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  1. It's always been about long guns. To answer your question - we will always have a handgun registration system

    You see I can remember the Reform and Alliance meetings about gun registration in general and I know Harper has said the registration is ineffective. And this was before the long guns were added. So I gotta ask you if he doesn't believe it is effective, why would he bother to continue with it?

    ......and rightly so....but I hope he does manage to beef up policing and administer fair justice for gun crimes. Maybe I still haven't been clear...Harper will never, ever, ever even think of ending the handgun register - which has been in effect since 1938. I might as well start spreading a rumour that the Liberals will next want to register water pistols.....that rumour would have the same credibility as yours.

    So if Harper ever does end the handgun registry, you will end your association with the party or will you say what Harper has which is the registry is ineffective?

  2. That is just a desperate, dumb comment. When has anyone ever even hinted any such thing? Conservatives would be up in arms (pardon the pun) along with every other law-abiding citizen in this country. That is NOT something that any sane person would even contemplate.

    Harper himself has said that the registration in ineffective. Are you saying that he won't end the handgun registry in favour of punishment and policing?

  3. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33678801/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/

    An Army psychiatrist opened fire Thursday at Fort Hood, Texas, killing 12 people and wounding 31 others, before being shot and captured, military officials said.

    The gunman, identified as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was wounded multiple times at the scene but was captured alive and was in stable condition, Lt. Gen. Robert W. Cone, commanding general of the Army’s III Corps, said at a press conference late Thursday.

    A terrible incident.

    My thoughts are with U.S. service personnel over this horrific attack.

  4. Can you provide a link to this I've never seen anyone argue for getting rid of the handgun part of the registry.

    The Tories have been arguing that it is illegal handguns that are the problem and that the registry in general is wasteful.

    Harper back in 2006 made this pledge instead.


    Conservative leader Stephen Harper, meanwhile, issued a statement Thursday saying he supports tough gun control. He added that a Conservative government would:

    crack down on illegal gun use;

    stop the flow of illegal guns at our border; and

    bring in mandatory minimum prison sentences.

    The gun control Harper wanted was punishment and policing on the streets and not the registry.

  5. The suburbs developed because they are nicer, cleaner and generally safer places to live. They sustain themselves through taxes and there's nothing wrong with people not wanting to live in dirty and unmodern city centres.

    I don't know that the suburbs sustain themselves with taxes. I have yet to see a study that says sprawl doesn't have escalating costs.

    The problems with most older and larger downtown cores is that they were not designed to accomodate modern society. Narrow, one way streets and alleyways, no parking and congestion are the results. Few people want to contend with that when they have the means to live outside of it.

    One of the problems of downtowns is the one way streets. They don't actually speed traffic up and they are poor for businesses who have storefront operations.

    The trick is to reclaim areas a bit at a time and make sure that diversity of uses keep them vital. In other words, residential, retail, entertainment and recreational and business.

    If we're to stop the sprawl it will have to be as a result of intelligent city and transit planning. Suburbanites might then think about coming back to the city if they don't have to spend hours in traffic to get anywhere and they actually have somewhere to park. It might also help if they don't have to contend with rif raff begging for change everywhere they go.

    The riff raff are coming to the suburbs down if you are thinking of begging. I have seen it now in several Canadian cities where begging happens on intersections where suburbanites go shopping or just outside the one or two entryways to the closed communities.

    ne wants an example of a disastrous downtown core just look at Kitchener Ontario.

    I think there are some good examples too. Parts of Vancouver are very vital in the urban areas. Likewise, Montreal and Toronto. Halifax has done a heck of a job. Heard some good things about St. John's, Newfoundland as well and there are some great streets in Edmonton. Winnipeg's Forks area is often pointed to as a way to reclaim industrial downtown lands.

    As people get older, the suburbs become less friendly. Lose your car and you are isolated. We are going to see more people move to where transit, shopping and services are.

    The smart cities will cater to seniors in their downtown areas. The real smart cities will pursue diversity for their urban areas.

  6. Oh-oh, the secret agenda lives!

    I heard the Tories are going to give every adult an automatic weapon and force children to learn how to shoot.

    Why act like a donkey all the time? The Tory promise is to get rid of the gun registry. It isn't a secret.

    It wasn't limited to only getting rid of one part of it. It was the entire registry.

    Or are you trying to tell me that if the long guns are removed, the Tories intend to enforce the handgun portion of the registry? Is that what you are trying to say?

  7. When the election comes, maybe Ignatieff will pull it off and deliver a minority.

    Doubtful. I suspect that the Tories will promote themselves to the hilt between now and the Olympics. They have the Olympic torch going through a majority of Tory ridings and the whole caucus is looking to use the games as a feelgood opportunity. I don't believe that Harper wants to lose a confidence vote so I expect he is checking the calendar now.

    Barring the unexpected, his chance of a majority has never been greater.

  8. I have no talking points as I don't take direction from any party.

    Then I expect that we shouldn't keep hearing the same points here that the party website has.

    Fact is your party passed the budget and the ways and means motion, you have to right to complain.

    Harper himself when he was Opposition leaders said the government doesn't have a blank check to do govern at any time.

    In other words, a vote on a budget doesn't mean that the Opposition cannot critique performance and pressure the government to do better.

    You seem to think that once the vote is done, we don't need Parliament at all.

    Everyone plays by the same rules aren't all the provinces suppose to be equal?

    Aren't we supposed to be spending money wisely. Are you not a conservative?

  9. The stimulus was ment to be spent during the recession to stimulate a stalled economony, the liberals new this when they passed the budget, you knew it when the budget was passed, this is just small petty people looking to pass their short commings off onto someone else.

    I think you forget that the stimulus was also supposed to be for two years according to the budget that was passed.

    Now you have this idea that one province needs to have special treatment because their provincial and municpile governments could get it together and get it done doesn't mean the should have the rules changed just for them. If they had no infrastructure plans on the books then they probablyt didn't need it anyway.

    Think the Budget Officer and the Auditor have made the case reasonably why the deadline does more damage. However, stick to your Tory talking points.

  10. The evil Conservatives are at it again.... :ph34r: Poor Quebec with it's apparently happy provincial government...after all, their the unknowing victim in all this. How dare they be satisfied with their fair share. :D

    The happy province is a power play over the municipalities. The money should have gone directly to the municipalities via the gas tax to be more effective. The article does detail that but don't let the joy of supporting this power politics over the municipalities that we see all too often.

  11. So you favor one province over another? We all had the deadline, but you seem to think quebec needs to be treated differently. Do you not think they should have to play by the same rules as the rest of Canada, or do think they should be held to a different standard.

    The deadline encourages spending that may not be planned well.

    As I said, the Auditor General among others says deadline spending is often fraught with poor choices when it comes to stimulus. For example, millions have been spending on bike paths in Winnipeg and very little planning appears to have happened before the announcement.

    I'd prefer well thought out spending and if some provinces take a bit longer, the government should consider the planning.

  12. I don't understand your insistence on assuming your 'options' are the only choices. Canadian satekkites? US satellites? Few satellite TV providers anywhere own or operate satellites, they purchase and resell staellite time/access.

    Think I said there are a few different delivery options but each has its limits economically. Think we have seen that even satellite radio in the U.S.

    Cable companies? Just open the streets to installation of wires. Simple.

    I can't see that working anywhere even if it was allowed. So no. Not simple.

    Take over the phone companies? why not just allow actual competition for dial tone and wireless service? Our consumer costs are nuts compared to the US or Europe, particularly for wirelss services.

    Even with additional bandwidth, Canada's rates have not come down.

    As I said, uncompetitive business pratices abound.

    Mr Massive Strawman, I never implied the debate was unique to Canada.

    I do wonder why we pay so much more than other countries for telecom services.

    Geography, smaller population, regulations and uncomptitive business practices are to blame.

    Some Canadians are just opting out all together and taking what they want. Unfortunately, that could kill the industries that create content.

  13. But they did have access to an equal amount, it will be there fault they couldn't get it together to take take advantage of it like the rest of canada.

    Not if the deadline was artificial as the Budget Officer has shown. The Auditor General has talked about this before as well about the rush to spend before a deadline. If bad projects are chosen just to hit the deadline, it is useless.

  14. oh, and there is no indication that the provincial govt asked for an extension in your link, it was two other groups:

    You are correct. I should have said it is the municipal governments of Quebec and fingers have been pointing between all three on progress.

    More of the same half truth, or more appropriately: half lies.

    Think I has said the same about you when you indicate that they have received the amount that equals their percentage of the population. They haven't and the government website shows that.

    It is why talk of the extension is happening now since it will be hard to meet that goal.

  15. Their is competition and it is increasing currently we have cable and satillite, soon we will also see tv signal offered through the phone companies as well as it is already starting in some markets in Canada. compitetion is here, now its just to get the crtc out of the way.

    Even if the CRTC was gone, uncompetitive practices would continue. Cable companies that own TV stations often give those stations preference on the dial. Sometimes, they try to eliminate competing signals.

    I get my TV from the phone company. It doesn't mean it is all that much more competitive.

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