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  1. President Bush needs a good brain sip imo. Why is he so soft on Condy Rice making one gaffe after another, series of them. Why has he pacified himself with the fact that Condy’s frequent gaffe add to his own popularity go down? Actually it’s a baffling mystery for me. In her latest irrelevant move the “girlish politician” came out with the “grandiose” plan to “form a united front to fight the government of Venezuela”. It looked as if she were sending SOS! No wonder Venezuela strongman Hugo Chaves and rest of world as well got that as American weakness and inability to meet challenges. He branded Condy “a girlie” and the tag has a good chance to stick to her for long. If it goes this way soon Bush and all Americans will be in subordinate role in the world! And then Venezuela’s oil, we need it imo. God bless America!
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