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  1. For how long are we going to bow to America so scornful of Europe? ‘Cheese eating surrender monkeys’ that is the tag American top politician invented for all Europeans reluctant to get into the bloody Iraqi stir. Now this rift caused by Iraq is going to widen imo. Those ‘black site’ prisons for terror suspects on the European soil are not a minor trifle. That’s a real challenge for Europe! That’s a spit into her face! These are not just separate naughty American CIA guys torturing their victims at separate secretive locations in Europe. USA is acting like a criminal system of the Nazi inhuman type with network of ‘black-sites’ in Eastern Europe and airlift of detainees via whole European space. Still this is not the biggest worry. It may be a revelation for you that in ‘improved interrogation technique’ they employ ‘friendly’ Islamic terrorists including those wanted by Interpol for crimes against Europeans! In other words they employ our enemies. This piece of info I came across in the Net seemed absurd to me first. Then I thought, ‘Why not?’ Mighty EU is a big thorn in the fat American side. It’s clear as day. So our enemies are American friends. That’s the logic. BTW according to Danish sources 2 top level al-Qaida members, the group operations’ chief Abu Zubaida and Ramzi Binalshibh have been held temporarily in Europe. What if under the guise of detainees they were doing some job for Americans? There have been reports on CIA links to al-Qaida. Those ‘black-sites’, can’t they be special training facilities acting against Europe? Then that scandal over secret prisons is an American blinder. And Condy Rice European tour is part of it. European leaders must initiate a full scale probe. Explanations and excuses by Rice are not enough.
  2. Wife of Georgian President M. Saakashvili, Sandra Roelofs, has immediately left for Holland together with her son, who had even to pretermit his course of studies. And almost 4 weeks have passed since Saakashvili's photogenic Dutch-born wife doesn't make appearance in society because of hurts that she got during her last quarrel with her husband… Georgian press cries about the very end of their marriage. They say Sandra's jealousy became the main cause of it. It's logical assumption, but I am not sure it's true. Certainly after Saakashvili returned to Georgia in 1995 he began a brilliant political career that culminated in him becoming President of Georgia. He became "the founding father of a new Georgian nation" and captured the hearts and minds of most Georgian women. But the point is not only in his numerous groupies. The matter is that Saakashvili - whose supporters affectionately call Misha - used to be fly-away. Maybe, because of it he has never stayed long in one job. And there is no surprise for me that recent constant pressures of his life at the post of Georgian President have led to breakdown of his psychiatric health. As yet he has managed to whitewash in the general public maybe thanks to some drugs. But in family he certainly turned out to be hysterical psychopath. And it seems to me it was the real cause of his wife's leaving. Poor Sandra!
  3. I’m sure a true end of recent Rice’s visit to Islamabad is to introduce Pakistan to active participation in possible military campaign against Iran. As it became known from well-informed sources, when covert preparations for this war was on finishing line, some American allies refused to lend aid to America, though Washington was so sure of their support in this case. Money is not the question. There is no doubt that Bush administration will solve this problem when Bush nominates Paul D. Wolfowitz, a chief architect of the Iraq invasion and US Deputy Secretary of Defense, the next president of the World Bank. And I’m not speaking about political backing, because all of us became witnesses how under US pressure UN Secretary General, Kofi Annon, began to reform UN system with the aim of legalization of US future aggressions. I mean a direct participation of troops of one state or another in war actions. But a number of US allies become less and less in the world. Thus, Washington has to get to close quarters with countries, having off-colour reputation with relation to democracy and, plus, having a lot of territorial claims on neighbouring states.
  4. Why does USA interfere in Syrian-Lebanese affairs? It’s common knowledge that Lebanon’s premier, Rafiq Hariri, who enjoyed wide-ranging international contacts, was loyal to Syria, and agents of the Strategic Support Branch of the Pentagon with the help of CIA pushed him off the sled. There was no use to do it because Hariri had emerged in recent months as a chief opponent of the presence of Syrian troops in Lebanon. He concluded to withdraw 14,000 Syrian troops. And USA took the first opportunity that offered to blame Syria “for this political assassination” and called for “an immediate withdrawal of Syrian soldiers from Lebanon”. And if Syria would be stubbornly refusing to do it, USA would provoke anti-Syrian mass actions in Lebanon. It’d become a good pretext for beginning US military campaign against Syria. Is that not enough for Washington to get problems with Iraq? It’s obvious that Iraqi war showed everyone US inability to size up the complicated situation, demonstrated lack of coordination in activities of Pentagon, White House and Bush administration (not speaking about other state departments). And now new problems in the Middle East are caused by a new US State Secretary, Condoleezza Rice, who is not top of issues there and that is why she is unable to sum up the situation at a glance and so to react adequately there. Poor America…What else is it waiting for?
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