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Found 5 results

  1. The Durham District School Board (DDSB) is deeply entrenched in systemic racism. Examples of their racist policies are: 1. The provincial government's Black Only Graduation Coaches Program This program is completely state funded and only Black students are eligible. There is no requirement to be financially eligible or any other criteria except to be Black. Poor Asians with learning disabilities would not be eligible but wealthy high achieving Black students are welcome to receive the service. Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine or anywhere are not eligible. 2. Great Beginnings Afrocentric Program This state provided service is for children and only Black children. There is no program for Muslim or Sikh children or any other racialized group. https://www.ddsb.ca/en/family-and-community-support/summer-and-recreation-programs.aspx#Great-Beginnings-Afrocentric-Program And there is also an entire Afrocentric Heritage Program 3. The Durham District Catholic School Board: Stem Program Summer Camp This program is also racist and has a black only policy. Yes, it is also paid for by tax dollars. https://www.westernstandard.news/news/ontario-school-board-to-host-racially-segregated-summer-camp/article_118d356e-055a-11ee-a3fa-57a8ee85fffa.html *Separate board, same region 4. Censorship In 2022, DDSB Trustees voted to find Pickering trustee Paul Crawford guilty on three counts of violating their code of conduct They voted to censure him and request that he complete equity, diversity and inclusion training. His crime? He opposed the offensive inclusion of " white supremacy" in their human rights code policy draft discussions. “Paul Crawford should be ashamed of himself,” tweeted activist Shailene Panylo, who ran for the NDP in Oshawa during the fall election. “You embody the very system you tried to have removed.” Panylo now sits on the Board as a Trustee and actively supports the DDSB's racist programs such as the black graduation coaches program. She agrees with censoring and shaming people for expressing concerns with anti white racism yet embraces black privilege and racism that favours black students. ASK her for an example of any whites only policy that exists? ASk her why is it okay to teach white kids "white supremacy and privilege"? Typically Advocates of terms like white privilege and white supremacy and systemic racism supports white children being taught they are Oppressors and have not "earned" their success. Untrue, racist, and not appropriate for kids! https://www.durhamradionews.com/archives/150245 5. More Censorship The DDSB is now closing their doors to the public when holding meetings and looking to pass new resolutions which will censor questions they don't like. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/9709488/durham-district-school-board-meeting-raises-concerns/amp/ 6. Racist Logic What is the DDSB's evidence for systemic racism? They cannot cite a single law or policy that is Racist but it's " just there". Their main argument is that black students as a group do not do well in math and reading and writing so ....must be racism and white supremacy. The data shows that Asians dominate academic standing in Durham, not whites. The white supremacy and white privilege is somehow designed NOT to favour whites but Asians. Really? This is science? This is evidence? Look at the numbers https://www.durhamregion.com/news/why-is-there-an-achievement-gap-for-black-students-in-durham/article_cae137e8-83cb-5567-9c3f-b5d30e335c66.html? Is it really racism or other factors as to why kids can't read? No accountability for parents? DDSB'S trustees blame whites for poor academic results. That is horrifyingly racist! By the way, 5 of 12 of the democraticly elected trustees are black . Is that more evidence of white supremacy and white privilege when the black population of Durham is 8%? https://www.ddsb.ca/en/about-ddsb/board-of-trustees.aspx Kids growing up in Ontario in 2023 have more privilege and benefit than 99.99% of every other kid in human history. What other societies have had free medical care, free school, Ontario housing and Ontario works, accessible clean water! Where are programs that black students get for poor children or disabled children? None of the kids in elementary or secondary school were born before 2000 so name any law or policy or practice in Ontario this century that is racist? Other than parents not teaching their kids to read, what disadvantage are we spending money on to fix and using racist idealology to justify the spending? Ask Panylo why it's systemic racism that explains black kids not doing as well as Asian students?? Fortunately I live in another district and my kids are graduated but my grandkids are in the Waterloo district school board and it's the same there! Good luck to those in Durham especially the poor non black students because no one will advocate about you there!
  2. These words are now accepted in every day lexicon. Here are their meanings. Anti racism: if you are not anti racist, then you are a racist. In order to not be racist, you must be anti racist. To be anti racist, you must accept that white people have white privilege. An anti racist must recognize all non white people face systemic racism. An anti racist must go against Martin Luther King 's dream and not judge people by the contract of their character but must " see someone's colour" because otherwise you discredit their struggle and barriers they face. To be an anti racist, you must see non whites as marginalized victims, if not, you are racist. White Privilege: Any success a white person has, or any achievement they completed, is illegitimate. The white person benefited from a system designed to ensure their success. This applies to each and every white person regardless of their individual circumstances. This phenomenon exists in every system, policy, rule, in all aspects of society. There is no meritocracy. ALL White people are oppressors and all non whites are oppressed by racist whites. Health care: abortion is health care. The termination of a fetus is health care. Unborn baby murdering is health care. Typically this applies to health care for the birthing person, not the dead baby. Violence: this applies to feelings and to a difference of opinion. If someone says something that I don't agree with, this is violence. Equity: take people, divide them into groups based on a single variable, race, then take (often government) action to ensure all of the groups have the same performance outcome. If the white group outperforms another group, this is evidence of systemic racism and white privilege. If the top performing group is non white (black ) at a rate of 99%, for example, basketball, track, etc. then there is equity. If the white group is in the middle, say income earnings, then there is systemic racism and white privilege because there is only equity when white people are at the bottom. It is critical to only applying a single variable to the equity outcomes and other considerations like effort, natural skills, personality, emotional intelligence, and values NEVER be applied to an equity lens. Systemic racism: evil, invisible forces that work to keep white people at the top in Al aspects of life and to keep all non white people down. This is commonly espoused by wealthy, successful white people. It does not account for statistical evidence that demonstrably proves white people are not at the top of income earners, athletics, and do not have the lowest incarceration rates. However, these invisible forces are Clever and exist everywhere despite the highest laws in the land and Diversity Officers everywhere. Mathematics: a tool used in the systemic racist institution to maintain white privilege. Although whites statistically are not the most proficient in math, it is a means of white oppression. Mother: a mother is an antiquated notion of a birthing person. A " female" is not the only gender who can give birth. Cultural Appropriation: this is when white people demonstrate respect and admiration for traits, activities, expression for another group. For example, rapping, cooking Asian food, wearing Indigenous clothing. This is offensive and racist. White people need to see and recognize non whites as special, marginalized, and victims but CANNOT share in the activities of other groups. It is noteworthy that using electricity, driving cars, flying on airplanes, using a computer is NOT cultural appropriation. Anti Black Racism: is the scientific evidence based use of data to demonstrate systemic racism against Black people. Any disparity between black performance and white performance is evidence of anti black racism. One core element of anti black racism is to only control for a single variable, race. The effectiveness of anti black racism is to attribute any negative disparity to racism and never behavior or other factors. Anti black racism is evident by black people being disporportionately reflected in school suspensions, negative TTC interactions, negative police interactions, and incarceration rates. It is important to never compare black rates to other racial groups, only whites, as the disparity might indicate racism is not a factor. Another key factor is to only consider anti black racism when there is a negative disparity. Representation in fields in which the disparity favours black people are to be ignored and an anti racist must accept the existence of anti black racism or they are racist. White fragility: this is white people not accepting that they are evil, oppressors and their resistance to the truth. By the way, all of the above are being taught to kids every day in schools all across the country.
  3. MP Jagmeet Singh is accusing the truckers and their supporters of being racists and Islamaphobic. This is consistent with the anti-White rhetoric that comes from the NDP leader. This is arguably hate speech under 319 of the Criminal Code. On January 9, 2022, with no evidence to support the claim that the trucker convoy and their supporters are racists and anti-Islam, he posted the following: Jagmeet Singh @theJagmeetSingh "Today we commemorate 5 years since a terrorist attacked and murdered Muslims in a Quebec City Mosque. We said never again. And, today Conservative MPs have endorsed a convoy led by those that claim the superiority of the white bloodline and equate Islam to a disease." MP Singh conflates a tragic shooting with a workers' right movement. Curiously, the NDP were once, ostensibly , the party of the worker/laborer. The leader is now villainizing the workers who unite to protest restrictions on their ability to earn. It is clear that the purpose of the above tweet is to generate hate against white people and any white people associated with the convoy. In adding the Quebec shooting to the message, the intent is to conjure feelings of fear and resentment. This is dangerous language from the Burnaby South representative. It seems to me that the above tweet is designed to breach the peace and to incite an aggressive response against those in the convoy. The message is seemingly advising people that the convoy includes violent, hateful and racist people looking to harm others which would reasonably be construed as an encouragement to breach the peace and disrupt the truckers ' protest. This is the motis operandi of Jagmeet who previously spread anti - White fear mongering. His plan is to use white guilt to gain support with white supporters and to bring non-whites to his side by making them believe whites are hateful and dangerous and all non-whites are in danger. His business model is to sell fear: "If you want to be safe, only the orange can save you! Look how dangerous and hateful the whites are!" Sound exaggerated? Juxtapose the legitimacy of the suggestion that Singh and the NDP want Canadian people to fear and hate whites with his claim that : “Radicalized white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the alt-right have resulted in the deaths of people...” The man with a law degree added: “Mothers talk to me of the fear they have for their kids going out into the community, worried about the violence they might face.” The above, which can be dismissed as bald assertions, clearly lack evidence as no murders in recent Canadian history can be linked to any " white supremacist " organization. This is pure propoganda and part of Singh's plan to divide Canada for political gain and make people hate and fear white people. This October 5, 2020 tweet by Singh is clearly is an attempt to galvanize people to resist/hate/fear white people: Jagmeet Singh @theJagmeetSingh "White Supremacy & Neo-Nazism pose a threat to our national security They export hatred & target Indigenous, Black, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh & many other racialized groups across Canada I stand with anti-hate & civil liberties groups calling on PM Trudeau to take immediate action..." Again, the attempt to breed hate is real but the facts are false. Let's look at Singh's claims. One, Alexandre Bissonnette, was not charged with terrorism or convicted of a terrorist act. Bissonnette was never linked to any white supremacist organization and was on an anti depressant which suggests that this horrific tragedy was likely linked to mental health issues more than white supremacist organizations. However, this does not match the narrative that Singh wants to sell in order to divide the country. Singh also references the Toronto stabbing of a Muslim to spread his smearing of whites. Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem was charged with the murder of a Muslim man. To date, the case is ongoing and he has not been convicted of a terrorist act or any hate crime. In addition, no link to any white supremacist organization has been proven in court. The same details apply to the London car attack on a Muslim family- no convictions, no link to any organization. However, this does not stop MP Singh from claiming that these two examples are " proof " that hateful whites are a threat to non-whites and are looking to call visible minorities! By the way, Singh openly discussing the cases and portraying the accuseds as guilty and a part of a " violent, white nationalist " movement is a violation of the accuseds' Charter right to the fundamental principles of justice, such as a fair trail and innocent until proven guilty. But, when you are spreading hate and mistruths, who cares about the Charter? The only time Singh appears interested in a crime is when the accused is white. Look at his benign response to the Danforth shooting of white teenagers by a Muslim, the killing of Marissa Shen by a Syrian refugee, the killing of Hang-Kam “Annie” Chiu by Saad Akhtar who told police his motivation was to commit a terrorist attack in the name of terror group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. When there is a conviction for a hate crime, like Akhtar, Singh is quiet because a Muslim committing a hate crime doesn't align with the business model of selling hate against whites. And when a Muslim, Umar Zameer, is charged with killing a white police officer, not much sympathy or support is expressed by the NDP leader. Don't your breath waiting for Singh to remember the anniversary of any crimes by non whites. Won't happen. Air India Flight 182 is the worst terrorist attack in Canadian history. Jagmeet and his party won't commemorate the event or remind anyone because the perpetrators were not white. Who were they? Don't ask Jagmeet. He is quiet on the topic... Of course there will be media outlets and the woke mob looking to find racism everywhere. Global news, and I'm sure cbc and ctv will follow, have an absurd article attempting to link " nazis " to the convoy. However, even global news admits the following: "A group affiliated with the convoy, Canada Unity, has produced a “memorandum of understanding” that it plans to present to Gov. Gen. Mary Simon and the Senate, and which it believes would force the government to rescind COVID-19 public health measures, or force the government to resign en masse." The people Singh and his elk attempt to link to nazi boogeyman are associated with the go fund me account, allegedly. No evidence has been presented to show there is any political ideology associated with the convoy. What if someone really was a Nazi and they organized a go find me for a cancer patient would cancer be racist? The desperate attempts of the NDP , Singh, Trudeau, the left and the media are embarrassing. No one can name a crime linked to any white nationalist group in Canada and there are no Nazis in Canada of any statistical value. Ask Reese Fallon and Hang-Kam Annie Chiu how worried they are about the white supremacist organizations in Canada. You can read how the leftist global news covered the hate crime, murder by Saad Akhtar. Their coverage focused on the murderer's mother and her opinion as to how innocent her son was. Hardly objective journalism as it didn't fit their anti white agenda: https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/6591168/man-charged-murder-hammer-attack-toronto/amp/ There are anti Asian and anti semetic and anti LGTBQ attacks but they are downplayed by Singh and others when the accused are not white. There are anti Islam attacks and ideas but the NDP are quiet on those unless the situation can be used to spread hate against whites. The NDP, and their leader's, goal is to create division and hate and who cares about the Charter, the facts, and proportionally? At what point do we hold them accountable? Can they continue to spread misinformation and engender hate against whites in perpetuity? The NDP obviously has a mandate to make people anti white. Singh was instrumental in having the proud boys named as " domestic terrorists " because of his claim that white nationalists are a threat to the nation. They are now on par with ISIS and AL Qaeda. Sure, that makes sense. Other than the minor, non violent, incident in Halifax that involved an Indigenous member of the Proud Boys, what did they do wrong exactly? Not sure but were definitely never proven to have commited violence in Canada. But don't question Singh, if you do, it proves you're a "white supremacist". Take a look at the Criminal Code and ask yourself is Singh's anti-White rhetoric is a potential crime. Public incitement of hatred 319 (1) Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction. Marginal note:Wilful promotion of hatred (2) Every one who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction. In my opinion, Jagmeet Singh is clearly using misinformation to make people believe that white people are racists and hateful and that whites are organized in dangerous groups looking to enact violence based on their hateful ideals. None of which is true. The intended message of Singh is to feel negatively against whites. This is a crime as per my interpretation of the above section. What do you think?
  4. Why Won't Canadian Politicians Denounce Anti-White Racism? Anti-Racism is a dog whistle for anti-White racism. Yet Canadian politicians are not denouncing this form of racism. In fact, they embrace it. Where are the Conservatives to stop this liberal, communist attack on democracy? Fact Check There is no systemic racism in Canada. There are race-hustling grafters selling this nonsense for their own personal gain. The media, celebs, politicians, teachers are all on this train of hatred and divisiveness. In Canada, any person receiving differential treatment based on a Code ground can seek redress from the human rights tribunal, free of charge. This applies to service, such as police and education, housing, and employment. Where is the systemic racism? In a system that has built in mechanisms to prevent racism? That does not make sense. Canada in 2021 is the best society that humans have ever created. Free housing and healthcare for all. Ask your anti racism advocate who claim there is white privilege (whte people do not earn their success) instructor to name any country with stronger human rights legislation and freedom. Ask them why 60% of racialized people are doing better than white people. Ask them why on average there is only a 7% difference between whites and third generation non whites? Ask them why more Blacks are going to college than Whites. Ask them why more " other " are going to university than Whites? Ask them to explain why "equity" and not merit should be society's objective? This pursuit of everyone having the same outcome despite skill, intelligence and effort is communism. If the law in Canada prevents discrimination then how is there systemic racism? Name a single case of an unarmed person being killed by Toronto Police since 2012. If they suggest Regis Paquet, she had a knife fight with her brother so her mom called the police, the police arrived and Regis ran outside and jumped off a balcony. Data on Race-Based Earnings: 3rd Generation vs White Workers In comparison, to white workers' income, all racialized people in their third generation or more, are at 0.93 cents to the dollar. This difference of seven cents or 7% is statistically insignificant is NOT indicative of any systemic factors impacting people's ability, based on race, to succeed in employment. On any spectrum, there will be a higher and lower end. White workers are on the lower end of average income. There are many groups who outperform Whites in earnings. This proves that there is no "White privilege" or "systemic racism" in favour of Whites. The following five groups are even with, above, or about equal to White earning power: South Asian (25% of racialized population) are at 0.96 cents Chinese (21%) are at 1.03 Arab (7%) are at 1.00 even Korean (2.5%) are at 1.53 Japanese (1.2%) are at 1.24 Approximately, 60% of non-Whites (third generation or longer) are even or above White earning power. This data is especially telling because these groups actually experienced legitimate systemic racism. Japanese Canadians who are at #2 were subjected to internment in the 1940's. 90% of Japanese Canadians were interned and they now earn more dollar than Whites. How can this be a system of oppression? How are they marginalized in 2021? Chinese Canadians were subjected to the head tax and the exclusion act which are examples of legitimate systemic racism. Now, they earn 1.03 to a White dollar. Arab Canadians are even with the White dollar despite claims of "Islamaphobia". Not all Arabs are Muslim but presumably all Arabs are marginalized due to "islamaphobia" yet they are on par with White earning power. When groups who claim to be oppressed and marginalized are doing better than the group with "privilege" , there is no logic to support this claim. It becomes absurd nonsense. 60% of racialized people do better/same as Whites. There is no systemic racism. Why do politicians continue to claim there is and throw millions at people based on their race? Based on being non-white. No reasonable person can claim "systemic racism" is real when the group alleged to have all the power and structure working to ensure their success is in the middle of the pack statistically and there is no significant difference between the average White and the average non-White. At some point, someone needs to call out the Emperor as wearing no clothes. The farce needs to stop. The data from Table 8 is clear, https://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/National Office/2019/12/Canada's Colour Coded Income Inequality.pdf The above completes disproves any systemic racism or White privilege in employment. Employment Rates There are many racialized groups with a higher employment rate than Whites. This counters the “White privilege” narrative: Black 63.8 to 63% Filipino 71.6 to 63% Latin American 66.3 to 63% Visible Minority 65.4 to 63% Multiple Visible Minority 65.9 to 63% *(similar) South East Asian 62.2 to 63% Source : “Ontario‟s Growing Gap. The Role of Race”-2005 data. https://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/reports/docs/The Role of Race Ontario Growing Gap.pdf Subject: Education The next point race hustlers will make will be that education is a structure designed for the purpose of making Whites succeed. However, like in employment, people succeed based on their effort, skills, intelligence, family support, and individual will. There is no systemic racism in education. This York report found "other" to have the most success and statistical advantages, not Whites. You may hear people claim education is "systemically racist". One might ask if teachers and administrators in Canada are not the biggest advocates for perpetuating the lie of "systemic racism" which makes the suggest that schools are "systemically racist" confusing, at best. However, the data on its own disproves "White privilege" in Canadian schools. The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) report provides evidence of "other" being the most successful in the TDSB. They define "other" as non-White and non-Black. TDSB: 4.1.b Graduation rates: 87% (Other) to 84% (White) Figure 6 shows the outcomes for students at the end of the 5-year period. Within this cohort, 84% of White students had graduated from high school at the end of 5 years, compared to 87% of other racialized students. Other are graduating at a higher rate than White students. This is not evidence of systemic racism rather the contrary. https://edu.yorku.ca/files/2017/04/Towards-Race-Equity-in-Education-April-2017.pdf 4.1.c Post-secondary confirmation (university): 60% to 47% Figure 8 compares the post-secondary plans of Black and White high school students in the same cohort. As the graph shows, almost half (47%) of the White students in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. A larger proportion of other racialized students (60%) in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. Post-secondary confirmation (university): College: A greater proportion of Black students applied to and were accepted by an Ontario college than their White and other racialized counterparts (21% versus 14%). Of note is the high rate at which Black students did not apply to a post-secondary institution. Black students did not apply to attend post-secondary education at almost the same rate as White students went on to university in Ontario (43% versus 47%). https://edu.yorku.ca/files/2017/04/Towards-Race-Equity-in-Education-April-2017.pdf If Other have a higher university entrance rate and Black have a higher college entry rate than Whites, where is the evidence that the "system" is acting in any way as a force to give unfair and preferential treatment to White students? 4.1.e Suspensions: 85% to 82% Suspension rates are an important indicator of school success, as they reflect lost instructional time, which reduces students' opportunities to learn. Further, suspension can undermine the attachment of students to their school, particularly if they feel they have been unfairly treated. Figure 11 shows the cumulative suspensions received by Black, other racialized, and White students during their time in high school. White students, as per York's study, were suspended at a higher rate of 85% compared to 82% of " other " students. White students are also expelled at a higher rate than many groups as well. This is not evidence of preferable treatment. https://doczz.net/doc/7981010/towards-race-equity-in-education---york-university-facult... Schools Teach Equity and Anti-White Racism Despite the lack of statistical advantages for Whites, school systems will target White students and make absurd and offensive claims that they are oppressors. "Talking Race with your Children": TDSB Document The TDSB teaches that White students have unearned privilege and unfair advantages despite the above evidence to the contrary. Their "education" teaches: privilege• Unearned freedoms, rights, benefits, access, and/or opportunities thatprovide unfair advantages for members of the Dominant Group(s) insociety. Because privileges are granted by mere affiliation with theDominant Group(s), some people are not always aware of theprivileges they have. Examples include: cisgender privilege, straightprivilege, male privilege, settler privilege, White privilegePower• access to privileges such as information/knowledge, connections,experience and expertise, resources and decision-making that enhancea person’s chances of getting what they need to live a comfortable,safe, productive and profitable life. (OHRC) https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.tdsb.on.ca/Portals/ward8/docs/Shelley%20Laskin/Talking%20Race%20with%20Your%20Child(ren).pdf&ved=2ahUKEwja78Pj94HzAhU6SvEDHZ0aAF4QFnoECCQQAQ&sqi=2&usg=AOvVaw2ge1Ok5s0K78TJyDT46MbU.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwja78Pj94HzAhU6SvEDHZ0aAF4QFnoECCQQAQ&sqi=2&usg=AOvVaw2ge1Ok5s0K78TJyDT46MbU.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwja78Pj94HzAhU6SvEDHZ0aAF4QFnoECCQQAQ&sqi=2&usg=AOvVaw2ge1Ok5s0K78TJyDT46MbU.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwja78Pj94HzAhU6SvEDHZ0aAF4QFnoECCQQAQ&sqi=2&usg=AOvVaw2ge1Ok5s0K78TJyDT46MbU)) Equity is also a priority in Canadian schools. Their objective is to see White students be at the bottom of every measurement. As per their philosophy, in any situation in which white students have a statistical advantage, they claim "systemic racism". As many groups outperform Whites, as long as any group is below whites, they want "equity". Funding goes to areas in which there are less Whites. There is an inverse relationship between funding and white population. This is anti-white racism. Ontario: Differential access to quality education In examining if the educational system in Ontario is inherently biased/racist/discriminatory on a systemic level, the funding requires examination. There is a common myth that Canada funds schools based on neighborhood taxes and that wealthier neighborhoods have an advantage in funding as a result. This is not true in Canada. How funding is structured In Ontario, elementary and secondary school is free and available to all people. The Ministry of Education provides the majority of operating funding to Ontario’s 72 district school boards through the annual GSN, also known as “the funding formula.” The GSN is a collection of grants described in detail in an annual regulation under the Education Act. There are two major components of the GSN: The Foundation Grants cover the basic costs of an educational experience that is common to all students, which is allocated based on student enrolment and the number of schools. The per student allocation is equal across all races. In this grant, all races/colours are equal. The Special Purpose Grants address the unique needs of students, schools and school boards related to location, student and school needs, and a board’s demographic profile. The ministry recognizes that conditions vary widely across Ontario and the funding formula cannot take every situation into account. There is no evidence to support any practise of students receiving more money for being White or for predominantly White schools receiving more money based on race. In fact, there is evidence that the opposite is true and non-Whites are categorized as “marginalized” and receive increased funding. In July of 2020, the provincial government committed to providing $3.5 million to support the Black and Indigenous grad coach programs, which provide wrap-around supports for students who are at risk of not graduating. * ( 4 ) White students are not eligible for this program and there are no programs to support White people exclusively. Teaching All public schools require teachers to be accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. There are no rules, laws, policies to place “better teachers” in schools based on the race of students anywhere in Ontario. Toronto District School Board (TDSB) The largest school board in Ontario is the TDSB. They prioritize Black and Indigenous students. They have a special anti-Black racism mandate. Ontario: Colleges and Universities In addition to Charter protection and the Ontario Human Rights Code, all colleges and universities in Ontario have inclusion and diversity/anti-racism policies/departments to address allegations of unfair practice/programs/policies. Policing: OHRC Report The race hustler will typically also claim that police are "racist" and there is "systemic racism" in policing yet the data finds that "other" are the least charged by Police. This demonstrates that Police are interested in arresting those who do the crimes, not people based on race. Anyone sincerely interested in examining this claim should look at what demographic is responsible for the most serious crimes: violent crimes, shooting, murders, gun violence. The evidence will again prove that there is nothing systemic about the police investigating the groups disproportionately involved in the most serious offences. The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released a report that disproves any inherent, structural advantages to people based on their race in Toronto policing. The report looked at set of nine criminal charges. Interestingly, the data was divided into three groups: White, Black and “other racial minority” despite the data actually being prepared by the Toronto Police to reflect six racial groups: White, Black, Asian, Aboriginal, Brown, Unknown. The three group data format showed that for all 9 set of charges, Whites were more represented than “other racial minority”. If the system is designed to favour Whites over non-Whites, this comparison against “other racialized minority” does not support that theory. As per the report, Whites constitute 48% of the population and represent 45.5% of all criminal charges. This would be objectively seen as neutral: neither advantageous nor disadvantageous. The “other racial minority” group represents 42.8% of the population and 22.2% of total charges. This shows that racialized people are significantly less likely than Whites to be charged criminally. Furthermore, the data indicates that the system of Toronto Policing demonstrates zero evidence of systemic racism against “other racialized minorities” and neutral to Whites as opposed to any “privilege”. Summary The next time you hear someone claiming Canada is racist, we have systemic racism, White privilege, ask for the facts. Why would groups outperform Whites and be better treated in schools and by Police if the system is designed for them? Whites would not be behind "Other" if there was a system in place to keep "other" down and Whites above. They will mention George Floyd and other events unrelated to Canada. They will attempt to add slavery to the crimes of Canada yet Canada became a nation in 1867 when slavery had long been abolished. The last point is that any person receiving differential treatment based on a Code ground can seek redress from the human rights tribunal, free of charge. This applies to service, such as police and education, housing, and employment. Where is the systemic racism? In a system that has built in mechanisms to prevent racism? That does not make sense. Canada in 2021 is the best society that humans have ever created. Free housing and healthcare for all. Ask your anti racism instructor to name any country with stronger human rights legislation and freedom. Ask them why 60% of racialized people are doing better than white people. Ask them why more Blacks are going to college than Whites. Ask them why more " other " are going to university than Whites? If the law prevents discrimination then how is there systemic racism? Name a single case of an unarmed person being killed by Toronto Police since 2012. If they suggest Regis Paquet, she had a knife fight with her brother so her mom called the police, the police arrived and Regis ran outside and jumped off a balcony. Canada is the greatest society in the history of humanity. All races are welcome and equal. I hope the politicians will start enforcing this message of Canadian pride. Who cares about color/race? Only anti racists.
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