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GOP Candidate: God Is A White Supremacist

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For you Canadians on the site, here is something you may not be aware of -- Nazis and White supremacists really really love the Republican party -- and so far, republican voters have been giving them some love back because yet another racist Nazi sympathizer is on the ballot, this time in North Carolina.

Also, this guy won not because of some technical trick or him gaming the system, he won because he got more votes than the other republican he was running against -- to be fair, after he won, the GOP distanced themselves from him and he is running in a district that he will most likely lose, but still --what is it about the Republican party that attracts all of these racists?

Here is just a few of the quotes this guy has said:

"Someone or group has to be supreme and that group is the whites of the world ... someone or something has to be inferior ... In all history in sub-Saharan Africa, no two-story building or a waterproof boat was ever made."

“Women are much more willing than men to accept non Israelites – muds, ‘blacks’, ‘nigras’ etc. in the voting booth and in bed, than are Israelite men. This is the weak link in our society and the Caucasian race is declining and on its way to extinction because of it.”


So yes, the GOP party has disavowed him because I guess they just found out he was racist or something -- but who is going to disavow all of those fine people who voted for him despite him being racist? Anyway, let's add him to the current list of open white supremacists and Nazi-sympathizers running for office:

Arthur Jones - GOP Illinois congressional nominee
Paul Nehlen - GOP Wisconsin congressional candidate
Sean Donahue - GOP Louisiana congressional candidate
Corey Stewart- GOP Virginia Senate candidate

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