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On the Eve of an American Civil War

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To all who can still hear. Occam’s Razor is not the blade of choice with which our President slashes and hacks at reason and sovereign right. Far more sinister is his love of the peasants machete over American steel. I would wager that on this night we have before us the most conspicuous anticipations to ever fall upon the American public. Will our leader try to appease us with a faux show of force on the border as a means from which to launch a campaign of amnesty? Or will the populace of the strongest nation on earth be fed a pill of diversion? Must we suffer the President’s Internationalist fetishes any longer? At what cost is the rule of law? Did it take the angry voices of hundreds of millions of folk just to alert him that his socialist merrymakings nullified our constitutional foundations? If the answer is yes, then how then is his trust bound by that sacred text from which he enjoys his roost? My statement is clear. We are a nation ruled by laws not by men. And to this game of The Barter of Reason, I justly cast my lot with liberty and will never look back upon it.

From detachment the executive branch speaks with a daily barrage of concessions on liberty, if advice were to find its way from this federalist bully pulpit, to what manner of madness should the common man subscribe a rational peace? How much more inaction can we muster? One day no longer a fixture of complaint, the good men may be counted in shades that appear only in motion and as the true postulant, rightful heir to the rule of law-this I believe, but what of precious time?. Humble and dutiful petitions have been received by our executives and representatives and swiftly turned over to consulting firms and political strategists who feed the collectivist charlatans their fill. And what a meal that is! Was it not our own protectorate which revealed the daily practice and routines of our patriot brothers, already in the field (is there not a federal agency for such things?); to a cartel the likes of which governmental masquerades have never seen? What nation sells the safety of its own people to its enemy? Surely not ours? And yet we stand idle, as the greatest betrayal blows heavy in the foul wind. If so presented that our virtue and the ideals of our kindred were protection of the constitution, would not one and all among clear thinking men join this political sentimentality? If voice of votes had in any form a distant chance of success, then casting the ruling class into the minority wilderness for due penance would be the prevailing wisdom. But have we not tried this already? The translation of our remonstration has been taken with a laughter, as the expectation is that loyalties need not be repaid. One should not make the mistake that our grievances would not deign to be read with weight, the election of condescension is a fetish privy to those of real ascended landings. The uniform manner in which our elected servants seem to dance has the rhythm of mockery, the taste of haughtiness and disregard for a constituency which placed it on high. One might wager that the eggshells upon which such a clumsy notion of “peace in our time” treads, have long been broken at the mere insinuation of such amnesties and flights of fancy.

On the eve of our executives indulgence, I would beseech “him” to refrain from such a plastic counsel as a means of education of his base. At this place in time a ruse for any cause will find it casts a clear light upon itself. And one and all may simply count it as an evil deed to the times of double-the good public does not swallow such sharpened falsities. If we are plunged into such a misdeed, then it matters not who calls to arms , just that good men will listen.

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