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Majority Of Catholics Back Same-sex Marriage

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I do however have a problem with close minded religious sheep.

Before I do a reflex reaction to this, I better decompose it and analyse what I am objecting to:

Sheep? Known to follow meekly. Rather dirty creatures. Cutesified by Little BoBeep. I think we all tend to be sheep, following one leader or another. Even people who claim to be individualists--that's been done many times over. Humankind has been around long enough and the historical record is there for us to note that we keep falling into the same ruts in a matter of cycles. The important question is: given that we all are sheep, which voice do we heed? Will we be lost?

Religious? Merriam Webster says: scrupulously and conscientiously faithful; fervent, zealous. I'll take that anytime.

Close-minded? I think people who consider Catholics to be close-minded ARE close-minded. If you search around and find a truly fervent, knowledgeable and practicing Catholic, you will find a person who has explored the many avenues and corners of human thought and found his way solidly in the midst of the Church as a consequence: G.K. Chesterton, George Vanier, Jean Vanier, Thomas Merton, Augustine of Hippo, Francis of Assissi, Catherine of Siena, and many more over the last 2000 years.

You have to separate the failings of individuals from the Church itself. You and I know how easily we can stumble and fall, and it is no different for the people in the Church. Sure, because of their position, we have higher expectations of them. But for them to let their sense of guilt to silence them from speaking up when they should, lest people call them hypocrites, would also be another indictment against them. And for us not to listen because we think they are hypocrites is no better.

Not much different from our political leaders and police officers: we know some of them are crooks and abusive, but we do not use these as an excuse for disregarding law and order altogether and creating anarchy.

Going to the bible to interpret right or wrong is no better than muslim radicals making sharia laws...

It's one thing for humans to make laws, which because of our imperfections, lack of foresight, and language limitations, always fall short of being definitive once and for all. That is why we look to Divine revelation and Divine Law, as preserved in the Bible, to guide us. Again, fallen humans as we are, we can twist this Bible to suit our immediate needs and comfortable interpretations, taking parts out of context, etc. That is why we look to the Magisterium--the teaching authority of the Church--that studies the Bible in its entirety and proper context, and brings its Truth to bear in the realities that confront us. Somewhat like the Supreme Court bringing the Constitution to bear upon matters at hand. Difference being, we are not allowed to tamper with the Bible, while the Constitution may be amended by public referendum.

Our Constitution was written with this Divine Law well in mind of our forefathers. And here we are today, manhandling it to contravene its very foundation. In our arrogance, we will be stalemated in the confusion of our thoughts and battles for individual rights, losing sight of the common good.

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