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Yep the last chant I heard at the Nakba rally outside Queen' park was hiss boom baw eat Israel raw. Yep it was about as meaningful as the last several exchanges.

Now why is it there is always a thread about Israel but never about the Solomon Islands? With a name like that it must be Jewish.

Oh wait this is a thread about Israel. Right. I have to stay on topic.

Israel is a bad country. Very very bad. Its full of Jewish people who think they have a right to live in their own state.

No I say. No. That is evil. Zionism is a cancer that must be wiped out.

There now.

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This post should be in this thread:

Speaking of IDF and its lies -- Here is a good article that explains how Israel's continuous claims that they flattened many neighbourhoods in Gaza due to Hamas rocket launches just don't make sense:

Hamas Rocket Launches Don't Explain Israel's Gaza Destruction

The slimiest of all car salesmen is the IDF and the Israeli government. It's rare that the IDF and the Israeli government do not lie or don't try to spread misinformation. It seems like the only time we don't hear lies is when they're not talking.

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