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9/11 the truth and lies part 2


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ironically as with my other post about the pentagon hit the american media (with the exception of the san fransisco chronicle) as with international media has fallen asleep on 9/11

why did osama attack the us?

well you could be arrogant or uneducated enough to say solely that he hated the us and while this no doubt was motivation, this was not all of his reasoning behind this attack

point 1 - osama is not a smart man, rather he is a man that just read the book on the us. think about osama likely looked at the future for a lot of his decisions, if you attack the us they are going to retaliate, this worked exactly in his plans, his attack on the us was not solely to attack them but rather to get the us to put there dirty feet on arab soil. al quada before the attacks were starting to weaken, largely due to a lack of support and people joining the group, now look they have been able to grow imensley as well as every other islamic fundamentalist group out there

point 2 - osama had huge money in the stock market, however due to stakeholder laws firms are not allowed to say where he had stocks in. Heres were it gets interesting. One week before 9/11 there was a most unique transfer of shares on the stock market in a few areas. united and american airlines had a huge increase in the number of call options to the amount of approximately 1600 % higher than normal. a call option is a deal in which you agree to a set price in a certain period of time in the future (usually about 4 months) and when this time comes both sides are obligated to trade the selected amount at this selected price. other companies that had similar trades, stanley morgan and meryll lynch, both of which had their head offices in the trade centers and made up two of the largest companies in these buildings. it is estimated that such trading may have brought roughly a quarter of a billion dollars to osama

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