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  1. If you are Canadian, it is highly likely that you have already been vaccinated for Measles-Mumps-Rubella-Varicella (MMRV).
  2. I have to be honest here: I could care less if some of the unvaccinated are going to die or get really sick. But I do care that they are taking away beds and costing me, as a taxpayer, money, by going to the hospital.
  3. Let's look at reality: Vaccinated: Can still transmit COVID19, although at a much lower rate. Due to being vaccinated, the symptoms are much lower, if they get COVID19, and that reduces the chance of going to the hospital and occupy nurses and doctor's time, cost the tax payers money and take away beds from sick people who have no control over being sick. Unvaccinated: Can transmit COVID19 at a higher rate than those who are vaccinated Will occupy hospitals 90% more than vaccinated people Will cost taxpayers money Will unnecessarily take away beds and services for those who need to be treated Will put doctors and nurses under stress
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