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  1. The Bush administration is imprisoning terror suspects in more than 12 “military” centers located in various places in the world. Approximately half of these operate in total secrecy. The Bush administration is holding prisoners in a secret network of off-shore detention centers that include 17 incarceration centers that the Bush administration has disclosed. They named two in Afghanistan, 13 in Iraq, one at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and one in Charleston, South Carolina. There are another thirteen "suspected" detention centers around the world that are not acknowledged officially but whose existence it said had been reported by multiple sources. Of these 7 of the suspected imprisonment centers are in Afghanistan, two in Pakistan, one in the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, one in Jordan, and two aboard US amphibious assault ships. The same secrecy that created the lies for the invasion of Iraq now create disinformation designed by the Bush administration to continue to mislead the American people.
  2. Like the soldiers following orders from the White House at Abu Gharib Scoter Libby carries out the directives of his bosses. Sometimes it is unclear as to who calls the shots in the White House but it seems pretty clear in this matter of outing a CIA agent, that the Bush administration was trying to cover its butt concerning the lies it used to take America into the Bush War For Oil In Iraq. The corruption of this right wing group of corporate hacks is watching as the walls of their “invincible” fortress begin to crumble.
  3. The Bush Blunder Of Thunder http://marketingtheworld.com/bush/bushbillboard.php When I found out that George W. Bush deserted his military post during the Viet Nam war, it made me wonder about his integrity. Don't get me wrong George W. Bush was not in a critical position; he never faced hostile fire so his desertion did not really endanger any military effort. It is nice for him that his dad was influential so he wasn’t prosecuted as a deserter like anyone else in America would have been. But it does bring into question his commitment to the military, at least at that time in his life. Everyone does grow and after many years the party animal George W. Bush has passed his years of drug and alcohol abuse and is now Commander In Chief of the most powerful military organization in the world. It is at this very critical time that having such a man in charge of serious military planning that I become even more concerned and his record as Commander In Chief is beginning to look like a dismal failure. Since the attacks of 911 were carried out by an organization centered in Afghanistan, and that most of the 911 hijackers were nationals form Saudi Arabia the massive military invasion and destruction of Iraq defines any rational military thinking. Since the invasion of Iraq the following things have taken place: 1. The Iraqi military has basically been destroyed and as a result Iraq has been destabilized and open to terrorist infiltration even though American soldiers are dying everyday in an attempt to occupy the country. 2. The swift moving tactic used to overrun the Iraqi military failed to take into account the necessary number of men it would take to hold the country once the initial massive bombing raids and invasion were complete. For this reason widespread looting took place and the a number of the numerous caches of weapons left behind by the Iraqi military fell into the hands of the insurgents as the remaining loyalist members of the Iraqi military melted into the general population creating an insurgent force that is inflicting casualties on our occupying force daily. 3. Saddam Hussein's insane refusal to maintain important services for his own people and the massive destruction brought on my the heavy bombing of Iraq by the US leaves the country in a dismal state, making it difficult to provide the basic services for the Iraqi people and requiring the United States to commit billions of dollars to repair the damage. 4. Iraqi oil production has still not been brought to pre war levels, which was limited by UN sanctions that were still in place when Bush invaded Iraq. Not a good thing for an oil-consuming world. Wouldn’t it have been smarter to leave Iraq under the scrutiny of the UN, allowing the weapons inspectors to continue their search (even though there were no WMDs there) thus leaving Iraq protected from invasion by terrorist elements that Hussein did not support? Wouldn’t it have made more since to use 25% of what is being spent in Iraq in the war in Afghanistan and instead of allowing Osama bin Laden and a large number of his terrorist organization to escape but capture them. And then wouldn’t it make more sense to use United States intelligence information (however suspect that might be at this time) and do precision raids, rather than massive bombings and with extreme prejudice remove one terrorist cell after another. Rather than allowing the world terror that continues to take place on a large scale in the world even though George W Bush Claims he has done something about? Bush has failed, its time for a change. Jorn
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