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  1. "I know. You are much smarter than me." - ScottSA
  2. Well, enlighten me. Explain how? On the backs of the Romans?
  3. So it's really the Liberals who are destroying white Canada - not including Quebec.
  4. What an innate response!! Do not plug up these threads with your crap!! Or I'll tell...nahnahnahnahnahanah
  5. So the planet is not warming? Why did they lie to us?
  6. Do you mean Europeans? What about contributions made by Jewish/Chinese thinkers? Prosperity is a likely reason for advancement. When one is hungry, it is difficult to think of much else.
  7. This is where you lost me. To which church do you refer? Not the Catholic church. It was schismed into existence during the 11th century. The birth of Constantine's church was the 4th century. James' church existed in Jerusalem just after the crucifixion.
  8. I believe this to be true. Culture 50-60 years ago hardly existed, Canadians were Canadians and Quebec, well, the beginning of hitting the federal government in the pocket book with Quebec becoming fanatically culturally obsessed and leading up to 'official multiculturalism' and 'official bilingualism'. Yes, suddenly the emphasis was on culture and with the emphasis moving towards pandering to the cultural desires of ethnic immigrants, normalized Quebec's political demands based on culture. There was no political party defending the cultural and national interest of 'White English speaking Canadian' and still isn't to-day. White English speaking Canadians appears to be nothing more than a bunch of uncouth plain Jane Canadians worthy of no federal attention. It's frustrating. I agree. We need strong voices to bring attention to the cause.
  9. Why are you destroying threads with these spammed inanities? Well, then, go cry to mommy, and quit spamming threads with these types of responses.
  10. "And some of the thinkers/athlethes/beautiful people are also crazy/addicts/thieves/abusers...in fact, serial killers come from white middle/upper class homes." - ScottSA.
  11. Just as valid, not identical.
  12. The statement is part of the Liturgy fo St. John Chrysystom and is recited in Orthodox Christian churches as well. The catholic part is small "c".
  13. So maybe the politicians are killing white culture.
  14. What do we do when we run out of oil?
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