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  1. I don’t like the way Americans are treating their allies, politicians loyal to them. The wide smiles they wear can’t hide their scornful and cynical attitude. The latest example is young Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili. It was America that brought him up to power. It is America that is now trying to force him out with physical elimination not excluded in their scenario. I have vague idea why this sudden transformation of love to hatred. Some well-positioned officials in Washington say Saakashvili is too impulsive and too showy and too cheeky and has dealings with international terrorists.

    The fact is that Chechens are presently threatening Saakashvili with death and all other Georgians with terror attacks. This not widely publicized to avoid panic in Georgia. And…. Americans are no strangers to it! That is the worst thing in it. That is really captivating story. Americans assert that Saakashvili and Georgian officials are in contact with Chechen terrorists! True fact is that Saakashvili during his trips abroad always meet reps of Chechen Diasporas and offer them aid. Then there was ‘proved info’ that Saakashvili met Chechen warlords during his tour to Poland in August and promised them to harbor them in Georgia in winter time. The deal allegedly could go smoothly but due to American involvement it was ruined at the last moment. Then followed Riga where Saakashvili said his last ‘No’ to Chechens. It was in October.

    Saakashvili’s behavior is looking somewhat strange and illogical. He is an American protйgй and can’t stir a finger without their nod. So if he acted this way with Chechens he must have been following American instructions. Needless to say Americans made a bad favor to their ‘Georgian friend’. To put it plain they had planned all this string of events to set Chechens against Saakashvili. Americans are using ‘Chechen card’ to make it out with ‘disagreeable’ Saakashvili. Are they using this card for the first time, I wonder?

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