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  1. At first sight HAMAS rise to power is US diplomatic failure in the area of the Middle East. But if you attack the problem at the grass-roots, you will see it is US next tactical ploy, directed against not only Palestine's national autonomy, but also against Iran, announced its decision of support HAMAS radical leaders. Remember! When US press has publicly declared about the possibility of war against Iran, Washington has used democratic elections in Palestine as a tool of terrorists' coming to power. And now it becomes clear those, who will help and ‘sponsor’ the terrorist regime, will be blamed to be terrorists themselves. Thus, military conflict with Iran (that was the first country, extended recognition to new Palestine's leadership) becomes unavoidable for USA (that was the first country, declared the war on terrorism). So I fully support our Canadian government, that decided to consider the question of financial aid for Palestine, as the larger audience of countries that support new Palestine's government: so much the less for possibility of a new military conflict in the Middle East.
  2. Well, it is true sometimes Europeans are able to dip into the future. While hunger for gas and oil threatened to Ukraine as recently as yesterday some European politicians put forward demands concerning the ban on Ukrainian migration in EU countries. Now it is clear for everyone Ukraine's economy is heading for full collapse that leads to heavy social crisis which Europe hasn't seen since times of USSR's dissolution. And all this happens as soon as Russian (together with Turkmenian) gas stops to deliver to Ukraine. According to last reports such perspectives become more and more real now. That is why many Ukrainians hurry to apply for European, Canadian or American visas. But if Europe agrees to settle the question for the benefit of Ukrainian migrants, it will add Ukrainian problem to the Muslim one that may be tantamount to EU suicidal death. But after all, such severe pragmatism is not in good keeping with democratic phraseology. In the end Yuschenko has brought relations with Moscow to a crisis just because of his redirecting to the West. So would it be better for Europe to explain Yuschenko that his tough pricing policy in this sphere will not have any support in the West because Europe needs Russian oil and gas no less than Ukraine?
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