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  1. when can we knock down the nationality walls?
  2. It is essential to have a little poke at what one is pointing too from time to time. It would appear we are doing so in part above... or not. (grin) I do suspect however, any lone migrant might just seek to fit in for a bit. Yet, what should be called upon, as in the mass exodus of Syrians to Germany, 2 million strong? One might consider what happened in Rwanda by the colonialization of the Germans then the Belgium's that basically corrupted the politics placing one tribe over another ending only to the point of genocide and 800,000 souls butchered. Today one will find Middle Eastern folks building Mosques as a place to congregate, while at the same time, Asians who have lost their way to Buddhism and are secular in their asperations and wealth... are being pushed out by many countries such as China and are now migrating around the world. Most of North America and Europe not far behind this secular path. What will become of it? I can't imagine any migrant, that either by proper channels, has been accepted to come and be placed as a landed immigrant, or one who is fleeing tyranny shouldn't be processed in the same way and offered a place. In fact, it is usually by the desires of prosperity that one chooses to go here of there, if they are not forced out by other reasons. Once the prosperity has been neutralised not so much. This would be a good time to duly note that as the Christians were persecuted and fled around the globe, the Muslims now have a good start. As both wealth and persecution are driving the current migrations, one wonders if the Hindu's are not far behind. Question still remains! What will become of it?
  3. Christian scripture declares that as a disciple who has been anointed to go out and proclaim the kingdom, they were advised to bring nothing and stay only when invited. (Luke 9 1-6) If not invited to dust off their feet as a testimony against. Hindu speak of Brahmans with the authority to go and teach the Veda's and to accept gifts and subsistence, but to receive no more then was needed. In Buddhism it is a high honor for a family member to leave the home life, in an attempt to gain spiritual freedom. So how should a migrant react when accepting to come and live in a new place? If they come without authority as a refuge and asylum seeker and are welcomed by the community, they will show homage, (special honor or respect shown publicly) to that community. So is their a good time to say, Thank you for this or that.... but I follow a path that is contrary to your culture and principles. Would this not be taking more, over and above what was given? Would this not fly in the face of the offering and beyond measures of acceptance? Would insisting to believe outside of the norms of an accepting culture be sacrosanct (regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with) to that culture? What should be the way of the migrant?
  4. Thanks for the look! Not much to add... only this one felt as you did with the above quote re: assimilation. Yet, a good time to dig further here. To travel to any "other" culture... as this one has, one is eager to learn and become apart of what is known within the culture... and what is presented as tradition etc. and to respect it. For instance , to be invited into the parameters of another culture... one needs only to let it happen, to develop understanding, and the potential for unity, peace and insight. I have listened to trips that seem to have failed for a tourist and it is to the contrary. They did not want to partake in the offerings by the locals and allow a measure of acceptance and belonging. Simply, they should not have gone! So... as a migrant comes to a country they simply should be willing to do as the locals do... in good standing. Truthfully, anything else is a form of colonialism. Your response, is in tune that such matters have seldom been truly discussed. Maybe a time to start a new thread regarding...
  5. As any might research the fall of the roman republic and the comings and goings of the US republic, there is a truth that screams from the politics of both. This truth, for those who are free to see it, is the unyielding internal focus from within, that over time has lost any distinction of reality. The rhetoric of being the greatest nation that is the envy of the world, obscures reality and truth, for when this is believed one does not look beyond it... the interest to improve becomes obscured as well. In both republics, the evidence is pointing that over time career politicians, as in the Senate, can become the most corrupt bodies in the nation. One can only shake their head in disbelief to imagine a democratic president must go after two terms, while a senator can stay for as long as they wish. It is therefore hence, not hard to imagine, with power and financial means, any senator can influence the votes needed to be reinstated term after term. This one suspects that for any 30 year veteran in the senate, they are either the best politician in the state bar none, or the crookedest. Thoughts! PS: The inherent, come one come all policies of immigration in both the U.S. and Canada is most honourable. All that is needed is a means to locate a proportionate amount of migrants to each state or province. This of course, would promote assimilation, whereby a cultural assimilation be put in place whereby each migrant must adhere to practices and beliefs consistent within the state. They could hold festivals and celebration of their heritage but they must be American or Canadian first. Of course if any are opposed to assimilation they would be free to go elsewhere. Keep in mind by any third generation, the youth will assimilate on their own anyway. So society needs to just... set it up understanding as much. savvy!
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