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  1. Wondering when is NATO going to send some badly needed troops to southern Afghnaistan to confront the Taliban? I have nothing but deep admiration to the brave Canadians fighting and dying in southern Afghanistan while the US and NATO are dithering!!
  2. [ Well it didn't take long for your true anti-semitic agenda to come out of your conspiracy postulations. So we understand one another, you are a pathetic racist looking to use these posts as a way to spread your poison. For anyone to respond to you further wastes their valuable time. And for anyone who cares Max Warburg was a German banker who at no time supported Hitler. There was an anti-semitic pamphlet spread about a "Sidney" Warburg as well. No Jewish member of the Warburg family ever supported Hitler for obvious reasons. The above poster is spreading vile white-supremist trash you can find in Aryan Race literature. Please do not encourage him. Hey, who are you calling "racist", and "anti-semetic"! The 'conspiracy' I am talking about has NOTHING to do with Jews. Its an "equal opportunity consortium" employing a variety of races, nationalities, political parties with ONE thing in mind, the eventual enslavement of mankind. For your information Jews are just as much victims as Gentiles. You wouldn't call ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, Mordecai Vennunu, anti-semetic would you. Oh and by the way do you know what the word anti-semitic means? Bet you don't!!
  3. There is a Jewish lobby in North America with a pro-Israel agenda. I don't think it's fair to call it a "conspiracy" though. This isn't "The anti-Semitic Hour", there are several pro-Israel/Evangelical lobby groups on Capital Hill. Jews are just as much victims as Gentiles are as this "conspiracy" consist of of influential, and powerful individuals of every race, nationality out to enslave mankind through wars, economical upheavals, political manipulation, etc.
  4. Are you kidding? Gold standard? It's out of fashion. Why bother? Of course they don't have enough gold to back the currency, you really need to expand your economic knowledge before jumping into this one. Seems someone here needs to study what brought about the collapse of the Roman Empire, the French Monarchy, the Weimar Republic -----the various governments printing and issuing "fiat currency" with NOTHING to back it up! Want to explain how the USA especially will repay its massive debt which is in the 'trillions' of dollars? We ought to know who is benefitting from this "monetary and financial madness" that abounds from one end of our planet to the next.
  5. Looks to me like a US version of the "Final Solution" directed against the unborn.
  6. Iraq and Afghanistan will probably go the way of South Vietnam, Lebanon, Somalia with peoples' freedom and national soverignity being sold for a "mere 40 pieces of silver". The 'Democratic Party' at the helm of leadership with Nancy Pelosi and her bunch of "gynocrats" entrusted with leadership in key areas of defence, national security, intelligence, economic and financial affairs? It can only end it outright disaster and defeat I say God help us all!!
  7. It is a constructive activity that will help build Bangladeshi commerce. Well-selected prize. And yes, I do applaud constructive Muslim activity. Muhammed Yunis should be appointed the official head of an international "Poverty Allivation Committee" to lift millions from poverty, exploitation and human misery!
  8. All the more reason why this "lifestyle from hell" has NO place in a civilized society. "Same Sex Marriage", "Gay Pride Day", what are these immoral deviants trying to do tour society? If allowed to fester the Western World stands to go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah, Ancient Athens, Babylon, Rome. These people should go back behind close doors and just stay there!!
  9. Name me a currency that is backed by gold. Most countries have some gold reserves but not remotely enough to cover the amount of currency they have in circulation. The decision to increase spending and run up debt is made by government, not the central bank The South African Rand, the Russian Ruble had gold backing up until recently. You should answer who stands to gain when a nation engages in "defecit spending". What role does the central banks play in all this?
  10. Name me a currency that is backed by gold. Most countries have some gold reserves but not remotely enough to cover the amount of currency they have in circulation. The decision to increase spending and run up debt is made by government, not the central bank.
  11. The CIA, the Pentagon, the FBI and other agencies are subject to an audit by the GAO but to my knowledge the Federal Reserve has never been audited. Seem they are virtually immune from jurisdiction of the US Congress, and the US Constituition.
  12. It's not a secret society, it has a very informative website that describes very well how it operates. Have they ever been subjected to an audit?
  13. The Federal Reserve is in fact owned by 12 private banks. What about the US National Debt that far exceeds their ability to pay? I wonder who do we owe this "debt" to?
  14. "How are you so sure that the allegations are false? Were you there? Have you got important evidence that the prosecutor needs to know about? Have you contacted him?" "What makes you say that the trial is being delayed?" The alleged attack occured 7 months ago. Not sure if you're aware of it or not, but 7 months is hardly an unusual delay. The alleged accuser is nothing more than a "gold digging" tramp out to make some bucks on the case. Did you watch the segment on "60 Minutes" with Ed Bradley? Want to know why there is now doubt emerging? NO DNA was found One of the accused has cellphone records, along with record of a ATM withdrawal along with the eye witness testimony from a cab driver to prove he was at the scene of the crime. And the accusers statement keeps constantly changing, she should stop lying and come clean about the whole thing! The State Attorney ought to stop the delaying and allow for a trial so these men can be exonerated!!
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