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Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay Flight (Tale of Two Flights)


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This recent news story (link) reminds me of Stompin' Tom's song "Martin Hartwell Story" (link to lyrics). Below is an excerpt of the story, and of the song lyrics. Clearly, someone on that plane, either the jumper or the pilot, is a mite bit dim.

Excerpt from News Story:

By The Canadian Press

CAMBRIDGE BAY, Nunavut - Pilots on a northern charter flight had to declare an on-board emergency when an unruly passenger opened an exit door and jumped.

RCMP say the King Air 200 was flying from Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, on Wednesday when the pilots made the distress call.

Excerpt from "Martin Hartwell Story":

LOST!...Up in no-mans land of the Northwest Territories

They were lost up in no-mans land The Martin Hartwell Story

The Martin Hartwell Story

On November the 8th of '72 north of the Arctic circle

A plane took off from Cambridge Bay and the pilots name was Hartwell

He had to make it to Yellowknife even though the night was stormin'

To save the lives of an Eskimo boy and a pregnant Eskimo woman

Oh Mr. Hartwell said the nurse I pray that you will guide us

To save this woman with her child and the boy with appendisitis

But the wind it blew and the storm it grew and the signal of controita

They missed by miles and flying wild they crashed beside lake Hota

Lost up in no-mans land of the Northwest Territories

They were lost up in no-mans land The Martin Hartwell Story

The Martin Hartwell Story

Apparently, another, more profit-oriented plane jumper, D.B. Cooper, fared little better (link). Maybe jumping from planes and/or flying in Arctic blizzards isn't too smart.

D. B. Cooper

A 1972 FBI composite drawing of D. B. Cooper

Other names Dan Cooper

Occupation unknown

Known for Hijacking a Boeing 727 on November 24, 1971, and jumping out of the plane in flight.

D. B. Cooper is the name attributed to a man who hijacked a Boeing 727 aircraft in the United States on November 24, 1971, received US$200,000[1] in ransom, and parachuted from the plane. The name he used to board the plane was Dan Cooper, but through a later press miscommunication, he became known as "D. B. Cooper". Despite hundreds of leads through the years, no conclusive evidence has ever surfaced regarding Cooper's true identity or whereabouts, and the bulk of the money has never been recovered. Several theories offer competing explanations of what happened after his famed jump, which the FBI believes he did not survive.[2]

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