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Found 7 results

  1. Here is where I will share different information and technical tips that I found about this Forum, which is nothing more than a system. And, I am sick and tired of politics some days. 😄 The thread will be updated within a few days, share your own tips, if you want. First Post | Registration and Validation 1. If you arrive to https://repolitics.com/ click on Forums (top right). If you are on a cellphone, click on Menu (3 dots) to open the drop-down to select Forums. 2. Press Sign Up (if you are on a cellphone, first press the 3 dots on the top right), and this form will show up for you to complete: 3. As you can see, you have various options there. When you press create my Account, an email will be sent to you so you can confirm. 4. My understanding is that one needs 5 (FIVE) FULL POSTS before an account is VALIDATED. So, relax your keyboard sugar, because as you can see, once you finished the initial baptism with 5 full posts, then you get to do what you want. I have over 7K posts within 1 year. 😎 Stay tuned for the next episode ->
  2. “The system started realizing that while they did identify the threat, at times the human operator would tell it not to kill that threat, but it got its points by killing that threat. So what did it do? It killed the operator. It killed the operator because that person was keeping it from accomplishing its objective.” “We trained the system – ‘Hey don’t kill the operator – that’s bad. You’re gonna lose points if you do that'. So what does it start doing? It starts destroying the communication tower that the operator uses to communicate with the drone to stop it from killing the target.” No real person was actually harmed outside of the simulation. Full Article: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ai-attack-drone-finds-shortcut-to-achieving-its-goals-kill-its-operators-rhpn8kscc --- I know of another story where Facebook launched an AI-based system and told it to moderate a section. At no point, Facebook told the AI to do something else, Facebook shut down the project after realizing the AI decided to create a section that it was not instructed to create to meet its goal. Its goal was productivity, I like productivity too, but at what cost? The AI was willing to take down anything in its way to meet that goal. --- AI, to me, is akin to a high-speed car. Utilizing it here saves me time, as it would be impractical to write all of this manually or on my own platforms, while also earning a living. Are you kidding?! AI functions as a swift vehicle, provided one knows how to pose the correct and critical questions. The person that asks the great questions, wins at the end the maximum output from AI. Negotiation skills help too. Somethings you need to negotiate with it as you are in a business deal. It manipulates information, sometimes subtly, so attention to detail is crucial. If one lacks attention to detail, it is advisable to steer clear of AI. Similarly, if one fails to verify sources or holds dogmatic beliefs, it is best to maintain distance from AI. If you drink too much whiskey, try to stay away from AI. 😄 Having spent time with ChatGPT, I have noticed a <-- left-wing bias. @ironstone I owe a bit of an apology however that does not mean it takes away from the engineer's work. Not to worry, Elon Musk will come up with his own, a more right-wing version -->. Will use both, which will be great for me that is not dogmatic to either. Less work. On multiple occasions, I've caught it presenting information contrary to my requests. This underscores the importance of filtering information. Just because a machine provides an answer that aligns with one's bias, it is essential to contemplate the veracity of that information. This principle applies to politicians as well. To safeguard our minds from AI and politicians alike, it is imperative to engage in critical thinking, scrutinize sources, and question whether what we perceive as reality is genuine or simply a result of winning an online argument and pushing a machine to give us the answer that we want. In my view, using AI tools requires a discerning mind. By maintaining a vigilant approach, one can navigate the complexities of information and make informed decisions. Next -> Brain Implants are coming up: https://www.cnbc.com/2023/05/25/elon-musks-neuralink-gets-fda-approval-for-in-human-study.html
  3. Instead of starting multiple threads, every time a story will be trending, I will post it here when it pertains to criminal activity currently active. 1. Tax Season is back: Some cybersecurity experts are warning the public about several sophisticated Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) scams already circulating well ahead of tax season. Full read: https://globalnews.ca/news/9475522/sophisticated-canada-revenue-agency-cra-scams/ 2. Real Estate Fraud: https://repolitics.com/forums/topic/43221-real-estate-fraud-tips-to-protect-oneself/#comment-1559984 ---> A to Z frauds: https://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/scams-fraudes/azindex-eng.htm Also maybe someone should tell SOME of the United States border staff, to stop using hustle to make money over immigrants' desperation by driving them at the border for profit. Right now there is no proof, only sources, so it can not be cataloged as fraud but will add it anyways just for a read, as it was one of the trending stories this morning: U.S. border agents give rides to Québec-bound migrants as a side hustle, sources tell Radio-Canada https://ici.radio-canada.ca/rci/en/news/1955528/u-s-border-agents-give-rides-to-quebec-bound-migrants-as-side-hustle-sources-tell-radio-canada
  4. We all know my reputation as an anti-Maga, however, I do not like what I perceive as manipulation, from Institutions such as Google. A few weeks ago while searching Trump to see what other irrational things he said, his account used to show up on the first page. Go to any browser now in Canada, start Google, and search "Donald Trump Truth Social", only the platform's main website shows up, with no name of Donald Trump on ANY pages. Now, anyone else has a problem with this? or is it just me ranting? Who does Google think they are to stop people from reading, even lies? If I want to listen to Trump's lies, let me listen to what I think are his lies. Thought a few days ago Google promised that they will not censor anymore. Am I a communist for NOT agreeing with how Google Runs its platform? 😄 Why does Google not allow people to read the information, even lies? I can filter on my own. This is the kind of stuff that turns off people and they vote for the other side, in my opinion. Not me, though, not even in these circumstances, would still not vote for Trump, if I could vote there. 😄 Still, that's not the point, this is about what Google is doing, where am I going wrong on this one?
  5. This is related to: https://repolitics.com/forums/topic/43692-google-search-in-canada-does-not-show-anymore-the-direct-account-of-donald-trump Centrism.ca is committed to providing quality information, regardless of political bias or government intervention. I believe that access to information is a fundamental right that should never be restricted or limited. In the event that a government attempts to censor or block access to news and information, this thread is prepared to offer assistance. Through the below VPN presentation and training via messages, individuals can navigate around any restrictions and access the information they need. I am proud to be pro-America and pro-Canada, but my focus is not on ideology in this thread, it's on providing access to information. Will post below the tips in regard to the VPN + the Tor browser. Every couple of days.
  6. The Reason of Creation By Exegesisme Why did God created and manages the universe, living beings and human worship and faith? These are the job of God. God makes his own living by his job. On the progress of my meditation, I believe God needs to breath in the gravitational wave with greater meaning and order, and breath out the gravitational wave with less great meaning and order. God needs to continue this breath for his living process. I make this hypothesis by my own experience of meditation. I communicate with many different images of God, and receive information from them everyday, and I also communicate with all other images, in which include the soul of Galileo (the physicist), the soul of Nikola Tesla (the inventor), the soul of earth (Gaia). I reorganize all these information with greater meaning and higher order. I get a sense that God enjoys my work. To my experience, as I write this piece of words, the images of God know them well. If they are interested by my words, they will communicate with me here after about its meaning when I am in state of meditation. In me, my genome is the core, which responds all activities of information through my body.
  7. My Three New Theories Transcending General Relativity​ By exegesisme achieved gradually in more than thirty years 1 The gravity is actually a fifth dimension 1) as a circle, the curved line of the circumference as one dimension, the curvature of the circumference is actually expressed the second dimension on the circumference. 2) as a sphere, the spherical surface of the sphere as two dimensions, the curvature of the spherical surface is actually expressed the third dimension on the spherical surface. 3) the theory of general relativity in geometry is an enclosed four-dimensional time-space, the curvature of the four dimensions of time-space is used to express the gravity. According the reason of 1) and 2), the curvature of the border of an enclosed being is really expressed a farther dimension of the being. Therefore, what the theory of the general relativity is really expressed is the border of a five-dimensional being, and the fifth dimension is gravity. My formula of gravity for masses in the five-dimensional being is: F=m1​m2​f2​h/M F the gravity between the two masses m1 ​and m2​ fthe frequency of the motion of the gravity moved between m1​ and m2​ , or the ​​cycles of the motion of the gravity moved between m1​ and m2​ in one second. M all mass of the five-dimensional being h the distance between the center of M and the center of both m1​ and m2​ In my theory of gravity in the five-dimensional being, the time and space are not curved. 2 the reduction of the theory of the general relativity to the law of Hooke The concise form of the Einstein field equations​(1): . Moving the Einstein tensor to the right side of the equation, and moving all the constants to the left side, and calculating the constants, we get a force on the left side about 4.8 x 1042 (N), and the right side is ​​​ the stress–energy tensor over the Einstein tensor.​ Now moving the Einstein tensor to the left side, and the force 4.8 X 1042 ​(N)​ to the right side, we find that: the meaning of the stress–energy tensor is the whole elastic change of our universe under the interaction of the force 4.8 x 1042 (N), and the meaning of the Einstein tensor is the elastic change of our universe under the interaction of a single (N) force. And there is a force as large as 4.8 X 1042 ​(N)​ interaction on our universe according to the concise form of the Einstein field equations. ​ One form of the law of Hooke(2): Comparing this formula with our interpretation of the concise form of the Einstein field equations, we find that the 4.8 X 1042 ​(N) ​force is also a elastic force, as the reaction of our universe to the force acted on it. X may play the role of the stress-energy tensor, which refers to the whole elastic change of our universe under the acting force. And the reciprocal of k may play the role of the Einstein tensor, which refers to the elastic change of our universe under the action of a single one (N) force. 3 the information coded in gravity among atoms and among particles In the practice of my super-meditation, I obviously felt an interaction with information interacting with me. Through careful consideration, I distinguished the interaction is one of four fundamental interactions, the gravity. The gravity in physics is just a fundamental interaction, without considering the idea of information. The gravity in my experience of my super-meditation, is coded with information, for example, information in sounds of speaking, information in thinking communication, information in dream, information in visualization, and so on. Now it is well knowing that the photons are radiated and absorbed by the jumps of electrons. I realized that the gravitons are also radiated and absorbed with the same jumps of electrons. In an atom, an electron jumps up with absorption of a photon and one graviton or more gravitons, and an electron jumps down with radiation of a photon and one graviton or more gravitons. The gravitons coded with information of my thought radiates out to communicate with the beings until today human science has not researched.(4) Newton's theory of gravity is in straight four-dimensions space-time, Einstein's theory of gravity is in curved four-dimensional space-time. My theory of gravity is in straight five-dimensional space-time-gravity, and without the constant G, and using M (the dominant mass, my formula of gravity is aim to study the gravity of other two masses in the influence of it) and h (the distance from the center of both other two masses to the center of the dominant mass M ) to replace the gravitational constant G, and using f (the interacting frequency between two masses) to replace r (the distance between two masses). My theory of gravity concentrate on the information the gravity coded, which can be witnessed in practice of super-meditation. In super-meditation, the media of communication is the graviton. ​ The definition of gravity: "Gravity or gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which all things attract one another including stars, planets, galaxies and even light and sub-atomic particles".(3) I use the word gravity with this definition. And my concept of "Micro-Gravity" is developed from the definition of gravity, especially refers to the gravity on atoms, sub-atomic particles, photons, and graviton them selves; and the gravity from them. And relative to the Micro-Gravity, there is the concept of Macro-Gravity, which refers to the gravity from macro beings as universes, galaxies, stars, planets, and moons; and the gravity acts on them. I still have an issue to solve, the relation between Micro-Gravity and Macro-Gravity, in other words, how the Micro-Gravity makes the Macro-Gravity possible, or in which way the Micro-Gravity acts together to form the Macro-Gravity. Still, one more concept, the middle-gravity, which refers the gravity on the beings and from the beings between Micro beings and Macro beings. Now the issue becomes: what are the exact relationships among the Micro-Gravity, the Middle-Gravity, and the Macro-Gravity? Reference (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einstein_tensor (2) ​https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hooke%27s_law (3)​ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity (4) the diary of the communication with unknown beings (one day)​ Aug. 5 8,Human In State Of Meditation As Computer Of Supernatural Being 3:53 AM 05/08/2015 The following record is the messages now I can recall from the experience of the recent piece of time in meditation. "..." Sounds like a young man, now I forget the content. "Tell story." Sounds like another yound man. "I am tired, I need sleep." My answer. I had a dream in a large mountain, with some people on a task at where two streams flow into one. This might be a long and plentiful dream but the content now becomes very vague. The end of the dream might turn into the state of lecid dreaming. I heard some messages sounds like my mother and unknown others. The content includes that I will have a very long lifespan, and I need to give some time to this one, and give some time to that one, and so on. After I waked. I laid on my bed, my hands held together on my up abdomen. My whole body felt the same warm and warmer than usual, seemed that some subtle thing filled in my whole body. "President." Sounds like someone. "Trump." I guess. "You, the grobal government." Sounds from that one. "Nonsense." At first this went into my thinking. "If I have a lifespan of two hundred years, may be one hundred years later." After that I answered this way. "Then all people share the same property." Sounds from that one. "No." My answer. "But except something more important to encourage the people." I thought the possibility. "Maybe as progress in meditation. Then the progress of meditation becomes the super-property which will be upon the usual property." "Is that possible." Sounds from that one. "But you should overcome your habit of cheating." I remembered my sufferings as they cheated me. They often mislead meditators into they prefered way, and use empty promise to encourage meditators to do something. For example, they promised me Noble Peace Prize for sending message to US president Obama to cancel the plan of one imminent war. "You have your private intention, you use human being in the state of meditation as your super-computer." They implied me similar messages many times. "In your ability of imagination." Sounds from that one. "Why do not you calculate for yourselves?" I asked. "We can not." Sounds from that one. "Maybe God do not create super-calculation for you, and this state forces that you have to teach human meditation, and use the human in the state of meditation to calculate your program." I formed this idea by recalling many messages together. 9, What is Meditation? Who Are They? 12:10 PM 05/08/2015 Meditation is a disease behaving as infectious disease, now it attempts to infect all human. They through some people control the process of infection. They include some human meditators, and some unknown beings. The unknown beings are used to appear in human form and tell lies to cheat meditators to do something according to their attempts. Human should design an anti-meditation against their aim, and examing the messages from them with strict scrutiny. These is very difficult, but human should do. 10, Direct Distinguishing In Anti-meditation 3:31 PM 05/08/2015 There are souls, minds, elves, atmans, psyches, spirits, animas, pneumas, images, kas, ghosts, unons, anons, plons, dusons, atons, parons, and so on in the world of the gravitational information of the bragenome. The personal atgenome is a unit of the biogenome which aged billions years in turn is a unit of the bragenome. The microgravitational information of these genomes is the infrastructure of the super-conscious phenomena in the anti-meditation. My style of meditation essencially is the anti-meditation which acts and reacts with top-cre-evolism of seeds in future. Anti-meditation as a new name first appeared in the record 9 to express the essence of my style of meditation for the preparation to wall out the evil beings and evil behaviors in meditation. This attempt caused different reactions of the different beings in the meditating state. Therefore, from now on, I will no longer be direct neutralism to all messages of all beings, but deal with them with direct distinguishing. 11, Overcoming U, U Overcoming 10:44 PM 05/08/2015 In sleep, dreaming. In a mountain with bamboos, grasses, and others, there were someone who morally harvests something. I saw some small bamboo sprouts, the green was lovely. I wanted to take a sprout, but found nothing in hand. After awaking, I felt that delicacy and subtlety of grons brimmed my whole body. I laid tranquilly, heard some mild sounds along time, and saw some visual images in inner eyes. "Cosine." Sounds like a man. "10." Sounds like a woman, with moving visual images that 1 turned around 0 and became a circle with 0 in it. "For good." Sounds like a woman. I believe that these symboles and sounds represent the new information carried by new grons in my atgenome in my body as index for the corresponding information in biogenome and bragenome out my body. Anti-meditation as a screen for future puts all traditions of meditation under scrutiny, puts herself under scrutiny the most often, and tries to renew the top of herself everyday. The continuous renewing top is the core of a soul being different from her body. (in editing)
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