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  1. Last evening on the "US Intel News" show on the Turner Radio Network, Tom Heneghen gave an update on the progress of the grand juries in Chicago concerning their impending indictments of various members of the Bush administration, both past and present. Apparently, there is brisk movement within the US Federal Court of Chicago to get these indictments out despite intense pressure from within by a Judge Magistrate named Mark R. Filip, who has thus far suppressed them from being released to the public, according to Heneghen. "We are heading toward a real showdown in United states of America, and we are heading toward what we might be looking at is a constitutional crisis," stated Heneghen emphatically about the Chicago court situation. "There is team of judges that have decided that they are no longer going to tolerate this type activity and I believe they are well on their way to try TO FORCE THESE INDICTMENTS OUT rather than keep them sealed. And as I said, a showdown is emerging where Bush and his gang and Clinton and their gang, which are tied together in all of this, are about to be brought to justice." Heneghen further claimed the newly named "Katrina Fund" disaster relief for the citizens of New Orleans that has been recently sponsored by former Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton "is nothing more than a slush fund through Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates and what it is going to be used to do, once again, is pay off people who need to be shut up." The impending indictments reportedly name George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ted Olson, John Ashcroft, Scooter Libby, Condeleezza Rice, among many others, for crimes which include perjury, obstruction of justice and treason for the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, in addition to other charges, all of which have been sitting idle with Judge Filip for several weeks now. "What is important to note, is that indictments are handed down, vis a vis, what we call the foremen of the grand jury and despite the fact that (Special Prosecutor) Mr. (Patrick) Fitzgerald is in charge of the grand jury, the indictments concerning some of the major players are being held by what they call a "Judge Magistrate." And tonight what we want to do is identify the Judge Magistrate who is currently holding on to these indictments and that gentleman is by the name of Mark Filip. His actual name is 'Fickelstein,' but he has changed it to Filiip, so that he is disguised, I guess, as something he is not supposed to be," Heneghen added. Filip is also directly connected to a law firm by the name of Skadden/Arps out of Chicago that also employed the son of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, who additionally may be indicted as a co-conspirator along with the late Chief Justice William Renquist. Their charges may entail their connection to the fraudulent 2000 Presidential election decision given to Bush which also has links to bribery payoffs from major corporations such as Coca-Cola and the Walt Disney Company, all again according to Heneghen. From previous reports, Patrick Fitzgerald is overseeing six grand juries while still more grand juries have been convened in Washington, D.C. with testimony supplied by Sibel Edmonds and in New Jersey, which has particularly been investigating the apparent murder of John F. Kennedy, Jr., also linked to the Bush crime family. All of these additional grand juries became necessary to the broadening scope of the investigation which now includes 9/11,the Iraq war, Arab terrorist cells, a large cache of bribery money out of the Philippines, as well as other more extensive criminal activities. http://www.fourwinds10.com/news/05-governm...l-courts/2005/0 5K-09-18-05-heneghen-reports-movment-bush-admin-indictments.html
  2. Let me see. Here we have a ruling from our highest court yet the federal government has chosen to ignore it completely. it is understandable why. who else is going to pay for their lavish lifestyles and who else is gonna pay for their contributions to the world society they belong to? if the federal government would adhere to the Supreme Court ruling it would be deprived of its primary source of income to finance their lives and goals. So the corrupt politicians came up with a little disstraction called criminal code. So tax evasion is a criminal offense? I think not. Not adhering to a Supreme Court ruling should be a criminal offense more likely. So who are the real criminals here? The citizens who adhere to the Supreme Court ruling and refuse to pay income tax or the Federal Government who has ignored the ruling ever since it was handed down. If you are still paying income tax don't complain about the crappy system.
  3. For those of us who have been listening to the so called live speech of Bush from the Rose Garden on CNN this afternoon we witnessed very interesting pictures. Remember CNN split the screen into four parts. The two bottom parts showed pictures of New Orleans and the top left was used for a close up of Bush and the people around him. The top right was used for zooming out and showing the journalists, photographers etc. When you carefully looked at both the top screens you could see that none of the people around Bush in the close up (top left screen) were in the zoom out in the right top screen. For example the left screen showed a black guy right behind Bush as well as an Asian man to his right. Also a woman with blond hair in the right back was features. None of these people were shown in the so called zoom out of the "live" Rosegarden speech. What does this mean? The speech was not from the Rose Garden at all. It is very likely that the speech was not even live. What the top left screen showed could have been taped anywhere at any time. Didn't you think it was suspicious that Bush didn't visit the area while he was so close to Louisiana? Indeed. Read this in combination with the fighting near his ranch on Sunday and the imminent announcement of NESARA in the US as well as the ascension process that is currently taking place you get the full picture. Bush is out of power guaranteed. It is obvious that any time soon Constitutional law will be restored to the US and in each country in the world similar changes will take place. Prepare for us awaits a glorious time of peace, harmony and abundance.
  4. On Sunday August 28th heavy fighting erupted between various military units not far from the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas. The battle took place close to a part of Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. From sources in Texas and intelligence sources, I’ve learned the Fort Hood US military base and reservation, which covers a substantial area, is not far southwest of Bush’s ranch in Texas. Fort Hood was used as a stop-over by pro-coup US military 7th Armored units under the guise of doing exercises. Last Sunday, August 28th, the pro-coup leaders thought they had a chance to attack Bush at his ranch near Crawford, Texas. When the pro-coup US military 7th Armored units began to cross a certain area, the Bush government US military leaders ordered US Air Force fighter jets and other US military units to attack the pro-coup US military 7th Armored units which were on their way to attack Bush’s ranch with the intent of eliminating Bush himself. The pro-coup US military 7th Armored units were heavily attacked and most personnel were lost in the battle; the Bush government’s US military forces were successful in stopping the attack on Bush some miles before the 7th Armored reached Bush’s ranch land. The area involved is mainly grassy ranch land and people in the area have been ordered to keep quiet about these events. http://www.nesara.us/doverpts05/August_30_2005.htm also www.whatdoesitmean.com
  5. So here you all are sitting on your ass doing nothing. Obediently paying your income tax every year. You pay it all out of your own free will. You don't owe your government any money. Your government has been stealing money from you by illegally collecting income tax. Do you really think your politicians would enforce a ruling of the Canadian Supreme Court that would end the flow of money they currently enjoy by living the high life? What are you people doing? How often does it need to hit you in the face that paying income tax is supporting the very system that is srewing you. Not that hard to understand is it? Yes all those years you have paid you were under no obligation to pay. Why do you trust your own government. Don't be blind to the truth.
  6. On October 3, 1950, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a decision in the case involving the Lord Nelson Hotel of Halifax, Nova Scotia, against the Attorneys-General of Nova Scotia and Canada. The case involved the transfer of powers from the Provincial to the Federal Government, and was directly related to the income Tax Act. In a seven-judge unanimous decision, the highest court in our land ruled that power transfers cannot legally take place. The Federal Government was given until 1962 to remove itself from all such power-transfer agreements, including the Income tax business, and scrap the Income Tax Act... Clearly, the Federal Government has no constitutional right to engage in the Income Tax business, or any other type of direct taxation, whether on behalf of itself or on behalf of the provinces. Therefore, the Income Tax Act is, in itself, unconstitutional, and need not to be obeyed... http://www.prolognet.qc.ca/clyde/tax.htm So why are you still paying income tax? Personally I never have and never will. Take your country back from the powers that be. You don't owe anybody any income tax.
  7. VANCOUVER, BC, Aug. 24 /CNW Telbec/ - Almost five months to the day of the initial filing of the biggest class action suit in Canada, John Ruiz Dempsey on Behalf of the People of Canada versus Envision Credit Union, Laurentian Bank, CIBC, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust, The Canadian Payment Association and others, the lawyers representing the financial institutions are gathering steam to try to stop John Ruiz Dempsey, a criminologist and forensic litigation specialist from proceeding with their application to the court to strike Mr. Dempsey's statement of claim in whole or in part. Hearings are set for September 12 and 13 at the Supreme Court in Vancouver. The statement of claim alleges among other things, creation of money out of nothing, fraudulent misrepresentation, money laundering, fraud, charging of criminal interest rates and breach of contract. A copy of the Statement of Claim is available for download through http://www.freewebs.com/classaction/ . "This without a doubt will be a precedent setting case, that is sure to change the face of the banking system in Canada forever. Without even taking into consideration the potential damages, the sheer numbers of people alone who potentially can participate in this action, will in my estimation make this case the largest lawsuit ever filed for Class Certification in this nation", stated John Ruiz Dempsey. The banks are being represented by two of the largest law firms in Canada such as Borden Ladner Gervais with 670 lawyers and Fasken Martineau Dumoulin with 500 lawyers. This is clearly a David and Goliath case where these lawyers are moving to tread heavily on Mr. Dempsey and the People of Canada he represents. News Conferences are currently being arranged and will be held September 9 in Vancouver and Montreal. Various citizen freedom movements and other special interest groups representing thousands of Canadians from across Canada are expected to rally in support of this action http://www.fourwinds10.com/news/05-governm...-the-banks.html
  8. Question: I live in Canada and would like to know the implications for me and my fellow Canadians once NESARA is announced. Will there be any effect for us at all or is it just for the U.S.? Answer: NESARA will impact the entire world' not just the U.S. All countries at some point will move to a gold/silver based currency, because the International Banking System will require that, if a country wishes to trade internationally. The U.S. owns 51% of the Federal Reserve System, therefore, the U.S. controls that system. By removing the FRB and replacing it with a U.S. Treasury gold standard banking system, as the international system, all countries are affected. All debt anywhere owed to the FRB is dismissed. Remember, the IMF and World Bank are also part of that system. In Canada your debt dismissed would be similar to the U.S. The same goes for your tax system. The income tax is abolished and you would probably have a small sales tax (flat tax) to run the down-sized government. Canada would also have a major government over-haul. NESARA ushers in world peace and is Creator God's Plan to move our world a giant step closer to the coming Golden Age. Basically, to use the new international monetary system a country would have to abide by the same requirements as demanded of the people of the U.S.
  9. Here is the latest new about the state of affairs in the US plus the latest news on NESARA August 14 , 2005 By Patrick H. Bellringer Looking at our world today it appears that there is very little goodness anywhere and that the Darkness is becoming ever darker! Our news media today gives no news but only selected stories filled with fear. The planned annihilation of the Iraqi people continues and the noise of saber rattling against Iran grows ever louder. Hope lies in the occasional ray of Light that breaks through the Media “chinking” to lighten our space. Patrick Fitzgerald’s Chicago, USA Grand Jury probe into U.S. Government fraud and treason is one such ray of Light. Sorcha Faal reporting from Russia on the intrigue of the U.S. Military coup is another ray of Light. There is information coming from all parts of our world at this time that indicates the Darkside’s One World Order is coming apart at the seams. G.W. Bush sought asylum in Saudi Arabia and is now hiding on his ranch at Crawford, Texas surrounded by National Guard troops and Secret Service agent to protect him. Twice this past week Bush has tried to stop Fitzgerald’s Grand Jury probe into his evil doings by the use of explosives, but to no avail, thanks to French Intelligence, some good CIA and the Forces of Light. Yesterday, a reader wrote, “It is extremely hard to stay positive about anything in this world with the constant news of the criminal activities and other horrors from our unelected cheaters, err, I mean leaders. Please, anything about NESARA’s progress or first contact would be greatly appreciated.” With this in mind my wife, Anne, and I turned to our old friend Christ Michael/Hatonn for help. I include here an excerpt from the communication given to us. [Quoting]: Greetings! I AM Christ Michael, known to you as Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Creator Son of the Nebadon Universe….. NOW—for the NESARA news. We have not been idle, little ones, but very busy dealing with the Darkside. They have brought out more plans and explosives, and evil deeds that must be dealt with, or after the announcement they will try it again. The coup is going on, but not as you see on T.V. or even the internet. Sorcha Faal has some facts, but not the whole Truth. Know that this situation with arresting Bush is going on as planned, and he is running scared. The Star People and other White Knights are working hard, and all is under control. The announcement should have been yesterday, Friday, but we held off a bit until a few little skirmishes are dealt with. I know you are anxious and waiting as are others, but all is well. I know you can’t see why the announcement just can’t be made on the Capricorn, but that, too, took some time to have those 3D people agree. It wasn’t until the demolished announcement center that they finally agreed to go aboard ship. This all takes “Earth time” as you know it. Yes, we are behind schedule as to the announcement and the First Contact and Second Coming, but by dealing with these skirmishes diminishes them happening later and makes the change one of wonder and joy. It is now time for Mother Earth to Ascend, along with those who have chosen to go with her. This has been eons in coming, and a few more hours or days is all we have to go. Rest easy, keep up your prayers and petitions and your work. All is in my hands and my “crew”. When? Anytime, my dear ones, anytime now. I, Creator God-Christ Michael-your old friend Hatonn-take a short leave but am in your thoughts. You are my crew. SALU! [End quoting] My friends, keep hope alive! Do not let fear and doubt rule your day. These are times for patient endurance and the knowing of peace within the heart. We are but a step away from the beginning of our most glorious Golden Age of Peace, Freedom and Abundance. Aho!
  10. If you would have any doubts as to the validity of this read the interview citizen S had with the US attorney's office about this news. go to: http://citizenspook.blogspot.com/
  11. Bush, Cheney and high ranking officials within the Bush Administration have been indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago. Also Blair has been indicted. To read all about the federal prosecutor's case go to: http://www.stewwebb.com/Bush_and_Cheney_Indicted.htm
  12. What will NESARA mean for Canadian politics and society? Read the Canadian NESARA site at: http://nesara.insights2.org/Canada.html Find out what will happen in Canada after NESARA is announced soon.
  13. So prepare. By the end of this month the changes will begin. Canadian politicians will be forced to resign and new elections will be scheduled at every level. Also some will be tried for treason. Canadians will become debt free and the economy and environment will flourish together. Remember what I posted before about NESARA. Do your research into ascention into 4th density and prepare for the changes to come. Good luck
  14. NESARA UPDATE: June 3, 2005 By Patrick H. Bellringer [email protected] Cosmic Law prevents interference by those of higher dimensions into the affairs of a 3D planet, unless there is a special arrangement for such Divine Intervention. Such is now the case on our planet. The people want peace and have asked Creator God for help, therefore, the Hosts of Heaven/ Forces of Light have now been sent to give us aid. This is the crucial point that we must understand. The Forces of Light are here to help us but not to do everything for us. This “changing of the guard” on Earth is a cooperative effort between us in 3D and the Star People on the ground and aboard the Starships. No one waves a magic wand and suddenly all is changed and made right and new. We must work together to bring Earth Shan into balance and harmony again. It is true that the Ascension of this planet and her people is under the control of our Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters, Sananda Immanuel and Creator God Aton. As of the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987, this Third Grand Experiment of attempting to bring balance to our planet by the people living here was declared ended by Creator God. The Darkside had broken their agreement not to bring in outside help of 4D, and because they had done so, they held a huge advantage over the Truthbringers/Lightworkers of Earth Shan. At that point it was agreed that the Forces of Light would proceed to remove all those Darkside 4D entities and their evil technology from our planet, so as to begin the restoration of balance and harmony. The Lightworkers continued their work in 3D of waking people up to the Light of Truth. The task proved to be so great that many enlightened people petitioned Creator God for further help. This was granted and the Hosts of Heaven/Forces of Light have come and have surrounded Earth Shan at this time in their millions of Starships. Thousands of Star People have landed and are walking our earth and helping us in many ways to restore balance and harmony. Those Star People aboard the Starships are also helping, and as a result victory over evil on our planet is assured. The plan for NESARA, as a first step by the people of Earth Shan to prepare for the coming Golden Age of 5D, was born of necessity under the laws of the Constitution of the Republic of the united States of America. This plan is to return this great nation, the only one in our present civilization to have been founded upon the Laws of Creator God Aton and the Creation, to its rightful place as a Lighthouse of Truth and freedom to the world. NESARA was carried forward by many Lightworkers and White Knights for four years from 2000 to 2004 amid great hardship and against the great Forces of Darkness. 1 of 3 Finally, in May, 2004 the Galactic Federation assumed control of NESARA and more Forces of Light were called into service. Always, 3D involvement with NESARA has been required. It is our job to restore order and clean up our planet. The Forces of Light are only allowed to assist. So, for five years now the crucial problem with the accomplishment of NESARA has been the freewill of those 3D persons working with the Forces of Light to finalize NESARA. Many White Knights keep sliding into the Shadows and become “Gray Knights”, who fail to carry out their duties. They have failed to deal with the greedy and powerful bankers who refuse to give up their control over their stolen money. There are certain agreements that have been made with the White Knights and others to prepare the way for NESARA, and, thus far, they have failed to keep those agreements. Creator God told me tonight that, “It has been a more difficult job sorting out those White Knights who are on the ‘right’ side than it has been finding all the weapons of mass destruction in all the tunnels all over the world”. Our planet is still in 3D, and there is still the operation of freewill. When White Knights keep sliding to the Darkside and use their freewill to aid the Darkside, the NESARA job does not get completed. The Forces of Light have done all that they are allowed to do for NESARA at this time. They have removed Satan and all his 4D troops. They have neutralized all the WMD on our planet. They have contained the 3D evil controllers and prevented them from doing more massive harm to the people. They are controlling our Mother Earth from doing her own rapid cleansing via great earth changes. They now wait to land on Earth Shan and bring us our much needed help and healing technologies. The Forces of Light and the Ascended Masters can plan to accomplish things by a certain date, but those plans change as freewill choices by 3D humans alter those plans. This has happened so many times in the past. This has caused many of the faithful to become discouraged and to take their frustration out on Heaven, the Ascended Masters and especially on the messengers. Those who complain about dates being set and missed need to understand that life is change. Even the best laid plans can change because of freewill. Hope is best kept alive by having signposts along the way, rather than having none to give direction as to where you are. Those who walk in faith know that their hope lies not in what is tangible to they eye, but what can be “seen” by the heart. Because Earth Shan can not hold back the forces of change any longer, time has run out for the waiting for NESARA to happen. As a result of this fact, the Ascended Masters have now made an agreement with Creator God and our Mother Earth, and an absolute date has been set by which time NESARA must be implemented. That date is very, very close. 2 of 3 Should those responsible for NESARA fail to make the public announcement by that deadline, the Starships will immediately “fall out of the sky”, and our Star People friends and Ascended Masters will implement NESARA worldwide and deliver the prosperity programs and Farm Claim funds to the people. One way or another NESARA will be implemented as the first essential step into the Golden Age, and the funding to the people will be made. We shall have the Darkside’s New World Order ended, and we shall have the Lightside’s New World Order of peace and freedom and health and abundance established on our earth. Please understand that this is our job to accomplish. The Lighted Realms will show us the way, give us the technology and assist us when asked, but they will not do it for us. We made the mess, and our orders are to clean it up, if we expect to ascend with our planet. Sananda has not changed the date for his Second Coming, which is scheduled before June 30, 2005. That is less than four weeks away at the most. My friends, NESARA is at our doorstep, as is First Contact and The Second Coming. Prepare yourselves to be the “Pick-up Crew”, those who must pick up the ones who fall over in shock. We have much work ahead of us, and this month will be the greatest month ever in all of your many lifestreams. Keep hope alive! As the song “Oklahoma” says, “June is busting out all over!” And so it is! Aho! -- The Bellringer Writings and NESARA information is at -- http://www.fourwinds10.com -- The Phoenix Journal/Contact Newspaper Archive site is at -- http://www.phoenixarchives.com 3 of 3
  15. CANADA is about to share the benefits of the most humanitarian and revolutionary event the world has ever seen. NESARA brings PEACE, WORLDWIDE PROSPERITY and INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC BENEFITS. As USA is the bastion of FREEDOM in this world, NESARA has to be implemented there first. Canada follows the next day http://sandiego.indymedia.org/en/2004/04/103726.shtml
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