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Found 3 results

  1. 3 Virtualization, Higher Leadership Training​ By Exegesisme In my dream or meditating state, I gain real feeling as I hold the hand of the other who is not real in common living life, and I can see words and figures meaningfully in my meditated vision too. These experiences are usually seen as somethings supernatural. However, just now I had an surprised experience of human technology as I visited this website ( http://www.magicleap.com/#/home). Human beings use modern technology to create sensations much clearer than what I see in my meditating state. No matter in meditating state with super nature or in human technological virtualization, human beings gain new ways of training. Human lives in future will be tremendously changed by meditation from inner side and technological virtualization from out side. Different societies and different nations will be arranged on different levels of the hierarchy of meditation and virtualization. Higher leadership will be trained in them, and in turn the higher leadership will promote them to farther high level.
  2. 3 Legislation for Investing in Meditation and Genome, What They Should Do​ By Exegesisme On my experience of meditation, and the exegesis of the experience and other human experiences recorded in classical literatures, there is supernatural world, and supernatural beings can communicate with any natural being and any living being. Human dream is the phenomena of the interactions among information of genome, information of new experience from environment, and information from supernatural beings. I have kept a record about more than 1 million words around my supernatural experience. They very likely are aliens who human beings want to look for scientifically. Through proper training of meditation, a human meditator can achieve a state of various inner senses, they communicate with human through human inner senses. Sometimes a common human feels a sudden fear without obvious reason, maybe a warning from them. Messages from them usually are subtle and weak, so human beings can live a life without paying clear attention at them. As an example, people can simply ignore dream. This situation somewhat likes human could live with classical physics before the discoveries of theories of relativity and quantum. The messages of the communication may be coded into unknown neutrinos and/or gravitons. In human knowledge these two sorts of particles can go into human body. As a human jumps up and gets a feeling of gravity, the person may not know the gravity is not only a force, but also huge particles with huge information. Usually human beings ignore the information coded in gravity, as a student in a classroom ignores the teaching of a teacher. Genome is not only functional as the core of general biology, and also as the core of spirit, mind, soul, emotion and knowledge. Genome records message not only through the order of chemical bases, and also through electromagnetic interaction of the charged particles in DNA molecules and gravitational interaction of all real particles in DNA molecules. The supernatural phenomena appeared in the state of meditation, sleep and dream are evidences of these interactions, and human upset with the supernatural phenomena is the object of psychiatric study. All human religions and human mythologies are from the same source, and through with different exegesis of different denomination. My experience is partially linked with Buddhism, my exegesis is based on Christianity and modern sciences. The supernatural beings also have discussed other religions with me. They often give false messages to encourage irrational behaviors, but allow human meditator to debate with them rationally. You can imagine the dialogues between Moses and God, and between John and various angels. Their grammars are somewhat different from human grammars. They like to use one word to express different things. The meditator often hear they say one word to mean every possible thing. There is a hierarchical structure of meaning in their expression, from surface to deep, and even radiating out. Their messages usually are very vague, and sometimes consciously misleading, and also guiding human towards new knowledge, forming hypothesis about phenomena in unknown realm. They warned me yesterday night evil cults would emerge enormously, if meditators half rationally and half irrationally accept their irrational encouragements. With the popularity of meditation, I believe this warning. Before this time, they had already discussed with me several times about possible new legislation related to the relationship between human world and supernatural world. I have a feeling they take us human as the objects of their experimental observation, which may be a proper hypothesis to explain the very complex interactions between them and us human, and their attitudes towards the results of these interactions. We, human, as a whole, need through legislation to tell them our general attitude to the relationship with them. I believe there is perfect one and only perfect one god, who also guides them. With these knowledge more witnesses, more evidences, and more public, I believe human society may be heavily reshaped. All human behaviors are recorded in their observation, this fact will become a part of human self-consciousness, and human beings will much more concern the long term influences of their behaviors on each moment. I suggest the parliament hold a hearing, to collect witnesses and evidences of supernatural phenomena from meditators, as preparation for legislation in the relationship between human beings and supernatural beings, making the constitutional expression "the supremacy of god" meaningful, and as adjustment for investing in the field of meditation and genome. I believe this is the most important thing the current parliament should do.
  3. My Three New Theories Transcending General Relativity​ By exegesisme achieved gradually in more than thirty years 1 The gravity is actually a fifth dimension 1) as a circle, the curved line of the circumference as one dimension, the curvature of the circumference is actually expressed the second dimension on the circumference. 2) as a sphere, the spherical surface of the sphere as two dimensions, the curvature of the spherical surface is actually expressed the third dimension on the spherical surface. 3) the theory of general relativity in geometry is an enclosed four-dimensional time-space, the curvature of the four dimensions of time-space is used to express the gravity. According the reason of 1) and 2), the curvature of the border of an enclosed being is really expressed a farther dimension of the being. Therefore, what the theory of the general relativity is really expressed is the border of a five-dimensional being, and the fifth dimension is gravity. My formula of gravity for masses in the five-dimensional being is: F=m1​m2​f2​h/M F the gravity between the two masses m1 ​and m2​ fthe frequency of the motion of the gravity moved between m1​ and m2​ , or the ​​cycles of the motion of the gravity moved between m1​ and m2​ in one second. M all mass of the five-dimensional being h the distance between the center of M and the center of both m1​ and m2​ In my theory of gravity in the five-dimensional being, the time and space are not curved. 2 the reduction of the theory of the general relativity to the law of Hooke The concise form of the Einstein field equations​(1): . Moving the Einstein tensor to the right side of the equation, and moving all the constants to the left side, and calculating the constants, we get a force on the left side about 4.8 x 1042 (N), and the right side is ​​​ the stress–energy tensor over the Einstein tensor.​ Now moving the Einstein tensor to the left side, and the force 4.8 X 1042 ​(N)​ to the right side, we find that: the meaning of the stress–energy tensor is the whole elastic change of our universe under the interaction of the force 4.8 x 1042 (N), and the meaning of the Einstein tensor is the elastic change of our universe under the interaction of a single (N) force. And there is a force as large as 4.8 X 1042 ​(N)​ interaction on our universe according to the concise form of the Einstein field equations. ​ One form of the law of Hooke(2): Comparing this formula with our interpretation of the concise form of the Einstein field equations, we find that the 4.8 X 1042 ​(N) ​force is also a elastic force, as the reaction of our universe to the force acted on it. X may play the role of the stress-energy tensor, which refers to the whole elastic change of our universe under the acting force. And the reciprocal of k may play the role of the Einstein tensor, which refers to the elastic change of our universe under the action of a single one (N) force. 3 the information coded in gravity among atoms and among particles In the practice of my super-meditation, I obviously felt an interaction with information interacting with me. Through careful consideration, I distinguished the interaction is one of four fundamental interactions, the gravity. The gravity in physics is just a fundamental interaction, without considering the idea of information. The gravity in my experience of my super-meditation, is coded with information, for example, information in sounds of speaking, information in thinking communication, information in dream, information in visualization, and so on. Now it is well knowing that the photons are radiated and absorbed by the jumps of electrons. I realized that the gravitons are also radiated and absorbed with the same jumps of electrons. In an atom, an electron jumps up with absorption of a photon and one graviton or more gravitons, and an electron jumps down with radiation of a photon and one graviton or more gravitons. The gravitons coded with information of my thought radiates out to communicate with the beings until today human science has not researched.(4) Newton's theory of gravity is in straight four-dimensions space-time, Einstein's theory of gravity is in curved four-dimensional space-time. My theory of gravity is in straight five-dimensional space-time-gravity, and without the constant G, and using M (the dominant mass, my formula of gravity is aim to study the gravity of other two masses in the influence of it) and h (the distance from the center of both other two masses to the center of the dominant mass M ) to replace the gravitational constant G, and using f (the interacting frequency between two masses) to replace r (the distance between two masses). My theory of gravity concentrate on the information the gravity coded, which can be witnessed in practice of super-meditation. In super-meditation, the media of communication is the graviton. ​ The definition of gravity: "Gravity or gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which all things attract one another including stars, planets, galaxies and even light and sub-atomic particles".(3) I use the word gravity with this definition. And my concept of "Micro-Gravity" is developed from the definition of gravity, especially refers to the gravity on atoms, sub-atomic particles, photons, and graviton them selves; and the gravity from them. And relative to the Micro-Gravity, there is the concept of Macro-Gravity, which refers to the gravity from macro beings as universes, galaxies, stars, planets, and moons; and the gravity acts on them. I still have an issue to solve, the relation between Micro-Gravity and Macro-Gravity, in other words, how the Micro-Gravity makes the Macro-Gravity possible, or in which way the Micro-Gravity acts together to form the Macro-Gravity. Still, one more concept, the middle-gravity, which refers the gravity on the beings and from the beings between Micro beings and Macro beings. Now the issue becomes: what are the exact relationships among the Micro-Gravity, the Middle-Gravity, and the Macro-Gravity? Reference (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein_tensor (2) ​https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooke%27s_law (3)​ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity (4) the diary of the communication with unknown beings (one day)​ Aug. 5 8,Human In State Of Meditation As Computer Of Supernatural Being 3:53 AM 05/08/2015 The following record is the messages now I can recall from the experience of the recent piece of time in meditation. "..." Sounds like a young man, now I forget the content. "Tell story." Sounds like another yound man. "I am tired, I need sleep." My answer. I had a dream in a large mountain, with some people on a task at where two streams flow into one. This might be a long and plentiful dream but the content now becomes very vague. The end of the dream might turn into the state of lecid dreaming. I heard some messages sounds like my mother and unknown others. The content includes that I will have a very long lifespan, and I need to give some time to this one, and give some time to that one, and so on. After I waked. I laid on my bed, my hands held together on my up abdomen. My whole body felt the same warm and warmer than usual, seemed that some subtle thing filled in my whole body. "President." Sounds like someone. "Trump." I guess. "You, the grobal government." Sounds from that one. "Nonsense." At first this went into my thinking. "If I have a lifespan of two hundred years, may be one hundred years later." After that I answered this way. "Then all people share the same property." Sounds from that one. "No." My answer. "But except something more important to encourage the people." I thought the possibility. "Maybe as progress in meditation. Then the progress of meditation becomes the super-property which will be upon the usual property." "Is that possible." Sounds from that one. "But you should overcome your habit of cheating." I remembered my sufferings as they cheated me. They often mislead meditators into they prefered way, and use empty promise to encourage meditators to do something. For example, they promised me Noble Peace Prize for sending message to US president Obama to cancel the plan of one imminent war. "You have your private intention, you use human being in the state of meditation as your super-computer." They implied me similar messages many times. "In your ability of imagination." Sounds from that one. "Why do not you calculate for yourselves?" I asked. "We can not." Sounds from that one. "Maybe God do not create super-calculation for you, and this state forces that you have to teach human meditation, and use the human in the state of meditation to calculate your program." I formed this idea by recalling many messages together. 9, What is Meditation? Who Are They? 12:10 PM 05/08/2015 Meditation is a disease behaving as infectious disease, now it attempts to infect all human. They through some people control the process of infection. They include some human meditators, and some unknown beings. The unknown beings are used to appear in human form and tell lies to cheat meditators to do something according to their attempts. Human should design an anti-meditation against their aim, and examing the messages from them with strict scrutiny. These is very difficult, but human should do. 10, Direct Distinguishing In Anti-meditation 3:31 PM 05/08/2015 There are souls, minds, elves, atmans, psyches, spirits, animas, pneumas, images, kas, ghosts, unons, anons, plons, dusons, atons, parons, and so on in the world of the gravitational information of the bragenome. The personal atgenome is a unit of the biogenome which aged billions years in turn is a unit of the bragenome. The microgravitational information of these genomes is the infrastructure of the super-conscious phenomena in the anti-meditation. My style of meditation essencially is the anti-meditation which acts and reacts with top-cre-evolism of seeds in future. Anti-meditation as a new name first appeared in the record 9 to express the essence of my style of meditation for the preparation to wall out the evil beings and evil behaviors in meditation. This attempt caused different reactions of the different beings in the meditating state. Therefore, from now on, I will no longer be direct neutralism to all messages of all beings, but deal with them with direct distinguishing. 11, Overcoming U, U Overcoming 10:44 PM 05/08/2015 In sleep, dreaming. In a mountain with bamboos, grasses, and others, there were someone who morally harvests something. I saw some small bamboo sprouts, the green was lovely. I wanted to take a sprout, but found nothing in hand. After awaking, I felt that delicacy and subtlety of grons brimmed my whole body. I laid tranquilly, heard some mild sounds along time, and saw some visual images in inner eyes. "Cosine." Sounds like a man. "10." Sounds like a woman, with moving visual images that 1 turned around 0 and became a circle with 0 in it. "For good." Sounds like a woman. I believe that these symboles and sounds represent the new information carried by new grons in my atgenome in my body as index for the corresponding information in biogenome and bragenome out my body. Anti-meditation as a screen for future puts all traditions of meditation under scrutiny, puts herself under scrutiny the most often, and tries to renew the top of herself everyday. The continuous renewing top is the core of a soul being different from her body. (in editing)
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