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  1. im not trying to find excuses here ...my car is fast i was going over but not for long i broke the law and thats it i accept it... if somebody here has a really fast car he could understand me...i know that 149 in a zone of 70km/h is a big speed...when u think about it sound crazy and thats why you people are like that...and i would be 2.i know that you can not compare this. but tell me this is it different if you kill someone by accident or you do it on purpose
  2. i did accept my responsibility for my action what so ever.. i wish cop could tell me right away how much i was going or at least be fair to me as a person nothing else...and i did learn from my mistake .... 149 was probably for 2 sec if i was going i believe because he got me on radar i wasn't sure how much i was going im not crazy driver // it;s my first ticket in 10 years and it;s a bad one..is just some people they think they are above u...i wasnt going 150 for 10 sec that would be dangerous .either way i did wrong .anyways i will tell the truth ....... still people have money or connections ......it;s all about who you really are
  3. thank you m dancer i was not sure about my speeding or i wasnt trying to get away i was not racing u were not there so dont judge me like that ...you would send me to jail or suspended for life ......like u never done nothing wrong in your life ???
  4. hi there just wondering if you can give me some advice i just got ticket and i dont know what to do ... i was going in zone 70max 149. km/h cop was going other way i didnt know how was i was going but i did slow than and thai saw the cop and i kept driving in couple sec i saw cop behind me i didnt know that hes gona pull me over because at that time i was going 70 or 80 and i didnt use my breaks......so he stops me and ask me do i know how fast i was driving i told him that i dont know than he say 2 numbers between that and that... than he took my driver license than came back complete diffrent person telling me that i was going 149 where speed limit is 70 i told him how come i was going that fast and you stop me here i should be long way gone to the lite....anyways u cant argue with cops so they suspended my driver license for 7 days tow my car not i dont know my options i never had any ticket everybodys is telling me that its going to cost me a lot and nobady can promise me nothing i think that i am in big trouble and i dont think i can afford it or go against cop ...would anybody please give me some advice thanks
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