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  1. It seems to me in Kyrgyzstan, where parliamentary elections are occurring in February and presidential elections in October, such outcome as the next “velvet revolution” is quite possible now. There is no secret that Kyrgyzia, with its oil and gas territories of more that 22,000 square kilometers, is the most titbit for Washington if even we compare it with Georgia or Ukraine. It’s enough to say that there are about 300 million tons of hydrocarbons and up to 7,000 million cubic meters of gas in Kyrgyzstan. Thus, this country together with some other states of Central Asia could produce oil and gas in sufficient quantities to reduce US dependence on energy from the volatile Persian Gulf region. So such concern for Kyrgyzstan from US side becomes understandable now, especially in the person of US Ambassador to Kyrgyzia, Stephan Young. He has greatly developed his activity there. US Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, worked under his leadership, renders the material assistance to Kyrgyz Republic to the sum of $130 thousand, provides technical aid of $2,6 million to this country and at last transfers equipment to $130 thousand to anti-drags Kyrgyzian structures. Such generosity has worried even Washington that sends US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Laura E. Kennedy to Bishkek now. You may be quite sure that the main goal of her visit is US government’s instructions for Mr. Young, who displayed too great activity and risk for preparing the next “velvet revolution” in Kyrgyz Republic.
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