467038 What is your take? I even added option d) for some of you. Inclusivity for all. 😄 a) Russia and China are the same when it comes to threat level b) China is the bigger threat c) Russia is the bigger threat d) I don't consider them threats, I want to be run by the CCP and the FSB as I don't like the current Western leaders. MY BIAS: 2 communists posing as nationalists and traditionalists below: *Do you see how Mr. Yi shakes Putin's hand? Shows you who is in control in my estimation. 😄 Body language is all in communication.
  25. Poll: What is your opinion about the federal government workers going on strike this week? Based on this article: from The Globe and Mail. Options: I support the federal government workers I oppose the federal government workers strike and believe that the employees should return to work I understand the concerns of both the federal government employees and taxpayers, and I hope that a resolution can be reached quickly to minimize the impact on everyone involved Other
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