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  1. That is why I keep asking the world why they didn't stop them but unfortunately, many worry losing their material wealth instead of justice....... No, he succeed because now you are lost and again he succeeded because no justice came to him or his cronies.......
  2. Everyone needs to keep having sex until you have 20 kids ..... there you go..... birth rate problem solved.
  3. Take it by force! GOD! When will these fools learn that you can't negotiate with evil!!!!! I'm sick and tired of you, whiny fools!
  4. Sir, that is the dumbest counter argument I have ever heard ever, even more dumb than those on YouTube..... and I thought this site was suppose to be for intellectual discussions? Way to go Charles and Greg....... Hmmm.... maybe you hate immigrants because a university degree holder, perhaps one with a master's, immigrant, looked down on you?
  5. Isn't meritocracy one of things that made Canada great? Ah, you mean the doctors, the engineers, the police officers, the nurses, the architects, the teachers..... the ones that truly make Canada function...... immigrants or not.... are those the ones you are talking about?
  6. You need to pay for Netflix and those others, TV companies don't but for me, they are all trash but I don't wish that they would go bankrupt. Unlike this taxme who wants immigrants out or reduced because he doesn't want to "reduce the power of his favourite (entitled) demographic of "uneducated white males who get to do what they want?"
  7. According to some people online, the reason why the US has to be world cop is because if it didn't....well, the question........ Also according to some people, it is the only one that has the capability of doing so and Russia and China cannot be trusted..... Now, if that is not true, then why doesn't Canada and the world stop them from being world cop?
  8. Oh God, don't tell me you have a problem with gay people and interracial marriages too?
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