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    Hamilton, Ontario
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    building/repairing guitar amps (tube based)
    politics, sci-fi

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About Me

I'm 59, spent my career in electronic parts distribution, working for both domestic and then multi-national distributors of IC's, computer chips, resistors, capacitors...all the parts that populate an electronics board like a video card or motherboard in your PC.

That industry died after 9/11 and thousands of us were out on the street. Since nobody wants to hire you in another field once you're over 50 I ended up in my own business, working from home repairing and building guitar amplifiers and music equipment, which was my first love since my teens.

Since I'm of a 'techie' temperament I tend to view the world as to what works and what doesn't. Politically, this draws me to classic Liberalism but the ironic thing is that I'm forced to support today's Tories, since the Liberals haven't lived by the classic definition of liberalism for decades, if ever. I respect Libertarians for the above reason but so far they look like a wasted vote, for being too small.

I love rock and roll, especially on vinyl! Other interests are amateur radio, science fiction, Robert B Parker mystery novels and am known for carrying a huge torch for Loni Anderson!

I'm separated with 2 daughters, one just finished four years of university and one a teenager of 16. I presently live in an old house near the edges of Hamilton Harbour, in its north end.

My faithful companion is Fred, a 100 lb German Shepherd who has no idea he's big and I don't tell him. He's a bit sensitive about it!Like many Shepherds, Fred is incredibly smart and fiercely loyal. He loves kids and other dogs and small animals. His only prejudice seems to be against squirrels.

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