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  1. Another story, guys United States aid to Ukraine will cost the world dearly — Biden is leading the country to World War III To be honest I don't know how to take this information in. Really? But you can fly all the way to Saudi Arabia to talk with mad dictator who was accused with killing your own citizens :)
  2. Just read the someone's article here. Migration crisis in the United States as a “result” of the Biden administration work Nothing special, mostly facts. But what really surprised me (shame on me, i didn't realize the problem in whole): "Moreover, the number of attempts to illegally cross the border and detentions is growing rapidly again: in January 2021 there were 78000, in August ‒ 209000, and in May 2022 – 239000. These are the highest values in the last 20 years, and almost 40% of detainees have already tried to enter the United States illegally this year, while in 2019 this figure was only 7%. However, as the Biden administration most likely believes, this is not enough. In 2023, the United States plans to officially host 125,000 refugees. In 2020, this quota was only 18000. Another question immediately arises – how much taxpayers' money is spent on their maintenance? The non–profit organization FAIR (Federation of American Immigration Reform) found out that 1.3 million illegal migrants who have crossed the US border since January 2021 cost the budget an additional $ 20.4 billion a year. If we take into account the fact that even without these funds, the annual costs for illegal migrants amount to about $140 billion, it is the sad picture for the economy of the United States." What's wrong with that? What type of policy is it?
  3. Trump sues CNN and it'll as usual lead to absolutely nothing.
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