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  1. First I shall speak about Pope John Paul. The Pope so beloved and respected by many throughout your world was cloned several years ago when it became clear to the dark souls that he was a liability. Seeing that he was determined to hinder their aim of retaining their power over religious believers, they ended the physical life of the light being John Paul. Since his soul elected not to enter the clone, he transitioned to Nirvana and has worked diligently to bring light to all souls on Earth. In accordance with his soul contract and conscious desire, John Paul wanted to lift the people of the world above the confinements of the church dogma that was controlling them through deceit, and that did not serve the purpose of the dark souls who were bent on maintaining the status quo. Consider: What single influence during the past two millennia has been more divisive and has wielded more control over lives than religion, especially the Roman Catholic Church with its strategically established infallibility of its highest authority, the Pope? Although the clones that have been carrying on in the name of the Pope have publicly shown his gentleness, humility and loving spirit, it was to beguile, not to show the way to true spiritual growth. None of the reforms John Paul intended have come to pass. At the time of the downloading of his intelligence, knowledge, and experiential memories into the first clone, the clone was programmed to suppress John Paul’s divine inspiration to allow ancient records hidden in the Vatican to come forth and to share with the world's poor the vast wealth amassed by the church. Speaking now of Terri Schiavo, her soul left her body within a few weeks of the onset of her comatose condition. Living in a vegetative state was not part of Terri's soul contract—had it been, her soul would have remained with the body—and no discarnate soul wished to transfer, or “walk in,” to the body. Her physical reactions were the body's life force responding to others' interaction with her, but there was no real mental recognition, only primitive physical responses. It is understandable that those closest to Terri in either love bonds or nursing attendance interpreted her responses as a full life force—i.e., spirit, mind and body—because they had no awareness that her soul could choose, much less that it did so choose many years ago, to move onward into a world of activity and evolvement. It is distasteful—let me say that more strongly—it is despicable that Terri was used as a political and legal mechanism, and it has been sad for us to see the prolonged agony of her parents and their family. I am choosing not to speak of her husband as I don't see how I could without appearing to be judgmental, and I am not judging him. Someday he will do that himself.
  2. Obviously when you read the links you have to use your own filters. There is a lot of wacko info outthere so you need to seperate facts from fiction and rubbish here.
  3. Or read about the Bronfman family trust http://www.atkinson.yorku.ca/~adms4561/4561wk1.htm
  4. have just returned from another "interesting" trip to speak in eastern Canada, stronghold of the Bronfman family, where the disasterous duo, Richard Warman of the Ontario Green Party and Bernie Farber of the Bronfman controlled Canadian Jewish Congress, once again failed miserably to prevent me speaking - much as they tried. (http://www.davidicke.com/icke/articles3/warmanfarberfailure.html) For facts and factoids about the Bronfman family go to: http://www.davidicke.net/tellthetruth/fact...nfmandeath.html Read all about Edgar Bronfman Sr. here: http://www.texemarrs.com/031997/jeru.html
  5. On the pretext of fighting international terrorism the United States is trying to establish control over the world’s richest oil reserves, Leonid Shebarshin, ex-chief of the Soviet Foreign Intelligence Service, who heads the Russian National Economic Security Service consulting company, said in an interview for the Vremya Novostei newspaper. Using the anti-terrorist cause as a cover the United States has occupied Afghanistan, Iraq and will soon move to impose their “democratic order” on the Greater Middle East, Shebarshin said. “The U.S. has usurped the right to attack any part of the globe on the pretext of fighting the terrorist threat,” Shebarshin said. Referring to his meeting with an unnamed al-Qaeda expert at the Rand Corporation, a nonprofit research organization in the U.S., Shebarshin said: “We have agreed that [al-Qaeda] is not a group but a notion.” “The fight against that all-mighty ubiquitous myth deliberately linked to Islam is of great advantage for the Americans as it targets the oil-rich Muslim regions,” Shebarshin emphasized. With military bases in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Shebarshin said, the United States has already established control over the Caspian region — one of the world’s largest oil reservoirs.
  6. The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976 Prison Planet.tv | March 21, 2005 American Free Press | March 20, 2005 By Greg Szymanski Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC using commercial airliners and box cutters as weapons. The laundry list of terrorist warnings handed to the Bush administration prior to 9/11 makes the President and others look like "bumbling idiots or a bunch of conniving criminals" responsible for the mass murders at the Twin Towers and in Afghanistan and Iraq. These are the harsh words of Timothy McNiven, an outspoken critic of the President's handling of 9/11 and a 29-year U.S. Defense Department operative still under contract with the government. He says not only did the Bush administration purposely ignore Al Q'aida in the months preceding the WTC attacks, but the situation is even more disturbing, considering his military unit way back in 1976 devised a mock terrorist attack of the Twin Towers exactly like what occurred on 9/11. McNiven, who first went public in an affidavit included in a 9/11-related federal conspiracy (RICO) lawsuit filed against Bush and others in 2004, claims his unit was ordered to create the "perfect terrorist plan" using commercial airliners as weapons and the Twin Towers as their target. The publicized version of the study, commissioned by Congress, was to identify security lapses and submit corrective measures to lawmakers. However, McNiven claims the real purpose of the study was to brainstorm how to pull off the perfect terrorist attack using the exact same 9/11 scenario. The study, commissioned to C-Battery 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army, stationed in Strassburg, Germany in 1976, specifically devised the scenario of the Twin Towers being leveled by Middle Eastern terrorists using commercial airliners and even plastic box cutters to bypass security. To silence critics, McNiven has successfully passed a credible lie detector test regarding his participation in the study as well as other specific orders given to him by his superiors in case of a real attack on the Twin Towers. The head of the 1976 mock terrorist plan was Lt. Michael Teague of Long Island, who McNiven says was given specific orders by higher-ups in the military to use the Twin Towers as the terrorist target. McNiven said he has been unable to contact Lt. Teague, but was interested in his opinion now that "the 9/11 attacks happened the way we planned them in 1976." "I remember Lt. Teague changed the scenario of the supposed study from a 100 story building to the Twin Towers," recalled McNiven, emphasizing that Lt. Teague was acting on specific orders from unknown superiors. "He then said he thought it was very strange to be asked to devise a plan to blow up your own home town. But as I watched the Twin Towers really collapse on the morning of September 11th, I realized I was watching the very same thing we devised in the 1976." Since that ominous realization, McNiven has devoted his entire life to alerting the American public about the similarities between 9/11 and the 1976 study without much success, his story basically being ignored by politicians and the mainstream media. "Why am I doing this? Why have I spent every waking hour trying to bring this story to the American people?" asked McNiven, claiming he still is following a strange direct military order given to him more than 25 years ago. "During the course of the terrorist plan we were devising, I made the statement to Lt. Teague that if the WTC was ever attacked like we planned, I'd go public. I was then physically assaulted and told never to reveal anything we were doing regarding the Twin Towers." However, about a week later a strange turn of events occurred. For no apparent reason, McNiven claims his superiors completely changed their minds. "I was given the direct order that if the Twin Towers were ever attacked the way we discussed in the 1976 study, I was to do everything in my power to bring the similarities to the attention of the American people. "I have no idea why they changed their minds, but I was then emphatically told that this order was never to be rescinded - never - because those who would rescind it, would be the very same people who turned against the American people." Besides taking a lie detector to verify his story, McNiven has made public a detailed list of about 40 names of those individuals who took part in the mock terrorist plan, including Col. Robert Morrison, Maj. Joe Dipiero, Sgt. Middleton, Sgt. Arroyo and many others. "There were also people from the Defense Department and the CIA who were monitoring the study, but I wasn't able to get their names," he added. Some of McNiven's most recent assignments with the Defense Department include work on the Northwest Drug Task Force and various other drug smuggling and weapons trafficking cases.
  7. How come various survivors of concentration camps denie there were any gas chambers including some who are now living in Canada? read: http://www.rense.com/Datapages/auch.htm as well as http://www.geniebusters.org/915/04g_gas.html
  8. Mount Ida British Columbia Vortex By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone http://educate-yourself.org/zsl/mountidabc...ex03mar05.shtml March 3, 2005 Since the Mount Ida Vortex started on February 17, 2005, the strength of the vortex has varied between ten degrees and four degrees deviation. The period of the variation is about four days, I will need more cycles to plot a more accurate graph. It is not a sine wave. On February 27, 2005, the deviation increased three degrees in five hours and remained at eight and nine degrees deviation for forty hours. During that peak three earthquakes happened off the west coast of Vancouver Island. The strongest earthquake was 4.9. On March 1, 2005, the deviation dropped from 8 to 4 degrees in less than an hour. That minimum lasted a day and returned to eight degrees deviation on March 2, 2005. On a rough graph, the cycle looks like a "square wave". In electronics, a square wave is a simple on-off-on-off cycle, but since the deviation is never turned "off" there is a more complex action happening. There are also smaller cycles buried within the four day cycle. The Okanagan/Shuswap has a large fault line underlying the lakes, but there are few earthquakes. The largest are about 4 on the Richter Scale. Mount Ida is an old volcano which at one time many have stood as high as 10,000 feet but is now less than half that height due to repeated ice ages rounding off its cinder cone. The highest point is the 5400 foot west peak which is a basalt/pumice dyke two miles west of the volcanic ash east peak. The east peak, composed of softer material, is now 4900 feet. The vortex appears to be four miles in radius centered on the magmatic plug beneath the east peak. I initially guessed that the vortex was smaller, one hundred yards in diameter, similar to the Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill Oregon. Performing a Google search on the Oregon Vortex, it still exists and covers about 3/4 of an acre. Tom Brokaw of NBC News reported on the vortex in 2003. Without surveying equipment and sensitive magnetometers, it is hard to plot the extent of the Mount Ida Vortex. My house is located is nearly four miles due north of the east peak and on a bench on the edge of the mountain. The vortex "wall" is just north of our house. The fluctuations in magnetic intensity also makes the plotting of the "wall" difficult. The Adam's Lake First Nation's tribe have much to say about Mount Ida. There are legends about a doorway opening up to the inner world once every Fall and people of the inner world coming out and telling tribe members about the coming winter. Also green orbs of light are seen when the doorway is open. Most UFO sightings in the Shuswap Lake region are at Notch Hill near Tappen BC, fifteen miles northwest of Mount Ida. Several years ago, a man saw a number of green lights coming out of Mount Ida. Brian Vike of [email protected] , reports the southern interior of British Columbia has had a great increase in UFO sightings over the past couple of years. As this vortex event started in late winter, it may or may not be part of the Fall doorway to the inner world legend. Regardless of the UFO reports and Indian legends, there is an extremely strong magnetic field pulsating from Mount Ida. I have no idea on the dates and durations of previous vortex events. No doubt the current magnetic anomaly is not unique. This sort of magnetic phenomena is unexplained in textbooks. It is a magnetic tornado totally different from magnetism used in electric motors. As this vortex cycle started spontaneously and there is no apparent seismic/magmatic activity under Mount Ida, it is most likely either a tributary affect of the planetary magnetic field or a hyperdimensional free-energy event. I will email all my compass readings on March 10 2005. Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
  9. Last week a French university announced it would suspend a professor for 5 years after he expressed support for reinvestigation what really happened in WWII
  10. For more info and to read what really happened check out the 9/11 Essential Page at: http://www.rense.com/Datapages/ess911.htm
  11. The evidence filed with the lawsuit by Stanley Hilton includes footage as well as witness statements. Also statements from CIA and FBI officials as well as government officials confirming that Bush government ordered the attacks of 9/11
  12. Of course the second site must be (sorry for the typos) www.educate-yourself.org
  13. Last year Stanley Hilton, lawyer for many families of victims of 9/11 already filed a lawsuit in Federal Court accusing the Bush government of orchestrating, ordering and executing the attacks of 9/11. Footage has already shown that the planes that flew into the buildings were not commercial planes cause they had no windows. The second plance even had missiles attached to the bottom of the plane that were launched into the tower seconds before the plane hit the building. This year everything will come out cause the Light is getting stronger. go to www.letsroll911.org and see al the footage material yourself. you can also go to www.educat-yourself.org and go to current news and look for the footage that was recentyl show to citizens of Sacramento California, USA There is no terrorism, no Al Qaida and other crap. All is done by the Illuminati. The media is completely on it and has promised not to write the truth in exchange for power, money etc . Just wait and see. Bush will be out of the White House before this year is over and everyone will know the truth about 9/11 and that is only the start. All your lifes will be turned upside down including all your belief systems.
  14. 9/11 is still a big deal because they are hiding what really happened. if you have been educating yourself the past few years you already know that the Bush government orchestrated, ordered and executed the attacks of 9/11. Overwhelming proof has already been presented including the Stanley Hilton lawsuit on behalf of the families of victimes sueing the US government for its involvement in the attacks. This will come out this year and everything will change after that. Your life will never be the same. The Bush administration was responsible for the attacks. There is no Al Qaeda. Never was. It is an invention of the Bush administration. There is no terrorism. All is caused by the Illuminati
  15. Or how about this. The Institute of Historical Review has requested to look at what we have been told for decades again. http://www.rense.com/general53/dave.htm Don't believe what history books tell you. They are full of lies. Listen to your gut feeling and instinct. Those are never wrong
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