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Found 5 results

  1. Americans are drawing battle lines over their appliance of choice it seems. Here is what happened: ---> Last Monday, a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission said that he had not ruled out banning gas stoves due to their health and environmental risks. ---> Two days later, the agency chair clarified that it was not planning a ban but confirmed that ongoing research might eventually prompt higher safety standards. This did little to dampen concern. (WP) Twitter went crazy and Musk probably made some money. 😃 The gas vs electric debate went tribal and viral. So, will make a poll.
  2. A friend of mine sent me a Stanford University (California) so called "harmful word." Original: brave Stanford University to Swap with: none/do not use Reason from Stanford University: This term perpetuates the stereotype of the "noble courageous savage," equating the Indigenous male as being less than a man. ---> I want to ask, are there any Indigenous, Native people on this website? I want to ask their opinion about this, do you find this word offensive as Stanford University does? How about the rest of us, do you find this word offensive as the academics at Stanford are saying? I think this thread can stay here as Stanford University, if I am not mistaken, receives federal grants.
  3. Housing policy expert Varun Sriskanda flagged a rental ad for a basement apartment to his social media following, alleging racism in the listing and suggesting it's just the tip of the iceberg of widespread housing discrimination in Ontario. And for $1,500 per month, it's actually quite a steal compared to the Toronto average of $2,457 for a one-bedroom unit in December 2022. But if you think you can just waltz in and sign a lease, you're going to have to check a very specific box that the broker has made a point of including in the listing, stating that the homeowner is "looking for Mando/Canto [Mandarin/Cantonese] speaker tenants so no language barriers." Rest of the story is here: https://www.blogto.com/real-estate-toronto/2023/01/94-earlton-road-toronto/ --- I think is ridiculous to put an ad like this in public, there are ways if you have issues with the language, he could contact people in his own community and they can assist to find students which speak his language to rent. There are always students that speak Mandarin and Cantonese that are looking for places to rent. You could also set up phone interviews to see about the language barrier if communication is possible. I mean in 2023 you can have a conversation just by holding 2 phones and speaking 2 different languages. The device will translate it for you. ---> Anyone else has a different perception than mine? I started a poll.
  4. I am on a row with polls. The battle is between electoral vote vs popular vote. Selected a few answers from random Internet sources below for each. Do you have more arguments to add? Some arguments for keeping the electoral vote include: It ensures that smaller states have a voice in the election process. Without the electoral vote, presidential campaigns would likely focus on heavily populated states, ignoring the concerns and interests of people living in smaller states. It promotes a two-party system. In a popular vote system, third-party candidates could potentially win a significant number of votes, potentially diluting the votes of the two major party candidates and making it difficult for either to win a majority. It forces candidates to appeal to a broad spectrum of voters. Under the electoral vote system, candidates must build a coalition of support across the country, rather than focusing on winning a majority of votes in a single, heavily populated region. It has a long tradition in the United States and changing it would require a constitutional amendment which is a complex and time-consuming process. It gives a sense of fairness as the winner of the election is the one who wins the majority of the electoral votes and not the one who wins the most popular votes, which can be argued as being more representative of the country as a whole. Some arguments for changing it to popular vote system include: The popular vote ensures that every vote is counted and has equal weight, regardless of where the voter lives. It ensures that the candidate who wins the most votes wins the election, which aligns with the principle of majority rule. It encourages voter turnout, as every vote counts towards the final outcome. It eliminates the possibility of a candidate winning the election without winning the popular vote, as happened in the 2000 and 2016 US presidential elections. It ensures that all regions and demographic groups are represented in the final result, as candidates would need to appeal to a diverse range of voters to win the popular vote.
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