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  1. There would be more democratic options in Gaza than in Canada!
  2. I have answered this question.
  3. I would have liked to reply to this post but it has been posted in an inappropriate place.
  4. Isn't it the case that Medicare is broke, Dr. Ron Paul likes to say it anyway?
  5. All to the contrary! If you want to understand why there are still Jews at very different top positions and in very different countries, you will have to accept a timeless truth: to climb at the top, one has to be a singular individual, that is, an individual with very little appetite to follow a crowd.
  6. Capitalism tries in vain to regulate terror; communism accepts terror for what it is: the main human's drive. Under a communist regime, doctors will be making their decisions based solely on terror, not on favouritism.
  7. A house of cards doesn't need that much to fall apart.
  8. You are wrong in the same way that these people were wrong. Since communism means salvation, failing to be right at one point should not preclude further attempts.
  9. All to the contrary, all human beings are singular and only one can be singular universal.
  10. You will have to explain why you have, in the recent past, obstinately presented Black as a victim.
  11. Universal health care is communism, two-tier health care is capitalism.
  12. Not now but yesterday and, most probably, tomorrow.
  13. The master that is needed is not the boss who gives orders but the charismatic figure who shows the way by his exemplar life.
  14. Black doesn't have to justify his behaviors that much as long as there is out there people like you who justify him each other day.
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