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  1. Nice. Calling people moronic even when they disagree with you isn't instigating?
  2. Next time we see a post of his cross the line, report it. And since such posts are always in response to the poor behaviour and insults of people like you two, I suppose I should do the same. I apologized for my behaviour. Something you didn't do. And if I had gotten banned, I would have accepted it.
  3. I think there are some aircraft that the government can use but they double as air ambulances or fire service aircraft. In the event of an emergency, a minister can be left somewhere. I can't find information on it in the Manitoba website. I've not heard of any past Manitoba government misusing the government fleet.
  4. Perhaps if it was 50,000 Canadian lesbians that needed rescue, he might be more prompt with the rescue boats.
  5. It is the very nations that hold a veto that wish to keep it weak. It easier to blame the U.N. inaction than to take blame yourself for world problems. No, the five permanent members wish to leave the U.N. in place to act as a scapegoat rather that to reform it.
  6. Next time we see a post of his cross the line, report it.
  7. I doubt that you would call anyone a pedophile as an insult so I think you're fairly safe from ever being banned.
  8. How the evacuation goes will determine how people think of Harper's overall performance on this.
  9. I agree on stem cell research. It's hard to say how the public will react. But traditionally, a sitting President loses seats in the house in his sixth year. Since people can't vote against the President this year, they often vote in opposition to him on a Congressional level. At least that is the historical record.
  10. If other Canadians agree with you, then he should stay steady or rise in the polls. There are a lot of dual citizens in the country. Who knows how they will respond. Also, more Canadian deaths won't play well, especially children.
  11. Where? jbg has a post of the same nature on the boards.
  12. Kind of a repeat of another post on the boards.
  13. We'll have to see how it plays to Canadians. Some polls should be coming out shortly. The length of time it takes to evacuate citizens out of Lebanon may have an impact.
  14. It's Bush's right to veto a bill. I just don't know how it will help Republicans when they say I supported the bill but my leader vetoed it.
  15. http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/18/washingt...artner=homepage Will it hurt or help Republicans for fall elections?
  16. I give that advice because of the endless complaining by some people who won't change their vote from the party they think is going to change things but doesn't. And are you suggesting you are about to go on an armed conflict with the government because it is corrupt?
  17. Interesting question. What do conservatives think of as perversion aside from the ones you've just mentioned?
  18. Think this might be a trick by the Dutch court to find out who they should arrest later on? lol
  19. Re-election of a Liberal government? <heh>
  20. Here you go. http://www.canada.com/globaltv/manitoba/videos/expense.pdf Have you read the report? Gary Doer has a very reasonable expense account considering he is the premier. He has nothing listed as a personal expense for security but some of the ministers had $5000 listed for the year? Whatever for? And why as a persoan expense? Do you have any idea? I know in Newfoundland that the Conservatives and Liberals have had some expense accounts that are producing some police interest. I wouldn't go that far with these as I don't don't what the cap is but having expenses that are way over the premier's needs some explanation.
  21. It seems you have the power to remedy your problems through your vote but the party that you vote for doesn't do what you want. Do you live in hope that Harper is going to change the immigration policy to zero immigrants?
  22. The one I saw was about India, but this is the one which popped up after a quick search.Passport Babies First I've heard of it. Immigration Canada must have some stats on how high the numbers are. And if it is a probelm, it is Stephen Harper's baby now. If Harper is going to run the country as a Liberal, I see no point as to why you would vote for him.
  23. It's because you never answer the question. If you're not prepared to change your vote, why complain here?
  24. Brian Mulroney (1984-1993) was prime minister during Canada's most disastrous terrorism incident (June 22, 1985). He largely took the attitude that it was an "Indian" problem rather than a Canadian one. So we see how the Conservatives dealt with terrorism not such a long time ago.
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