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  1. https://www.antiwar.com/blog/2019/01/08/israel-uses-commercial-airliners-as-cover-for-bombing/ The Zionazis are at it again. No wonder most of the world wants to see that evil apartheid regime pushed into the ocean and drowned! Yet the US continues to support Zionist crimes against humanity. And much worse, Canada supports US evil in the ME.
  2. I'm going to warn you in person to not quote me incorrectly. This is a courtesy to you on not reporting you. Don't do it again. Conservatives need to learn to play by the rules!
  3. I will respond to your posts as often as I believe that your comments are wrongheaded and need correcting. You need to learn to play by the rules and not try to make up new ones in order to get back at me for that which has been exclusively your fault. We Liberals aren't whining cry babies!
  4. Did I say that Islam was a race? His people are people of the Islamic faith, who were fighting against US illegal occupation in an illegal war of aggression. The US military slaughters millions of innocents but listen to the howling and baying at the moon with tears when the shoe is on the other foot! I might not have any effect at trying to stop the US but I sure the hell can voice my disgust and displeasure on Canada's military being complicit in their war crimes.
  5. I would put it a little different. You have been challenged and beaten at your own game and it's mostly because you aren't able to play by the rules. Leave of your own free will, and don't let the door hit your --- on the way out.
  6. Well, that's mostly because Liberals are decent people who don't deny manmade climate change and Cons are filthy profit pigs who do. As for the rest of your babbling, produce your denial expert and stop trying to change the subject to off-topic crap.
  7. If you call me a terrorist sympathizer then I'll report you for a personal attack. Scheer and the CPC are mostly racists and greedy capitalists. I'm not trying to get you banned or suspended, I'm trying to get you to abide by the forum rules. Oh, and the US had it coming on 911 and Osama spelled it out exactly why. But in any case, it was nothing compared to the US saughter of tens of millions in 40 wars of aggression since WW2 alone. Ask our army guy!
  8. Yeah that Dougie. Look Dougie ol pal, make some sense in your comments to me or you're cut off. I have far too many comments to reply to as it is, than having to answer to the sort of nothingness you go on about.
  9. irstly, I'll discuss Trump anywhere I feel that he fits in the discussion. He fits in this one, get it? And secondly, I didn't watch the vid because I'm not really interested in what and how Harper is selling out our country in other countries of the world. He's a hasbeen creepy little boy who's sucking up to world leaders out of turn.
  10. Sure eyeball, it's a no brainer. Terrorism is revenge for what the West (led by the US) has done in the ME. We heard after 911 that they hated and were jealous of our big screen t.v. sets, but was an easy one to see through right away. But really, 911 was small potatoes compared to what they will do in the name of revenge if they get their hands on a nuclear weapons. Best we bring all of Canada's twoops home and not give them any more reason to hate us. Chretien got it dead right when he kept us out of the Iraq war. The Cons under Harper got it dead wrong. Chretien may have softened the impact of the first phony war on Iraq. We should hope!
  11. Can the trolling stuff Dougie, or I'll report you faster than you can say, Scheer's a fascist sympathizer!
  12. First they choose to take part in US led wars of aggression and they knew when they joined the military that would be the case. That's pretty well the exclusive mission for Canada's military since the fall of the Soviet Union when the window of opportunity for US aggression in the ME opened. Now, thank the dogs, it's been slammed shut. Khadr shouldn't have served a minute of jail time for the killing of a US illegal combatant. . Any other worthwhile points you want to debate with me, let me know.
  13. Trudeau will win for a lot of other reasons but you're definitely onto something when you mention good looks. Although, you have to admit that scribb's going on about socks is a little over the top! It comes across as irrational hate don't you think, to object to a man's socks? My goodness, the Con mindset!
  14. Of course it's beyond you! And that's probably the way you would prefer it to stay. Why not find out how science has come up with many, many ways of dating the earth that prove beyond and reasonable or sane doubt that the earth isn't 10,000 years old. Why taxme, that would be an insult to even baby jesus!
  15. Glad you asked! That tells me that you are interested in learning more about climate science. I could give you a scattergun explanation but you would do much better to read up on what science is saying. It's safe to believe because there are no credible naysayers in existence alive today on earth. Maybe on the moon. My challenge to you, after you've brought yourself up to speed, is to produce one from the resources you have to draw from on earth. Not the lunar bin! Then maybe we can get on with the debate?? Whattaya think PIK? Enough with the Con's and their lame excuses against manmade climate change, for the sole reason of it cutting into profits for big business?
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