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  1. Ancient legend had it that the nation would prosper once a woman ruled. And present Latvian President, Vaira Vike-Freiberga tries to prove it in her own terms of ruling. Recently she has called on historians and lawyers to gather information about damages to Latvia during… the Thirty Years’ War! It’s really not bad for such small state as Latvia, located somewhere in the background of EU. In other words Vike-Freiberga nourishes the idea of returning values that Latvia (Kurland) lost in the 17th century, when part of present-day Latvia was conquered by Sweden. As if in modern times Sweden should apologize to Latvians for moral damage, caused to Latvian side four centuries ago, following the example of German foundation that has made payments to former Nazi slave laborers. The very idea! How can she draw an analogy between Swedish social reforms and Nazi terrors? Does Mrs. Vike-Freiberga know that even now Latvians refer to the era of Sweden’s conquest as the Good Swedish Times, when Riga became the biggest city in Sweden’s Kingdom?! Maybe, it is time to raise claims on FRG for active actions of the Livonian Order on the territory of Latvia or for Nazi occupation… No, that is a bit too thick! Especially after Latvian leadership has honored the veterans of Nazi SS divisions, which marched through Riga on the eve of 60th anniversary of the great victory over fascism Vike-Freiberga will prefer to forget about German domination, continued in Latvia for over 700 years. Well, it would be logical, I think. Otherwise Germans may remember that most of the veterans of those Nazi SS divisions came from the local Latvian police and other Latvian guards…It will cost Mrs. Vike-Freiberga dear.
  2. Europeans should understand that USA as the main initiator of Turkish membership in EU does all for it with the sole purpose of ebbing of EU influence at the expense of “Turkish factor”. But it’s obvious for everyone in Europe that Turkish joining in EU leads to rise of Muslim influence to EU governmental and legal institutions. And it’s common knowledge that most of Muslim countries are accomplices of international terrorism. And terrorists often act through Muslim organizations in Europe. According to information of German journal “Focus”, German Intelligence succeeded in detecting a network of Islamic extremists, located on the territory of Turkey. They were preparing a series of terrorist acts in EU countries.
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