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  1. Yeah, really...so to completely shun common sense over something regarding the incumbent government you support isn't partisan in the least. I've spent too much time in school to know this isn't shady. Unlike your claim, this just doesn't happen. Unless of course you can provide me an explanation where it has, and it hasn't resulted in someone being fired or kicked out of school.
  2. You can honestly write "welcome to the real world" and then say this? And you call me partisan? At least I have the balls to admit it.
  3. A dissenting opinion has to be based in fact. They invented the facts to suit their own cause. They said this quote was part of the AGs current report about the G20/G8 and how proper the spending was. In reality, it was stolen from a previous report. It was never in the report. That was never the AGs opinion. It is a bald lie.
  4. So you've never quoted anyone else? I do it all the time. The point is that people know you're quoting other people without passing it off as something else.
  5. No, they aren't and no, they don't. A mistake is a typo. Misquoting an entire quote to someone from a completely different report and attributing it to a different report which will better suit your thesis would've gotten me kicked out of school. Funny, I avoided doing that for 4 years. As well as most university students. So why is it that this guy is so incompetent?
  6. Honestly, how likely are all those things? You're really reaching here.
  7. The point is he specifically tried to pass off this quote as the AGs in regards to the G20. Just because you don't have a problem with it (and obviously majored in plagiarism in university) doesn't mean it isn't serious.
  8. Quoting famous sayings is far different than going back and trying to plagiarize an obscure document to make yourself look better.
  9. Oh, mistakes are made all the time. That I don't deny. The report plagiarized was authored 7 years ago. Now, answer these questions if you don't mind. What are the likelihood that a report like that would just be laying around? Why did the author of the report need the report of 7 years ago to write the current report? If he didn't need it, why did he have it? If it was merely a mistake, why did the quote specifically relate to the government being good with money? The fact is, the person who wrote this went back far enough and got a quote obscure enough that he thought he would never be caught. There is no other logical explanation.
  10. It's not poor research, though. These guys have been at it since before they were even in power. Harper plagiarized an Australian PMs speech. One of their current campaign speeches was plagiarized from a US political ad. Not to mention Bev Oda.
  11. Really? It doesn't take university level or even high school research skills to realize that you're reading a completely wrong report. Especially considering the report in question was so plainly negative toward the CPC. This excuse is merely wishful thinking.
  12. Yeah, you're right. Sorry about that. Still, the question still remains? How is that a mistake? Where do they make that mistake? How does that happen?
  13. Now, where does this say they quoted her in the campaign?
  14. As you seem to have not have read, THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN IN THE CAMPAIGN! This happened a couple months before the campaign. They attributed a quote in the HoC to the AG saying the G20 spending was fair and reasonable. The AG came out today and blasted them saying that this was taken from a report before the Tories were even in power. If you don't think it's a gamechanger, that's fine, I'm not sure about it either. However, this wasn't a campaign slip up.
  15. No, you said you think it wasn't a lie and it wasn't a mistake. How is taking credit for past work a mistake? How does that kind of mistake happen?
  16. This wasn't a part of the campaign. This was from a government report tabled in the house. This wasn't some wannabe staffer who did this and it wasn't a quote about the Conservatives. It was praise for the previous government. What you're saying and what actually happened aren't even in the same galaxy.
  17. Really? It's one thing to twist the words of her statement to try and make it positive. It's completely another to steal lines from a completely unrelated report. That's not "fishing for a good quote."
  18. It is. The entire document was to portray them as fiscally responsible and that the AG agreed. Turns out, this was quoted from a report from the previous Liberal government. They said it was part of the AGs report coming out on G8 spending. If you can't call faking a document to make it look as though someone in a part of government supports you and it's nothing from the truth forgery, what can you call forgery? It's not me moving the bar on the term forgery, it's you.
  19. It was a report tabled in parliament. This went above the war room. Which goes back to my original question? I mean these guys pulled a LOT of stuff but this is BEYOND stupid. Did they really expect people wouldn't notice?
  20. A fabrication is a synonym for forgery....just saying...
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