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  1. Well what happened to the NDP in BC? Wasn't there a big scandal? The problem with politicians is they are all bought and paid for by the time they get to power and owe alot of people for it. And the only reason that the NDP don't have as many scadals is they have not been in power as much.
  2. And he is the only politicion to waste money on his pals? And where are your links to prove your point that is what he did? All of them have done it since our country was founded. Even the leftist/socialists that you like. Have conservitives done it less or more than liberals? I don't think so.
  3. Do you not consider firing 12,000 nurses "cutting the health care budget". Call me a lefty, but I sorta think that's cutting the health care budget.... Actually, in his last year, he did some serious spending on health care... He gave contracts to tear down wings of hospitals to construction companies that donated to the conservative party... and he gave contracts to build new wings on hospitals, again to construction companies that donated to the conservative party. but don't think that I'm just down on Conservatives... Dalton McGuilty's Liberals just made some announcments this week... but they weren't for doctors or nurses.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well he never cut health care spending. Go here. http://www.gov.on.ca/FIN/bud02e/health.htm Yes he cut jobs for nurses but that isn't a cut on the over all budget. He may have made cuts to certain areas of health care, but he put it into another. Now i didn't agree with laying off nurses and he did come around even though he never admitted to his mistake. One of the areas he put alot more money was into drugs for the elderly and others who where on social assistance. Now would a good lefty not want the money to go there?
  4. I beg to differ. We should not stop paying attention to it, especially when we have had a long run of conservatives trying to dismantle it... (whether by privatization or underfunding). The problem with funding our health care is not fiscal, it is political. Mike Harris can cut taxes by $14 Billion, and left a huge deficit, and huge cuts to health care. If he hadn't cut $14 billion, there wouldn't be such a problem, would there ???? If Paul Martin hadn't cut corporate taxes by $100 Billion, maybe he could give Ontario back a little more.... So we could afford to properly fund both health care and education. You are evidence for your argument for advancement of education... I agree that we need more money in public education, as Jack Layton has forced Paul Martin to do. But private schools are not public education. Private schools are for RICH PEOPLE ONLY... If wealthy families wish to send their children to private schools, that's fine... on their own dollar... We shouldn't subsidize them at all. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> err are you saying that Mike Harris cut the health care budget? Because that is not true.
  5. I guess thereis always the vespa. But that doesn't help me in winter.
  6. Well if i were to take transit to work it would take at least an hour and a half. And because i work night shift it would take alot longer. So in my situation it's not better.
  7. I know it is a long shot but laws can change.
  8. I would have hoped Ms Parrish could have handled it differently, but it doesn't surprise me. But the same can be said for that General. His comments are uncalled for.
  9. You are ignoring the essential point and that is that you are drawing a line, there is no absolute standard to which your line is any more reasonable, justifiable or fair then mine and thus it becomes the providence of government as a representative of the people. I don't know where the general population stands on smoking but considering the declining number of smokers I would think that most would be in favor (although that is just conjecture). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I didn't draw a line. would you punch out everyone that is driving a car. They too are intefering with your right to breathe. If the answer is no then you have drawn a line. I am ok with people smoking and if it bothers me i leave.
  10. Wow i just realised we have gone way off topic in this thread. Oh well. eureka i like your signature
  11. Well then maybe you should start punching out anyone who drives. Alot of toxins come out of the tail pipe. I don't think violence is the answer. And i doubt being around someone for a few minutes who lights up will do you any harm.
  12. And any non smoker could have opened up his own bar and made it a non smoking establishment. Like i said before i am a non smoker and i wouldn't stay at a bar if it was to smokey inside. I would just leave.
  13. I would equate smoking to urinating in public. It is extremely distasteful and there are legitimate health concerns. Do you believe that government prohibitions on urinating in public should be removed as well?You also have to remember that 20-25 years ago people could not choose to go somewhere else because smokers were allowed to spew their filth everywhere. That is why the gov't had to crack down and pass regulations: to ensure non-smokers had a choice. Now that smoking has been banned from virtually everywhere I could see the rational in letting bars be the sole exception - however - the workers compensation board is now paying out claims to people who get lung cancer from second hand workplace smoke. So it seems a bit strange to pay out the claims yet not pass any regulations to protect workers in the first place. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But they did know before hand that there was smoking aloowed in the establishment. At my work ( i work in a machine shop) the air isn't the greatest, but i can choose a different field. I just make sure to get a check up every year and keep healthy. I think at one time people had a legitimite beef because the cigerette companies were lying, but now that we all know i don't think people do. I am 31 years old now and have known the dangers of smoking since i was around 7.
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