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  1. Canadians always complain about America's evils, if so why haven't the benevolent Canadian people fought against the imperialist aggressors just like how they fought against the Germans and the Japanese and stopped their tyrannically schemes? Why haven't the kind, nice, decent, civilized Canadian people helped the countries that were under attack by the Yankee aggressors? NOT ONLY THAT but at the same time you ally yourselves towards these bad people, you trade with them, you have treaties with them, you make deals with them.... what the fudge, canucks? I don't know much about Canadian politics but I am going to guess that you don't have any relations with other bad countries the same way you have relations with your bad neighbor, am I right? Am I right canucks? I bet most of you cannot answer this question. Despite all your rage, this idea has never crossed your minds has it? Or it has but the negatives outweigh the positives and you love the positives so much that you are willing to over look their evils and just complain about it so it doesn't seem that you are onboard with it even though you are, which is it? Give me a really good answer to this question, canucks.
  2. According to canucks it is. By the way if America is bad, why hasn't Canada severed ties with the Yankee imperialist aggressors yet?
  3. Does this "Canadian high school education" teach the canuck simpletons to dictate to others what they can or cannot do and what they can believe or cannot believe in? And I think this "Canadian high school education" failed you.
  4. Thank you for that. I will use that argument against them should they try to be hypocritical with me or ban me.
  5. Then your people will never be happy? Grand Mal will never be happy? Mr. eyeball, will never be happy? Seryahh will never be happy (she's a Canadian on another site). Is this really how you want it be? Do you really want your people to feel this unhappiness and anger and hatred and all sorts of bad emotions that could potentially harm the body? Me thinks the glorious day that Canadians have dreamt about will not happen for a very long time and in that long time, reoccurring bad emotions can lead to serious ailments. To me, happiness is more important than wealth.
  6. Then these canucks should sever all ties with the US once and for all! There are other countries out there! Have they considered that organization called CANZUK? Forget about sacrifices they will make! If it is for their happiness, then it is worth sacrificing! Of course not because that would be racist and one thing canucks hate above all is racism. I don't even think they hate the coloured folks of your country. They only hate the whites because it is okay to hate while people because of the terrible things that white folks have done. And they won't hate their European masters either because.... they're their masters. Just separate already! These canucks remind me of these spouses who hate their partner but don't want to divorce them because they need money.
  7. No, I disagree. You see, I finally understand where anti-Americanism stems from.... it's because America, despite all the bad things they've done, has never been stopped. Germany and Japan both did bad things. How come the world doesn't hate them? European empires did bad things. How come the world doesn't hate them? China is doing bad things in the South China Sea. How come the world doesn't hate them and a lot are even siding with them, including Canadians? Because all of them were stopped, destroyed, suffered starvation, suffered countless deaths inflicted upon them, especially with China. The US has never suffered such a fate. It's not fair! They did bad things too! Why haven't they fallen? Why are we still allied with them! Why is my country still trading with them! They are arrogant to think that they are better than everyone! How dare they! We should all hate them until..... well.... until they..... ummm..... we should just hate them for the heck of it! And to prove this, why is nobody talking about people who are actually committing crimes against humanity? Countries that are starving? Have no water? People who are in dire poverty? Why is everyone talking about Trump? Why is everyone talking about stupid fat Americans? That is why a lot of people want America to fall apart and want a lot of Americans dead, and yes this mentality is embedded in the Canadian mentality too. Like Grand Mal? You should tell that to Grand Mal.
  8. Wrong. I find most canucks more arrogant than Americans and really just need to mind their own business. If canucks did that often, then maybe there will be lest canucks like you. If the entire world hated me, then I just won't travel. Why on Earth would I want to travel then? Why on Earth would I spend my hard earned money on a place that hates me? Just to be abused at? Just to be killed? Instead I will spend that money here, at home, where it will help the local economy. If Americans did that, tourism would boost in the USA. I don't know about this year or last year but if I remember correctly, before this virus, the USA was constantly in the top 10 most visited countries in the world and it earn the most money too. Not bad for a country that canucks loves to hate.
  9. Miss AlienHead, what did you do to them? Did you wrong them in someway? And if they feel so wronged, why haven't they severed all ties with the US and sided with other powerful countries and fought against Americans to stop what they say is "aggression" towards other countries, which they claim is one of the reasons they hate you? Are they cowards? Are they all talk?
  10. Oh my God, so predictable. I have studied this behaviour for a few years now.... THEN DON'T BE PRIDEFUL and don't tell them what to do, especially if they are doing it in their own homeland! Are canucks, by nature, dictators? Do people in canuckland, tell others what they can or cannot do? Maybe that's one of the reasons why you are so unhappy? Oh and that's right, it's not their homeland, they stole it from the natives, just like canucks did. Don't worry Mr. canuck, I live on stolen land too. If they do that in Canada, you should execute them via firing squad but if they do that in their own country.... WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF YOURS!? If you hate it, TOUGH LUCK BUDDY! It's their money! Sweet Gesù Cristo! Mr. canuck, what you should do is run for prime minister of canuckland, get every single country out there to unite, under one banner, invade and k*** every single American because hopefully, after every single one of them is gone, you will be happy. For as long as they exist, canucks and people from other nationalities who hate Americans, will never be happy for as long as there is a single American alive out there. Do that and you will be freed from your anger and hatred. Do it not and you will live and die with a heavy heart. And by the way, keeping anger bottled up is bad for you.
  11. I'm not American. Then ban them from entering! Duh! And make sure it's forever! That's right! Restrict their access to Canada and not just Canada but the rest of the world forever and ever! No more Americans, regardless if they are tourists, students, immigrants will travel to other countries, period! Americans will only stay in their country! They are loud, arrogant, stupid, ignorant, annoying, and as you say they let: "self-pity party kick into gear", and want "extra share of empathy and soothing, salving cuddles". Ban them and you will never EVER have to deal with them ever again! Any American who refuses to leave should be imprisoned and executed! If you had done this a long time ago, then maybe, Mr. canuck, you wouldn't be stressing out like this. Mr. canuck, I urge you, I beg you, do not let a single one of them enter Canada, forever. But of course you aren't going to do this.... you'll just give me some BS excuse just like the rest of you do. I would be surprised if you did and would definitely cheer but who are you kidding?
  12. Oh I get it, Canada is the greatest place in the entire world! Jesus christ canucks! Can you read the description first before you start mouthing off?
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