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  1. I realize what the thread is about because I read the title. And I realize that suddenly this forum's mod is picking out slightly off topic posts of those who aren't the among the privileged swine who can say what they like. Anything you realize yet?
  2. Stop stalking me with your personal attacks. It's boring and it's an indication that you just can't leave others alone. Ya think that may have something to do with a 'power you have over the moderator' on this forum? Hmmmm? Is that the reason why nobody else gets away with the abuse of the rules you get away with?
  3. Yeah, been there and got lots of evidence of the Zionazi evil apartheid regime against the Palestinian people. And no, the Israelis aren't the problem so they don't fire rockets against themselves. The Zionists do that when the Palestinians don't so they can keep murdering the Palestinian people. Now is there anything else you want to harass me about or can you find somebody who wants to play your stupic denial of the facts game?
  4. This is supposed to be about the end of the Japanese empire, not somebody's wet dreams about a reactor explosion bringing it to an end.
  5. ON Guard, Under Saddam the US supplied both the Iraqis and the Iranians with chemical and biological weapons and kept it going for a long time but not the longest ware in history. Check back to your 8th. grade history.
  6. I'm not blaming Jews because it's not their fault. And I'm not blaming Israelis either. I'm blaming Zionists who are no better than Nazis. I don't feel better when any group of people are killed, that's your ideas out of your own mind. As for the Palestinians shooting rockets over the border, if It stops again the Zionists will shoot a few small ones into cow pastures to make it look like the Palestinians did it. We know the modus operandi of the Zionist! And besides, what's the problem if those homemade rockets don't kill anybody? Oyyyyyy veyyyyy, the humanity! The cow dried up for two days!!!!
  7. Yes, I've spoken to all the Iraqi people too. I speak to people and don't just come up with kneejerk reactions to all the US evil because I've been incapable of escaping the US brainwashing indoctrination. And you?
  8. Yes, I've spoken to all the Russian people and I know what they think.
  9. All the wars started in the ME have been either started by the US or have something to do with US aggression in the ME. Your ridiculous shreds aside.
  10. So alexmac, you think that Putin will take back everything that was the former USSR? I think you're already over the top with your rhetoric in your second post. Fwiw, Putin's KGB background is what makes him such a powerful and popular leader. The Russian people know that the US/Nato are still thinking they can go for all the marbles. And at the present, each move forward seems to be yielding two moves back for them. The people's resolve made the Crimea easy and it wasn't seen by the world as a crime. The people of the eastern and southern Ukraine could possibly make it that easy. And politically valid!
  11. marcus, Good video which clearly shows the hypocrisy of the US. But it makes one thing perfectly clear and that is that anybody who now supports the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians is not going to change because there can no longer be any pretending and confusion over the Zionists being to blame. The US just doesn't consider that the Palestinian people have a right to defend themselves. Might will continue to make right for a while longer but the Zionists are not going to wipe out all the Palestinians or change their determination of maintining their rights and land. If this doesn't stop, 9/11 is going to look like a walk in the park compared to future revenge attacks. The Zionists can't win this one, there's too much at stake.
  12. If the US/Nato backs off there will be no problem. There wasn't one until they decided to encroach further of Russia. Putin and Russia are the good guys and that's clearly evident in that it's the US that is starting all the wars in the ME now. The biggest problem for the US is that in the 21st. century, Russia and China are just not going to let the US get away with much more of it. The US reign of terror is over because the US has lost most of it's economic clout over the world.
  13. Back on topic, the Iraqi people are now saying that the brutalisty that was expected from ISIS is just not happening. The US supplied Iraqi army is being asked to surrender their arms and most of them are doing so willingly. That's in ecchange for ISIS not harming them. And of course, the ones who want to continue to fight on the side of the US occupation are being 'chop, chopped.' Too bad because Saddam had it all under control and Iraq was prosperous and peaceful under his rule. Unfortunately the inevitable is taking place and heads will continue to roll until the US occupation is swept out of Iraq.
  14. You've right iolo. The Zionists keep on setteling on Palestinian land, taking away Palestinians' access to water, cutting down their olive trees, and other actions that make it impossible for them to continue to survive. Then blame the Palestinians when the fight back and slaughter hundreds or even thousands more with the US supplied weapons of mass destruction. Have the Palestinian homemade rockets succeeded in killing one Zionist yet? Or at least upsetting a Zionist's milk cow in a cow pasture?
  15. On Guard, You said it, you live with it or make some excuses why you didn't mean it. Let me know when you figure out a way of saying you didn't mean what you said? I'm sure you didn't! Phhhhhhhtttttttt!
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