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  1. Don't bother making peace with them. All of them like to think they've won every time they bring up some sort of crime you've done when in reality they are lying face down on the dirt with your foot crushing it......... Also since they love to bring out your crimes, ask them about the Somali Affair?
  2. Canadians love to claim how much better they are compared to Americans...... lol..... they say that, in a nutshell, Americans are an inferior species of humans...... okay..... if that is so, doesn't that mean you are the second inferior species?! C*ntnadians love to say that their country is better than America...... lol again, to them America is nothing more than a rotting failed state country. That's like comparing your mansion to this shack! Oh and I just remembered this while typing, I saw this news about anti-Americanism in Canada..... basically C*ntnadians love to claim that they know more about America than Americans know more about them..... then this ambassador asked them a question about America..... AND THEY COULDN'T ANSWER! WOW, JUST...... WOW! You truly are a bunch of pathetic, narcissistic, arrogant morons! COWARDS! What the hell is wrong with you? I have never seen such arrogance in my life; not in person, not amongst nationalities or heck, not even amongst the euroscum people! The euroscum people are more humble than the people who haven't even done anything! And they say ""oh Canadians are nice, friendly, modest, humble, caring blah Blah BLAH!"......... that is a sad lie! And it sort of bothers me how Americans believe such horse feces. And of course C*ntnadians don't take into account that there 325,000,000 of them as compared to their 36,000,000?! Hmmmmm, I wonder, if C*ntnada had the same population as America has, would they still be able to make that claim? Ah, what the hell, C*ntnadians are mentally ill and would never understand this. C*ntnadians are a feces people.
  3. Oh and see....... you know you can't defeat my arguments, so what do you do, THAT?! It proves how tiny your brain is. I'm willing to bet a cockroach has more of a brain than you! Dumb canuck!
  4. So? Is that going to do anything? All you Canadians are a bunch of whiny, arrogant, ignorant, condescending, narcissistic, dumb hypocrites! THAT'S A FACT! ALL OF YOU! You are all mentally ill and the world would be a better place without you.
  5. Anti-American or not, it doesn't matter because at the end of the day they won't do sh*t and would even choose to suck your dirty c*ck. Of course they're going to rant how wrong I am........ okay, that son of b*tch canuck has mentioned Iraq, so let's go with that, why didn't the world save Iraq?! That's a good question! Why didn't they protect it! Saved those 4 million who died?! Threatened America?! Sanctioned America?! Blockaded America?! Shut down all American brands all over the world?! Why didn't the world sever its ties with America; sever alliances, trade, relations, everything? Why didn't the world do that, hmmm? The blue ones opposed it........ look C*ntnada oppposed it too! So you're telling me that all those countries just sat back, probably did a little protesting here and there and didn't do anything? And not just Iraq., what about those other countries America has invaded, why didn't the world saved those? And mean while, while the war was raging, people still used American products, went to America, still let McDonald's set up shop, still kept alliances and kept trading with them and American movies still made a lot of money abroad......lol....... WHAT?! Even my president keeps yapping about how evil you are and even mentioned that he was going to sever ties with you, did he? Yeah it is clear he meant what he said but behind closed doors, his people told him what a bad idea that was, so the next day he basically said "oh...... sever ties with America? That's not what I meant", BS! You know what you said. And the b*st*rd would still gladly accept American money and ...... hahaha...... he even got angry when America withheld the money he was expecting.... oh my God! Anti-Americans are the scum of the world PERIOD. They say they hate Americans but where do they say these? YouTube - American, Reddit- American, Yahoo - American, Quora - American. They say this while using Windows - American, whatever you call that Apple OS - American. They do all of that with an Intel or an AMD or Apple processor - all American, while making claims like "oh it's made in China, so it's okay"....... Jesus! AND I'M NOT JOKING, I even saw a group of communist rebels on the news with Apple laptops, APPLE LAPTOPS! The fools don't realize in a way, they are making America rich by being anti-American. Lol...... what a dumb breed. Here's another beautiful lie the world has to tell...... that c*ntnadian Jimwd was right, the world does think America is numero uno threat: Again, what is the world going to do about it?
  6. You haven't answer my question you retarded canuck, if Iraq was wrong why didn't Canada stop them? God! Stop with these already! I get it, they are evil! See, you just pointed it out yourself in this post and all those other garbage posts. They are evil but you still won't destroy them, why? It doesn't make any sense! START MAKING SENSE FUUUUDGE! AND WHAT IF THEY DO IT AGAIN? What if those 4 million become 8 million, become 12, 16, 20, 24? GOD, you canucks are so whiny. Every time I hear of an attack in Canada, I become happy.
  7. Oh? So Canada can defend itself huh? But can't attack it? Nahhh. It can't do squat. If America invades Canada, not a single shot will be fired. No country, not even your pitiful commonwealth will be willing to defend you. The canucks will have no choice but to bow down to their new masters....... wait they are already bowing down., America has been their master. If not....... then why don't you stop with your arrogant narcissistic behavior and attack them already! Do it you cowards! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!
  8. Then why didn't Canada and the Europeasants stop them, hmmm? Why didn't Canada threaten America that if it puts even one soldier on Iraqi soil, something bad will happen, hmmmm? Coward? See, you said it yourself, America is numero uno threat to world peace, why isn't Canada and your coward eurotrash friends doing something? To scared to lose American products? To scared to make an enemy out of America? Too busy sucking America's d*ck?
  9. Look at this canuck swine....... you keep claiming - "oh Americans should not interfere in other peoples business" and here you are talking about "Appeasement , sucking up and praising dictators is certainly not the way to peace.". Seriously nothing will ever make you happy. Oh what? You're gonna throw at me one of your stupid links? Or say "chuckle"...... typical canadian swine.
  10. You are totally gone but hey..... I like this site. They actually allowed me to ask this question. Other sites would not allow me to do that. Thanks mapleleafweb.com.
  11. Lol...... really...... I insulted you and that's what you throw at me, your auto sales facts which I don't give a feces about? I think I got my hands wrapped around your neck and can easily squeeze it and you just don't want to admit it huh? The reason why you don't want to attack them is because it is 100% guaranteed that you will lose. Again, like the eurolanders, you'd rather make excuses. Hmmmm, what could really hurt these c**tnadian........ oh...... Americans will always own you. You are pretty much their 51st state. You have no culture of your own, no history, no national identity......lol....your only national identity is........ NOT TO BE AMERICAN, HAHAHA........ what kind of national identity is that?! You don't want to acknowledge that and admit it and would rather insult your way out of the argument but it is the sad truth. This "trade way"......... lol....... YOU WILL NEVER WIN THIS! You only want to believe that you'll win it but you never ever will. You c**tnadians are pathetic https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/anti-u-consumer-boycott-canadians-112051796.html........ you say you will boycott American products while using a bunch of American products, HAHAHA; OH MY GOD! You need them more than they need you, FACT! AMERICANS OWN YOU! Dance for me canuck! If I was President of the United States, I would have you all........ you know....... and nobody is going to defend you, not even your useless commonwealth. Who are you anyway?
  12. Why? I mean yeah, you said your reasons but still.... why? That money could be used to improve...... your nation. I honestly do not understand why your country would want to defend a bunch of shameless people who will either never acknowledge that or won't even see it that way; all they will see is a stupid fat bully who keeps joining a party that she wasn't invited to. That's why I asked this question. I'm pretty sure your mind will change about that when I pull out everything I know people have said about you.
  13. Oh I see, so you do have relatives in America, that's why...... okay, I'm done talking to you. I think I'll take my arguments to that thread where you posted that stuff. Hopefully they won't be a bunch of cowards like you but I'm betting they won't be any different. Sighs...... you canucks are all the same. Oh and you know what, let me say this....... you canucks are just the same as with the eurosc*ms; you are all a bunch of shameless cowards. If Canadians hate Americans....... why do you still consume American products, hmmm? Why do I still see Canadians over on YouTube - American, reddit - American, Quora - American, Yahoo - American. I bet they use Intel, AMD or Apple processors - all American. I bet they use Windows and whatever Apple OS is called - American. AND they say "boycott American products" while using American products.....lol..... Oh that's right, all of those are made in China, right...... hahaha. NOT only are you a bunch of cowards but you are also a shameless lot as well. That other guy was right, Canadians are a bunch of childish spoiled snobs with no integrity and dignity. If you're going to hate on them, at least commit to it so that at very least you'll still keep your integrity and dignity. I wonder if I'm going to get banned for saying that as Canadians are very sensitive.
  14. Most people wouldn't do? I'm pretty sure I've come across many. But the point here still stands......... Germany was defeated........... the same thing will happen to America. No country on Earth, not even the most hyper powerful ones can with stand the world's might. Wait..... do you have any...... relatives living in America? Is that why....... you don't want to...... you know?
  15. You've just prove my point here! You said: "Yes we will hurt in the short term but better than long term pain and tolerating a bully, remember the rest of the world is with us not with trump." Sigh......... can you k*ll them or not? "The sooner trump policies are shown to be failures the sooner America rejects trump style policies. That means the world needs to unite in resistance ,not co operate. Approx 15 Million American jobs rely on export to Canada and Mexico alone. Imagine trump being tolerated with that type of job loss. Yes we will hurt in the short term but better than long term pain and tolerating a bully, remember the rest of the world is with us not with trump. Take a look at the power grid and how much of America relies on Canadian power. I say triple the price . Make them feel it." OH and what if they vote for him again? Will you then consider their destruction as a necessity?
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