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  1. The speed by which the Hezbollah attacked and Israel responded caught many of the people who would have come back to Canada off guard. It happened so fast that the Canadian embassy warning for people to leave only came after the airport was bombed.
  2. A prime minister cannot abandon 20,000 Canadian citizens. If they start making exceptions for Lebanon, the precedent is set for elsewhere.
  3. Here, here. I mean what are they saying at Queen's Park? Is it an issue at the Ontario legislature or are we only hearing complaints here? And if there is concern from Ontario's government, why are they not talking to Harper about regulating numbers or helping assist in some way?
  4. An agreement with the federal government can regulate the numbers. Ontario doesn't have one. Why?
  5. What makes you think your qualified to make such a statement? Do you pay the bills? Ontario is being DUMPED with 43% of all immigration to Canada. Why is there NO democratic process to resolve the immigration issue? Why are Ontario residents burdened with the huge cost of uncontrolled immigration when municiple taxes, housing, electricity are among or the highest in Canada? If taxes are so high because of the high cost of housing, energy and municiple services how is flooding the province with huge numbers of immigrants many who cannot self-sustain themselves going to help the province that does not even have the proper infrastructure to cope with demand and chaotic conditons? And I say Ontario has a constitutional right to work with the federal government on immigration. Don't you think Ontario should do a better job since they are one of the few provinces not to get an agreement in place that suits them? Do you need qualifications to make such a statement. And if you continue to think that it is only the federal government, then vote to remove Stephen Harper nest election. He supports the present numbers.
  6. That was until the 2001 census report. It has since dropped to 35%. Old numbers. Get me something newer. Ontario has a constitutional right to work with the federal government in placing and selecting immigrants.
  7. I don't give the article too much credence because it deals with 1991 numbers and doesn't say what proportion of that immigrant population has since moved to above that status. It also doesn't say what the poverty numbers are today? Improved? Stayed the same? Who knows? The column in the Toronto Star was a "what if?" article rather than a story on numbers from the here and now. It forecast what things would look like in 2020. But it doesn't have any hard numbers either. Ontario has to do a better job with immigration.
  8. No doubt. But with all governments something often goes wrong. Murphy's Law generally. They really haven't had heat on a major issue yet partly because of a weakened opposition. It is the same sort of free right Chretien had for a number of years while the Tories fought amongst themselves. They might actually govern for more time than they thought unless they engineer their own defeat, a risky proposition depending on the issue.
  9. I apologize for the name calling. Let's say we disagree and leave it at that. I'm prepared to hash out actual numbers if they are ever presented but I cannot argue against someone's feelings on an issue.
  10. Baloney. You just said you had a problems with Africans.
  11. At least in Canada, Ku Klux Klan members like yourself are few in number.
  12. I think there was the expectation that Harper would trip up or his cabinet would. This is a minority government tightrope. I think that some of the more controversial aspects of their program might be hiding in the tall grass waiting for a majority. But we'll wait and see. As some others have said, perhaps Harper is really a Liberal and will straddle the center.
  13. You don't back up anything you say. It's what's called racism. You say Africans are reponsible for what is happening in your miserable life. Reeaallly.
  14. While you were sleeping, B.C. has once again moved back to "have" status.
  15. You must be joking? Same cultural background? The turn of the century saw the same type of intolerance and racism I'm seeing now. It wasn't easy at all and there no services as there are now to help with the adjustment. You only argue from racism. You have no facts to back up anything you say, do you?
  16. How about if Ontario took some responsibility for governing? As for your racism, I can't help that.
  17. You're really in love with that word aren't you. You seem to think 'facilitate" is a magic word which leads to all immigrants integrating smoothly into society with peace and brotherhood and harmony for all. Ah, if only we had the proper government program! Ontario is being flooded by immigrants because of federal decisions. It doesn't matter what they do to "facilitate" them. The numbers are not being determined by Ontario. On the contrary. I don't want massive immigrants for many reasons, including their lack of job skills and education, their lack of language skills, the breakdown of social cohesion they represent, the lack of integration and their loyalty to other countries and cultures, the crime and poverty they bring, the pollution they grow, the crowding and urban sprawl they cause. And the fact they do not do one single thing we need. No one has been able to put forth any sensible, logical reason as to why we should be bringing in hundreds of thousands of illiterate immigrants every year. As for their numbers on social assistance, I don't care whether you accept it or not. The numbers are self evident to anyone who deals with or lives with or near immigrants. I'm afraid you don't back up anything you say. As someone pointed out, it's a rant. Ontario hasn't done a proper job of governing what happens in major cities.
  18. I know what it says there. I was asking what Ontario itself has been doing about facilitating immigrants.
  19. CNN is reporting 5 Canadians killed in Lebanon so far. Time to get our citizens out. http://www.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/07/16/mideast/index.html
  20. http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/20...cmp-deaths.html Someone must know where the shooter is. A sad day for the RCMP and all of Canada.
  21. I never claimed that Ontario had an agreement in place. I've repeatedly asked what Ontario has done to facilitate immigrants settling in the province. I have kept pointing out that the West has signed agreements and it has helped with immigrants coming to western provinces. Nor did I claim that B.C. owed it's entire prosperity to recent immigration. In other remarks, I have indicated that B.C. has benefited from migration of retirees who wish to remain in Canada but in a more temperate climate. It has also benefited from a rebound in the resource sector which has increased employment in all sectors and has helped brings B.C.'s economy back on track. The Liberal government was not the one to begin the recent influx of immigration. It started in Mulroney years and has continued till now. The Conservatives, under Harper, have indicated no major changes to the policy either.
  22. I'm no Conservative but if you have stories about how he is doing a bad job, I'd be interested to hear.
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