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  1. Nice to see that "you're lovin' it" like McDonald's, eh?
  2. It's OK BD & Sweal... Don't take anything personally in here. You choose to live your lives one way (black & white only) And like Paul Harvey says, "Life, liberty of your pursuit of happiness will not be endangered because someone says a 30 second prayer before a hockey game." Get over it!
  3. You have no cogent argument, no facts, no evidence, nothing. In fact, you've given me and everyone else here any reason to think yopu're anything but a 13 year old, sitting in his mom's basement with nothing better to do than troll message boards with your drivel. I think you should take up a new pasttime (I hear Halo 2 is pretty awesome), or maybe try reading a book or a newspaper. Anyway, you're wasting my time, and I won't bother with you anymore. Would you prefer we just debate by exchanging and posting only links? You obviously cannot think on your own. You have to use someone else's words or articles. Look back on some of your previous threads BD.... Nothing but links! And some of your sites are "stumble upon" with no credibility. I think I saw you post a link from "Women.org" at one time. I just pull the "punk card" when guys like you keep repeating the same garbage i.e. "Bush lied" So tell me... Is the draft coming BD?
  4. Probably because you didn't read the article, just the quote, and have no idea what you're talking about. They knowingly used false intelligence to create false impressions of Iraq's capabilities in order to justify the war. That's lying in anyone's book. So tell me... I read the same article as you. What you can't find any evidence? You're a liar BD! You won't share information! (sarcasim for you idiots!)
  5. This is hilarious!! What's funny is someone who starts a thread on "How evil is GW?" And then people reply.
  6. And you don't even have any evidence. Or an opinion. In fact, what are you bringing to the table, besides juvenile insults? You take everything I say as an insult. Didn't mom teach you the "Sticks & stones" rhyme? Evidence for what? That Bush didn't lie? Do you have any that says he flat out lied? I've been waiting for the past year now...
  7. Yeah, well, you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny. At least he's not trolling for the lurid details of gay sex. Yet. Just putting you "weenies" in check! I'm not going to let you get away with bullsh*t propaganda! You think a "link" is evidence. "Trolling" is your new tool now. Everybody is a troller in here! Well, since you brought up and like talking about butt sex, do you take it in the rear? It's stimulating right? You like to talk about homosexuality... Do you practice what you preach? Yeah, I am curious...
  8. Actually, it does mean they lied. And no, not everybody believed it. Office of Special Plans exposed I didn't see any evidence in the link that implied, "lying" Where does it say that "not sharing" of intelligence with people or agencies equals lying?
  9. No denial here. Everybody believed it! But does not make any President a liar. And you have no supported reasoning! Just assumptions. For what... The past year & a half now?
  10. Do you resort to playground-level taunts the instant someone expresses a view you don't like? In any event, the Bush administration deception goes well beyond 'bad intel'. Specifically, they lied in pretending to be certain about something they knew was uncertain and they claimed to have specific knowledge which they did not have. Further, they engaged in an unwarranted campaign to discredit anyone who questioned their (clearly faulty) intel. So, your reference to 'bad intel' is either uninformed or disingenuous. In neither case does it support braying 'idiot' at anyone (else, anyway). Same shit on this site for the past year! You just keep repeating it like an idiot! "Liar!" "Murderer!" "War is evil!" "Self righteousness!" And not once ounce of proof to back any of the same old assumptions! The whole world now knows that the Intelligence (Pre invasion) was bad (from everywhere), and you spin it to say, "uninformed" or "disingenuous" Bad intel is bad intel! Quit trying to "sugarcoat" it. Yeah...Evidence all over the world that shows "they engaged in an unwarranted campaign to discredit anyone who questioned their intel" WHO'S INTEL? Wasn't just the CIA.
  11. You're the one talking about "how evil GW is..." So corny man! WhoTF are you? Hence the inquirery of what some of you do for a living. Just interested! Aboot time, eh hoser? Love how you idiots talk! Keep it up! Is he evil or really evil? Super evil? Or "Terrible"?
  12. Nice to see that the idiots still believe a Draft is coming! You still got your tin foil hats ON?
  13. How sweet!! Trying to help MB become a better Liberal (Can you feel the love & sensitivity?) Bush is evil! He's the most evil person on Earth! And we voted him for President, a second term! (Are we still looking for the evidence that he cheated?) That makes Americans even more evil! He tortured prisoners (saw him with my own eyes hoser!), he got Congress to sign off the Patriot Act (forcefully), He's rich (so this automatically means he's corrupt), and arrogant (I'm still waiting for a response from the letter I sent to him.) You "Nuks" crack me up!! I bet some of you have some pretty interesting jobs, and still live at home!
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