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  1. In four years Canadians will be known on the world stage for our National mandatory drama program. A new national holiday will be declared called "Who's your Daddy Day?" Women will at last have equal rights as men-but only if they admit to having a mental disorder.
  2. Our city is now connecting surveillance cameras to our local police station. Law enforcement may now tune into who enters and leaves our building. When we leave, what time we leave, who we leave with...all this is recorded 24-7, 365 days a year. Will my religious neighbor soon be calling a hotline to complain that I don't believe in Jesus?
  3. Our teacher posted a copy of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the Canadian Constitution in the classroom. That was thirty years ago. In my lifetime will I ever see section 15, parts one and two upheld for Canadians? Also, I don't appreciate a government that pursues control over my physiology and reproductive choices.
  4. The years to come... The NDP and Greens put forth support for a national drug coverage program. Billions could be saved by purchasing pharmaceuticals in bulk. I am sure some of you would be against it and would be interested in why you would not support a national drug coverage program.
  5. First time here. Hello! Does anyone have a link to the actual tpp or at least some part of it? Of particular interest is how this document will change intellectual property laws regarding pharmaceuticals.
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