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  1. Canadians aren't anti-American, in spite of what Ann Coulter says. If you want to discuss and talk, go for it. If all you can do is insult, that's too bad. Wanna talk about Iraq? BMD? Or how about "mad cow" or softwood lumber? Why are you so pissed off and anti-Canada?
  2. Thank f'in God. I think we're going to have to defend ourselves from America at some point in the future. The sense of entitlment and their need for resources is eventually going to drive them to invade us. We need to increase funding for defense....but I think also arm the population. I'm getting a gun. It's ironic that fear of America is driving me to it. When American soldiers are strutting up and down our streets, I'll be popping them one by one with my handgun.
  3. You might remember seeing a previous topic on an Open letter to Condi Rice by Lloyd Axworthy. Or..not. For those who do, this is an interesting followup from Lloyd. Seems his letter created quite a stir on the blogosphere. That's us. Nicely done Lloyd! It's great to have you representing the country. We needed a "Fox News-like" approach to get them to pay a little attention, and it worked. To those of you who would like to hear Lloyd talking about his letter to Condi on the CBC, here's the link: click on "Listen to Mary Lou's interview with Lloyd Axworthy."] Class act all the way. He even hoped to exchange a valentine with Condi next year!
  4. Because Bush isn't happy unless he's telling someone what to do. He think it makes him look tough and his minders have told him to try and look tough. Obviously with events of the last week it's obvious he doesn't really understand what's going on over there. By sticking his nose in, he's influencing things in a very unproductive way. Now he's made himself part of the equation and those who oppose Bush in Syria and Lebannon will oppose what he's demanding for the region. Prior to his interference things were working themselves out. Now Syria likely feels they must defy Bush to save face.
  5. The latest on this: The Italians have said (actual Italian government officials) that the speed was low, that the light was shined on them and firing began right away. They also say US officials responsible for the airport were notified. There is a joint investigation planned. The US will also review checkpoint policy.
  6. Then you don't want to know what my gut feeling and instinct is telling me about you. Cough up a link that shows that the "Anne Frank Foundation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has unofficially acknowledged" that the Anne Frank diary is a fake. Put up or shut up.
  7. You should consider the possibility that you may think of objectivity as biased sometimes. I notice that a lot in right-of-center thinkers. They look at anything that doesn't have a conservative bias as naturally biased the other way. It's quite amazing. In terms of the CBC news (you can hear it on the radio also) they are very straight-shooting and as another poster said actually give the liberal government embarrassments or critisizms by others quite a lot of coverage. And I've heard rightwing views as well as leftwing views on the radio shows.
  8. If his possession of WMD is such common knowledge why have they found no evidence of any programs? The U.S's own Iraq Survey group reported that Saddam Hussein did not possess stockpiles of illicit weapons at the time of the U.S. invasion in March 2003 and did not have any programs to produce them? Are they lying? You've got to stop letting facts and evidence (or lack thereof) getting in your way. Bush was right, OK? That's all you gotta remember.
  9. Uh, that's great TokyoTakarazuka. But what does it have to do with the topic? Should I share a good stew recipe with the class now?
  10. That is true, but it's not really the issue here. I don't think anyone has any problem with strict and cautious rules of engagement. The questions still remain though...what exactly happened in this situation. Was there any warning...was there even a checkpoint. Was the vehicle "speeding" or not. Yes, obviously. And hopefully your checkpoint would be visible and obvious and you would make an effort to warn the vehicle before it got to close. That's what an investigation will focus on. Quebec....Iraq..... I'm not following you on this one. Are you suggesting that some people want US soldiers in Iraq not to have loaded guns?
  11. Tell the truth, you're a rightwingnut posing as a leftwingnut just to discredit the left, am I right?
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