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  1. It figures. Kerry needs to go to Commida to get votes.
  2. You should have titled your thread "Canadian retail gets a customer service boost".
  3. My fellow Comminadians don't think for one moment that the poor US/Commida relations is recent. It goes back at least 12 years. When Chretien took over as PM (Prime MArxist), he led Canada down a dark path of confronting the US every cahnce he had. Even under Clinton (The great Democrat and Pimp) US/Commida relations were strained. Electing a Republican in the US just fueled Commida's hatred for anything that isn't ultra-Liberal. I grew up in Canada and have lived in the US for over 10 years. Relations betwen this country have beem starined during this time. They were at its best during the Mulroney/Regan years. But once the Libs took over, all hell broke loose. While Canadians relish their hatred for the US, both countries need each other econimically. I believe this relationship can only be repaired if their are to conservatively minded leaders in office. We have one in MArtin (although a Lib PM, he's conservative in many areas). Now all we need is for Bush (the Liberator of opressed women in Afghanistan and Iraq) to be re-elected.
  4. My fellow Cominadians, Could the U.S. support Israel b/c it's the only true Democratic country in the region? Or could it be to have a buffer against radical Islam? Or maybe it's b/c of the amazing scientific and medical technology and breakthroughs that come out of that tiny country? How can 10 million Jews (Or as you might want to think of them as thw Jewish World Order) out spend over 1 billion Muslims. Complete bunk!!
  5. Liberals will never give credit to a Republican, even when he is responsible to bringing the end to the cold war. Actually you may be right, I think it was Bill Clinton who won the cold war. Ha Ha
  6. The "cigar Poker", Mr. Clinton was too busy sticking his cigar where it did not belong, to be concerned about this country's safety. He ws offered Bin Laden three times and turned down the offer. Now the Dems blame Bush. Clinton let our military suffer and then they have the gall to blame the new Pres. Where were all the feminazis when "Mr Poker" was taking advantage of an intern? I din't here them speak out about his abuse of power. If it were Bush, the Fems would have cried foul. The Dems should hale Bush as a savior of freedom and democracy. B/C of this great leader (what ever reason he gave for going to war) women in Afghanistan and Iraq are able to get an education. It took a Republican and not a Dem to bring freedom to the women of those coun tries.
  7. I agree, that's my point. Affirmative action is based on race and sex and it shouldn't be. A person should be hired because of their abilities. I said that a person shouldn't be fired based on those things and they shouldn't be based on them either. You missundrstood what I was saying. How could I be a racist if I don't think those characteristice should mean anything. Those who believe in affirmative action believe those things should determine if you get a job or not. So if you believe in it, then you're the racist. I bet you're Canadian. You read what you want to believe. So you rea that I was a racist because I don't believe in affirmative action.
  8. Affirmative action is a racist policy and should be stopped. If you can't fire someone based on Race, sex, or religous affiliation then you shouldn't be able to hire people based on those characteristics either. What do you think? B
  9. This was a hard one and came down to Israel vs. England. I have to say that Israel is America's greatest friend and vice versa. Israel has put it's sovereignty on the line on many occasions for the interests of the United States. This relationship goes back to 1948. Both countries have worked together in supporting each other's goals, morals and way of life. While England has portrayed similar traits, they have become much better friends recently (after 9/11) and it can be argued that it was due to the heroism of Tony Blair, who went against popular opinion. Most Israelis see the benefit or the need to be friends with U.S. For the complete list go to www.itstherightway.com/friends.html
  10. On July 6th Presidential hopeful John Kerry announced that John Edwards was his pick for Vice President. This shows me that the two Johns lack credibility, honesty and ethics. You should be concerned about these two men and the possibility that they may soon be in the Oval office. So why do I feel that Kerry's pick and Edwards acceptance shows a lack of credibility? The first reason is that John Kerry was so secretive (wasn't much of a secret to anyone) that even John Edwards didn't know when the announcement was being made, so he couldn't even attend the announcement. This is ridiculous. Why keep it a secret? What's the big deal? I feel that John Kerry has been keeping a lot of secrets during this campaign. This will continue if he becomes President. The biggest reason that I feel that both Kerry and Edwards lack credibility is that these men hate each other. They viciously (Well Kerry did most of the attacking) attacked each other during the Democratic primaries. They never hid their dislike for each other and they were both opposed to each other's political beliefs and policies. Then why would Kerry make the offer to Edwards and why would Edwards accept it? The answer is that both these candidates hate the Republican party and President Bush. They hate them so much that they are willing to sell their ethics (or what ever ethics the may have had) out the window. They hate Bush so much that they are willing to team up together. Edwards is good at going on the attack. He is vicious when he attacks his opponents. This is a good compliment for John Kerry, who is extremely brutal in his attacks against his opponents. Kerry had a number of choices for a running mate that included Dick Gephardt and Howard Dean. Both of these men would have given Kerry a more balanced ticket. I guess we will just have to put up with the strong-arm tactics of Kerry/Edwards ticket. Hopefully the American people will have enough sense to see through Kerry and Edwards but I'm not putting much faith in that. For me (as a conservative) the Clinton years seem like a paradise compared to the possibility of Kerry and Dean being in the Oval office.
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