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  1. Go on, let's have it! In the default of real progress in Iraq CIA proclaims its own "little triumphs" there. The next letter of a certain Abu-Zaide was found. As if he told about internal Al-Qaida's disagreements there. It follows thence Al-Qaida's "business" becomes very bad and soon militants will even have to ground arms on their own initiative. As you remember a similar "secret letter" appeared in May, too. I note in parentheses that CIA usually makes a fuss about such messages (fabricated in this department by all means) whenever Iraqi situation becomes explosive.
  2. It looks as though Turkey has known US secret plans, related to Iraqi future. The matter is that USA has been locked into war in Iraq and now Washington sees daylight in further federalization of the country, in other words, in Iraqi separation into three independent parts, such as Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni ones. Turkey is hardly glad to have such future perspective. The Turkish ruling class fears Iraqi Kurdish independence would re-ignite a decades-long independence struggle by Turkish Kurds. And there was no surprise Turkish troops began new large-scale active actions against own Kurdish separatists as soon as Iraq's new Kurd president had come to power. It's clear Iraqi new government was formed with US help. And it's interesting if active actions of Turkish security forces against Kurdish militants in Diyarbakir turn out to be the beginning of some preemptive war in this region.
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