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Secret Service; Where Dogs do Better Jobs Than Humans


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Recently, despite Secret Service "protection" of dubious value, and in a show of the Obama Administration's galling incompetence, Omar J. Gonzalez leaped the White House fence and was tackled in the East Room. Apparently dogs aren't into the "hug a thug" routine. Jordan and Hurricane, two Belgian Malinois managed to catch the latest White House intruder, pinning him after reaching speeds of up to 30 mph and delivering a nice bite. See story below (link to excerpts):


Jordan, one of two competent

Secret Service agents

K-9 ‘Agents’ Lift Spirits of the Secret Service With Heroics at the White HouseK-9 ‘Agents’ Lift Spirits of the Secret Service With Heroics at the White House

WASHINGTON — Jordan took a kick to his snout. Hurricane was slammed to the ground and repeatedly punched. Both were rushed to a veterinarian for treatment.

But by stopping a fence jumper from getting into the White House on Wednesday night, the two members of the Secret Service’s K-9 unit accomplished something that humans in the agency have been hard-pressed to do recently: They performed their duties flawlessly and, at least for a day, lifted the morale of a Secret Service that had been rocked by a series of embarrassing incidents.

What the dogs, both Belgian Malinois, did was stop a man who had managed to get over the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday. The dogs, which can run 25 miles per hour and have a bite that applies hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch, knocked the man to the ground, and bit him. As the man tried to fend the dogs off, officers moved in and arrested him.


The way the episode unfolded Wednesday night was in sharp contrast to what happened one night last month and ultimately led to the resignation of Julia Pierson as the Secret Service director. In that case, a uniformed Secret Service dog handler chose not to let a dog loose to stop a fence jumper as he ran toward the front door to the White House. Uniformed agents tackled him after he got through the unlocked front door and into the East Room. The dog handler later told Secret Service officials that the dog was not let loose because it was not clear that the dog was tracking the man. Fearing that the dog would attack one of the officers trying to apprehend the man, the handler kept the dog on its leash.


The dogs did their jobs. I wish I could say the same for other members of the Administration

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