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Moderna’s “Disinformation Department”

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I came across this hard-hitting article on Druthers.ca. Druthers is an independent, people-powered newspaper in Canada. 

Basically, this article talks about Moderna's "misinformation department" run by a former FBI employee, and how they use artificial intelligence to scour websites looking for vaccine resistant narratives. Apparently they don't care about truth, they just flag anything that encourages vaccine hesitancy as "misinformation". I have to say this article really opened my eyes to what these huge organizations are up to.

I will post an excerpt below, and will also include the link to the full article below. Kindly let me know what you think.

Moderna’s “disinformation department” partnered with an industry-backed nonprofit, the Public Good Projects (PGP), to monitor and suppress dissenting voices on COVID-19 vaccine policy, according to a new report by investigative journalists Lee Fang and Jack Poulson published Monday in UnHerd.

Over the last year, the “Twitter Files,” two lawsuits against the Biden administration and other investigations have exposed instances of collusion among government, social media and universities to suppress dissenting speech about COVID-19 policies, election fraud allegations and other topics. This new report sheds light on Moderna’s behind-the-scenes strategy within this new media landscape. It exposes key actors and how they worked to monitor 150 million websites for the purpose of censoring speech that undermines the company’s COVID-19 vaccine narrative and actively shaping public discourse to benefit Moderna’s bottom line.

Great Barrington Declaration co-author and Stanford University professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, who was blacklisted by Twitter, praised the new report in a tweet:

“This report by @lhfang and Jack Poulson in @unherd is absolute fire. Moderna, thru the Public Goods Project pays thousands of health professionals to attack and defame vaccine critics and push social media to censor anyone who says things, true or false, that reduce profits.”

Moderna had never successfully advanced any product to market prior to the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine and was teetering on the edge of collapse when the pandemic was announced. Its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine transformed the drugmaker into a $100 billion company almost overnight and turned its CEO, chairman and cofounders into billionaires.

Today, as public interest in taking yet another booster shot tanks and federal subsidies for the shot are disappearing, so are profits, leading the company to invest in new strategies — like a flashy marketing campaign — to stay afloat, Fang and Poulson reported. Moderna also is doubling down on work started during the pandemic to attack dissent about vaccines and to direct vaccination policy, they found.

In fact, Moderna today employs former law enforcement agents, like Nikki Rutman, a 20-year FBI veteran who worked for the agency in Boston during Operation Warp Speed where her job was to conduct weekly cybersecurity meetings with Moderna.

Now she runs Moderna’s global intelligence division — part of the department spearheading Moderna’s work to stop “disinformation” — producing reports that flag “anti-vaccine narratives” online and recommending whether and how to address them, they wrote.

The department works with the PGP, largely funded through a $1.27 million donation from the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, a biotech lobbying group that represents Pfizer and Moderna. Through PGP and Talkwalker, a “social listening” company, Moderna’s team monitors everything from mainstream news outlets to gaming sites, deploying artificial intelligence to monitor 150 million websites across the world for vaccine-related conversation.

The team issues reports to Moderna staff that colour-code the “anti-vaccine narratives” by level of risk. Lowrisk narratives “don’t currently warrant any action.” For the higher-risk narratives, the team “will notify the appropriate stakeholders with recommendations,” Lee and Poulson wrote.

Analyzing sample reports, the journalists discovered that examples of “high-risk” posts included a video posted by Elon Musk mocking myriad claims that the vaccines were “100% effective” along with a number of posts made by comedian and political commentator Russell Brand, whom they flagged in September for his “anti-vaccine” beliefs.

The Moderna team also raised concerns over the optics when tennis star Novak Djokovic, who refused the COVID-19 vaccine, won the Moderna-sponsored US Open.


Here's the article: Moderna’s “Disinformation Department” Monitors 150 Million Websites for “Anti-Vaccine” Narratives

If the link doesn't work, go to Druthers.ca, then go to Read, then go to By Subject, then Censorship. Then search for the article titled: Moderna's "disinformation department" monitors 150 million websites for 'anti-vaccine" narratives".

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